Anita Sarkeesian’s Virulent Critics Are Only Strengthening Her Cause

Today, Rolling Stone magazine’s online outlet published an interview with Anita Sarkeesian about her thoughts on the industry and on the #GamerGate movement (“a sexist temper tantrum”) in which she discusses her reaction to the backlash against feminists in the industry, the toxicity inherent in some corners of gamer culture, and her belief that #GamerGate is stimulating discussion that is helping the industry is changing for the better. While Sarkeesian’s thoughts about the gaming industry can be often hard to swallow, they’re meant to stimulate discussion rather than hatred, and there’s no question that many of her “critics” represent this wholly abhorrent sector of the gaming world with nothing constructive to say and with nothing but violence on her mind. Ultimately by criticizing her so harshly, her critics are only ensuring that her platform is getting more exposure.

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yarbie10001496d ago

Anita Sarkeesian is a professional victim