Xbox One Exclusive Chaos;Child Rated 18+ in Japan; Gets New Character Pictures

Mages. announced today that The Xbox One exclusive Chaos;Child, the Japanese release of which was recently delayed to December 18th, has been rated “Z” by the local CERO rating board. That means that the game is deemed suitable to gamers 18 or older.

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Magicite1467d ago

Its gonna floppity flop.

darthv721467d ago

Interesting. it certainly has its appeal to the JP market that is into this sort of thing. i don't know how well it will be received but best of luck to them.

pkb791467d ago

So Z is the JP equivalent to M then for game ratings?

jsjodoin881467d ago

I hope the make with subtitle english :!

qwerty6761467d ago

predictions on how well this will sell?

im thinking about 15-20k at the most.

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The story is too old to be commented.