Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Having Wii U Hard Drive Issues, Not Canceled

Hardcore Gamer: It seems the Wii U version of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is reaching a snag, one that Lorne Lanning is dead-set on tackling head-on.

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MegaRay1492d ago

Call me selfish but.... finish the PS3/Vita version first. I mean for someone who pre-order it on PS4 ill get the other 2 for free right?

Kingdomcome2471491d ago

I don't understand. What does it mean having trouble without a hard disk?

Ol_G1491d ago

It means they are used to 360 and ps3 those consoles don't have enough bandwith so games have to be streamed from the HDD if i recall gta5 was streaming from disc and HDD at the same time to load the world last gen they had to use workarounds to accomplish certain things and 8 years of worth of understanding the hardware but all those things don't matter on wii u cause it's a completely different system also wii u doesn't have a HDD making streaming or buffering from HDD impossible