Best Buy Deals For Halloween Week Give GCU Membership At $30 & More

Techtorial: Best Buy Ad for 10/26-11/1 slashes the price of Gamers Club Unlocked from $120 to $30 and more.

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4logpc1192d ago

I suggest picking up GCU. It will save you a ton of money. I got it for the full $120 about 6 months ago, and have already saved like $200.

smooch_3571191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

If we didn't have to pay sales tax, this deal would be a lot more appealing. Sales tax in my state is 7%, so even with the discount, a new game would still cost me $51 and some change. For me, you can find similar savings on ebay for a new game if you wait like a couple of weeks after release, where you'll get free shipping and won't have to pay any tax. I don't see how paying the full $120 for this makes it a bargain for anyone, unless you buy an incredibly huge amount of new games.

Dirtnapstor1191d ago

It's a good deal if you're a regular buyer. The real bonus is when Best Buy is offering $10 in rewards certificates, dropping a new purchase to just above $40.

arkard1191d ago

Your missing the point at 30$ for 2 years it's a steal! Your saving 20%. Its not 51$ vs 60. It's 51$ vs 66$ you have to add tax in there. Not to mention best buy offers 10$ back if you pre order a lot of games. So a day 1 purchase of a new game costs me 41$! That's a great deal and you will be hard pressed to find anything comparable.


I agree....the only way to go.

Dxtra301191d ago

So buy a game for $39.99 minus 20% off (with current GCU) then buy gamers club for $30 .. Seems like a win win here IMO!.. I just hope they can stack that would be great.

arkard1191d ago

I was reading on Bestbuy support that they will stack. So unless someyhing changed recently it should work to stack them. Thats my hope anyway!