Project CARS vs Assetto Corsa 1.0 Release Candidate Video Comparison

YouTube's 'ADRIANF1esp' has shared a comparison video between the release candidate version of Assetto Corsa and Project CARS.

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memots1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

R3E is still better than both. "opinion"

But this video is terrible. Low frame rate on both. Assetto Corsa looks a lot better than that.

memots1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Raceroom Racing experience.

R3E is the short name for it.

Here some video's

Ka7be1490d ago

Played both Assetto Corsa and Pcars beta. and Assetto Corsa looks and drives better.

booterboy1490d ago

AC looks better than pCARS?
Have you really played pCARS?
Love AC but after playing well over 1000 hours of pCARS there is nothing that comes close to the graphics and sheer amount of detail to both vehicles and track environment.
Maybe you played on a laptop with lowest setting?
As for which drives better as much as I adore AC Im really enjoying the ffb and handling on pCARS latest builds.
By release time can see them both being neck and neck in drivability.
Both are the new standard in driving sims as they are so far ahead of Forza/GT Series(which I have always liked).
Any racing lover worth his salt should buy AC and pCARS.

Si-Fly1490d ago

pCARS still feels like absolute garbage in comparison to AC, iRacing, GSC and RF2 ... It's nice looking, has a good roster of tracks and cars but after that it's tough to find a positive.

AC with the DK2 is blowing my mind however, looking forward to iRacings update next week :)

level 3601490d ago

Project CARS is more diverse since console gamers' will have access to it.

And later on if you're thinking of trying out/getting a VR-headset, Slightly Mad will have a DLC download to make it compatible.

As for the video footage, the audio in Project CARS is more realistic with the engine note and the hisses and other background noises.

But in that specific camera angle with the footage, Assetto Corsa better, it's not as elongated as Project CARS.

For sure both these sim-racers will attract a lot of fanbase within their segment.

So both are already winners.