Get the PS4 and PS Vita Bundle on Sale at for $499.99

Twinfinite writes: has a pretty amazing deal going on for someone looking for the full Sony gaming console experience.

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Applejack1519d ago

Now that's a awesome deal! Now Sony needs to make this an official bundle in the US and I bet it will sell better than hotcakes.

darthv721519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

i don't know, hotcakes sell pretty good. Buttermilk style with blueberries or choc chips and hot maple syrup...

DAMN you made me hungry for IHOP.

on topic, this bundle should be a regular thing. if sony is smart they will make this happen as a standard. OR make a bundle that includes the PS-TV.

ashen1221519d ago

this is an awesome bundle!

polloloco1519d ago

Guess i am getting a Vita now lol that is a sweet deal.

Saladin4161519d ago

the vita is refurbished if that makes a difference

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