Destiny Needs a Story with Consequences

GoodGameBro writes,"For all that Destiny does right—core gameplay, engaging stylistic development, addictive loot, and ease of social interactivity—there are an almost equivalent number of aspects of the game which prove disappointing and divisive among the critics and general community."

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Spinal1517d ago

No it doesn't. Just like every mmo before it.

Gameplay is what makes a game stand firm and ahead of all other failed projects.

All Destiny needs now is to roll on more raids and crucible game modes/maps and more exotic weps and armour. And I'm all in lol.

RedstonerMC1517d ago

While i agree it needs that the story is very lackluster. It needs those things plus IN GAME grimoire cards and some more substantial quests. A little less protecting Dinklebot and a little more doing other things.

Audiggity1517d ago

Meh. The mechanics were good, but, rinse, repeat and grind? Come on, what year is it?

Nonsense. Sold it.

Much more fun to play something like Mordor, Forza or even stick with GTA V... heck, I'd rather replay Skyrim than to waste more time w/ Destiny.

The "loot genre" - nice! This is what we're calling uninspired and repetitive games now? Whatever, to each their own.

thekhurg1517d ago

No different than any other shooter except for the adoption of all the pve content as well as crucible stuff.

MysticStrummer1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

How did people like you buy the game and not know what it was well ahead of time? There were numerous previews and even alpha/beta testing. The gameplay wasn't exactly a secret, so if you don't like it that's your own fault.

OT - A story with consequences wouldn't work for this game.

Audiggity1515d ago

If you must know:

I knew what it was at the core, but shocked at ultimately how shallow and repetitive it became. Even played the beta... I was hoping for large scale battles, huge enemies (like the giant spider mech from Halo), fluid/non linear character development...

What can I say? I'm a gaming optimist that wanted something new to play with my friends. Optimism was shattered after the first week or so.

So... I sold it. My faith in Bungie has now been GREATLY reduced as a result. Next time I roll the dice with a Bungie game will be far more calculated purchase or something I dig out of the bargain bin.

I'm not the only one, there was half a shelf dedicated to pre-owned copies of Destiny at my local Gamestop. People had faith, that was squandered, now Bungie will have to make good on that with their next game by actually trying something innovative. A trait in which Destiny absolutely did not have.

thekhurg1517d ago

No it doesn't. It's a MMO and doesn't need a meaningful story because that's not what these online focused games are about. These ignorant websites need to just come to the realization that they don't understand the genre and to move on to a different genre.

porkChop1517d ago

Destiny is not an MMO. Far from it. It has quite a bit of MMO-like features, but nothing about the game is MASSIVELY multiplayer.

porkChop1517d ago

No. It isn't. MMOs have hundreds or thousands of players roaming around the same world, together. In Destiny you have around 12 players at most. And that's only in the Tower, or in PVP. Pretty obvious that you don't understand the concept of what an MMO actually is.

thekhurg1517d ago

Everyone is connected to an online world, just because their server infrastructure doesn't allow for a thousand players to be present on the same map at the same time doesn't mean shit. Everyone in Destiny is inter-connected to provide seamless transitions between zones to be matched up with other people running around.

It's still a MMO. Pretty obvious you're too goddamn stupid to understand the core mechanics of this game and how it functions exactly like a MMO in basically every aspect.

porkChop1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

It doesn't matter if it functions *like* an MMO. It's NOT an MMO. The game is not MASSIVELY multiplayer, or do you really not understand what the term even means? Just because everyone is connected to the same main servers doesn't mean anything, it's still not an MMO because they aren't actually playing together. Having a 3-person fireteam, and having 12 people in a PVP match doesn't make the game an MMO. Having MMO-like instances doesn't make the game an MMO, because at no time is the game ever large-scale multiplayer. Destiny is an FPS that borrows some MMO elements. That's it.

DragoonsScaleLegends1517d ago

I was interested in getting this game until the reviews came out and said it has no story.

slappy5081517d ago

Bit late for that now innit?
The best they can do is continuing to add more content to the game. At least the gameplay itself is far from broken.

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