Hatred – A Second Opinion

Owen Hibbert of Entertainment Buddha writes: "The developers at the appropriately named Destructive Creations state that Hatred is a game about killing innocent people for the plain reason of hating them."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1492d ago

This trailer is all sorts of jacked up. Wonder if the game will get released.

Feralkitsune1492d ago

IT's on PC; not like anyone can do anything to stop them from releasing. Consoles have to verify the games; on PC you can just release a game.

Valve has to approve a game for steam, but if people really want the game; they will buy it anywhere.

--bienio--1492d ago

I will buy, why not...This Guys shows something which people either to like or hate. For me it's a game, so some brutality to relax not hurt anyone..:)

JsonHenry1492d ago

Meh. I'll pass. Gameplay looks bland from what I saw.

Dan_scruggs1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I can imagine that playing this game is like getting off watching a 50 year old suicidal goth with erectile dysfunction try to masturbate. Mildly shocking, mostly uncomfortable and ultimately embarrassing for everyone involved. But if that's your thing knock yourself out.

ardivt1492d ago

It's like an audiobook version of a bad porno.

yess1492d ago

Nah, it's just a game without zombies...

feedurhabit1491d ago

That description would make a terrible game but a FANTASTIC sitcom

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

i like how people are trying to compare it to movies when in movies its either based on stories or there is either a hero to stop the maniac or is set on a horror survival and the character is trying to get away but in games its interactive you are doing the murdering havoc that is your whole objective to kill for no reason but for the disgusting pleasure and blind hate of you being behind that wheel as the player. what message or point is this game sending off? what was the devs thoughts of creating such a game thats been in and out of the news you see today still recently happening of public and school shootings. now i stand and fight for games that have creativity, innovation, plot and concept but this game is just disturbing nonsense. now im not bugging about the action and violence in the game. its the plot behind the violence thats disturbing and the fact the dev wants you to be that protagonist.

VX-Geist1492d ago

I can see your concern. It is disturbing to an extent but all I really got from this game is "Wow you guys are trying so hard to be offensive, it's really freakin' lame".

The main 'protagonist' just comes off as Nietzsche wannabe, an uber-nihilist emo douchebag. This game will come an go like a bad smell.

More worried about those rape simulators though, a few sickos running loose on the web...

STK0261492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I don't understand all the attention this game is getting. Sure, it looks like mindless violence, but it doesn't look like it's pushing the boundaries further than say, the Postal series.

If it's anything like the previous "controversial" games of the past, the biggest offense this game will commit will be awful gameplay.

@Klonoa I'd say it's very similar in nature to the 2009 movie Rampage (by the infamous Uwe Boll). I think the developers have every right to make this game if such is their wish. It's up to us the consumers to decide whether or not we wish to support the final product with our money.

NixonMonoxide1492d ago

Political correctness be damned. I'd give this a go at least once. It looks hilarious.

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