Is GamerGate a Hate Group?

If you’re a gamer you have probably heard the term GamerGate at least once over the last couple of months. At the time of this writing, the #gamergate hashtag on Twitter has well over two million total tweets! The debate between GamerGate and so-called “Social Justice Warriors” has become so convoluted at this point that it is difficult to separate fact from fiction.

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Dark_Overlord1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

No, no it's not despite what the 'other side' would have you believe with their smear campaign of lies >:(

EDIT - Dayum, this article is pretty damn well written :) even exposes the more recent BS from Anita Sarkeesian and her so called 'death threats' and it's gamersgate links :)

Bansai1517d ago

More gamergate bullshit.

Aren't people tired of it ? I mean WHO CARES ? Can't we just play games and not give a single f*ck what they think about us ?

Deadpool6161517d ago

Bansai, the short answer is "Nope".

As long as journalist keep writing the narrative that Gamers are insane hateful misogynist "Boys Only" club, it's not going to end.

Blacktric1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

The only bullshit here is your pointless comment. If you do not care about GamerGate, then you are free to not read and ignore anything that's related to it. Nobody's forcing it down your throat.

"I mean WHO CARES ?"

Tens of thousands of people do at the least.

" Can't we just play games and not give a single f*ck what they think about us ?"

We've been doing that for decades and look where it's gotten us. An SJW infested media that's hellbent on destroying us by accusing us of being woman hating, violent a-holes.

Let this shit go on for another decade, and your favorite game developers will be infested by SJW developers like Anthony Burch, who'll get their positions thanks to nepotism and connections so that they could push their irrelevant and even damaging agendas further by not only reporting on games, but actually making them and getting them pushed through Steamlight, Kickstarter, etc. by garnering support by making their boyfriends and girlfriends cover it on Kotaku like sites...

Bansai1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )


I did ignore it all up untill now, I'm just tired of reading EVERY SINGLE DAY headlines with #gamegate in it instead of some interesting news.

As for the journalists, let them write whatever they wish, you don't have to support those sites.

The best thing is, gamergate will only make empower sites like kotatku, flamebait means bigger payday, it's sad most of people can't just let go, if they did, most of those retarded sites would cease to exist due to lack of traffic.

I miss the days when gaming was just about gaming, and not political corectness and other bs. Every person involved in #GG is part of a problem, both sides, because one side cannot exist without the other.

And now I'm gonna stop reading any replies, I'm just gonna slither back into my misogynistic bubble and play some The Evil Within, oh, and of course kill lots of female-haunted enemies in it, cause you know, I'm a women hating gamer, and I'm fine with it.

HighResHero1517d ago

Unfortunately not bonsai. That is what has allowed some the slimy ones to get power in the first place. If they are allowed to continue their path of destruction the damage will be irreparable. They must be stopped.
Continue to look for sneaky tactics people.

Spotie1517d ago

Taking the "who cares?" approach for so long is exactly why it needs to be dealt with now.

If YOU don't want to hear it, it's easy enough to avoid articles pertaining to the subject. There are those of us, however, who give a damn about how this affects the industry, and we want this resolved.

You don't care? Cool. I do. AMD I'm not alone. Feel free to exit the way you came in, and let the rest of us try and prevent things from getting worse.

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3-4-51517d ago

* What I don't get is....all these Video Game websites bashing on gamers.

Who do they think their audience is ?

Who do they think visits their websites.....Non-gamers ?

These sites want you to visit their site, while they make fun of you.

Or that is what it seems.

Harassment needs to stop, but this femi-bullying needs to stop as well.

Just because somebody wants the FULL TRUTH, doesn't mean they are a bad person.

yarbie10001518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Is Greenpeace?

almost every group you can think of has people who are on the fringe. Does that destroy the reputation of everyone associated with that group?

Is GamerGate a Hate Group? Yeah - They hate shady journalism

Remy_S1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Pretty informative article. There is truly no low that fanatical sjws' won't stoop to in order to belittle, misrepresent, attack, and falsely accuse GamerGate in order to further their agenda. Even going as far as attacking other women who don't share their skewed opinions and doxxing people and releasing their information. People should really do their research before blindly going along with the anti gamergate rhetoric being pushed lately.

shammgod1517d ago

i was completely mislead. GamerGate has nothing to do with Gates at all!

Nonscpo1517d ago

Clearly someone has never heard of Watergate!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1517d ago

That's the thing water passes through!right...? RIGHT?!

Naw, kidding. But yeah, people don't seem to understand the political meaing of the 'something'-gate.

shaw981517d ago

Never heard of gamer gate. Can someone give me a brief on what it is? I am lazy to look it up.

animegamingnerd1517d ago

its basically a movement to put an end to shady game journalism

Anon19741517d ago

Or on the flip side, it's a description of a group of conspiracy theory nuts who think game journalists are all out to get them. Seriously, watching Gamegate guys grasp at straws, trying to prove that there's some massive conspiracy even when the facts don't even remotely back them up, it's just sad.

At the fringes of GamerGate are an angry group that believe that it's their right to make terrorist threats against those who don't share their opinion (about video games...a hobby, let's remember) via death threats, etc.

Are gaming journalists saints? Of course not. But the level to which people are going to try to prove some sort of twisted conspiracy point and shut down everyone they don't agree with is just sick. And it's just a videogamer shit-snowballing effect after years of getting away with harassing developers and journalists until it's come to where we are now. There's some real asshats out there in the gaming community, on both sides.

buttclown1517d ago

Way to lump a whole group of people in the "terrorist" category. I guess being a gamer=terrorist.

I won't defend the people who resort to death threats and what not but every person no matter gender or ethnicity has a hobby they are passionate about and people will be up in arms when their hobby is attacked for the wrong reasons. If you think that this is some sort of conspiracy maybe you should do some more research and reading.

Anon19741517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

@buttclown. Yeah, I didn't say gamers were terrorists. Nice try though, and ironically illustrative of the level of discussion typical of some Gamergate supporters out there. You think that gaming is being "attacked for the wrong reasons"? Sounds like you may want to do some research as to what the facts surrounding this whole mess are. No one is attacking video games.

buttclown1517d ago

Lol sorry gaming journalism. But apparently that had nothing to do with our hobby so I'm wrong

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Gh05t1517d ago



You are too lazy to click the link to an article but not lazy enough that you will post in the comment section.

The article explains what GamerGate is.

shaw981517d ago

I don't like the web site that provides the info. If I were to click on it I would be giving them ad money.

Rebel_Scum1517d ago


No by clicking on the link you are providing them with a click/visit. In order for the website to make money you need to click on the ad's on the website.

But really that only accounts for probably 0.00001 cents.

Deadpool6161517d ago

animegamingnerd is right, there's also other things that'll probably piss you off. It's becoming one of those things where people say "it's a long story" http://www.historyofgamerga...

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