Smash Wii U lets you build stages, has Master Hand/Crazy Hand challenges, board game mode

New features for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. have been leaked via an Amazon listing.

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shaw981467d ago

I hope there will be an option to share your stage designs over miiverse. :3

bouzebbal1467d ago

never tried SSB before but i have to admit this one is really appealing, especially since i have really been hooked by Battle Royale.

deafdani1467d ago

Oh. If you liked Battle Royale, you'll love Smash. After all, it's the reason Battle Royale exists at all.


bouzebbal1467d ago

exactly! i wanna try the "master" and see what he has to offer.
but the thing is i am not too attached to Nintendo characters other than Mario Link Zelda and Samus but i will for sure get it it looks so good

3-4-51467d ago

Already really excited for this game, but I was hoping the Stage Creator would make a return.

Stage Creator = Tons of replay value

thehobbyist1467d ago

Not to mention the Stage Creator won't be hindered by the Wii's hardware this time.

NiteX1467d ago

I hope it's a lot better than the stage builder Brawl had.

shaw981467d ago

Should be easier now to. The gamepad is perfect for easy stage making.

Skate-AK1467d ago

Would be cool if you can draw pieces into the game like Mario Maker.

ForgottenProphecy1467d ago

I hope there is an option to play as Solid Snake :p... A man can hope.

Loadedklip1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

While Nintendo systems have little third party support overall .... Snake or should I say Konami pretty much gives Nintendo systems absolutely nothing.

Mega Man has a real history with Nintendo
Sonic is still on Nintendo systems
Pac-Man is from Namco who co-developed the game and they have a new Pac-Man game out for Wii U.

Where is MGS 2,3 (console version),4,5? How about MGS collection? Nope ...

Snake should have never been in Brawl. It was stupid having him there in the first place.

All that does is expose your very dedicated fanbase to a character who's games are everywhere but your system. Pretty stupid move by Nintendo during Brawl's development.
I am glad to see they learned a little since then.

Now as for his move set ... it's very unique. What they should do is have a character from Advance War series or another series take Snake's moveset from Brawl.

Chevalier1467d ago

Simon Belmont from castlevania would be great. Also how does Snake not have history with Nintendo? Metal Gear was a nintendo game that started it all and was the first stealth game ever listed and acknowledged as a new genre in Guinness books.

pcz1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

konami developed MGS: twin snakes for gamecube. it was a big deal, and putting snake in brawl would have promoted the game.

a bit like how putting shulk in this smash promotes xenoblade.

of course now, after all this time those facts are lost, but at the time, having snake made sense. lets not also forget Metal gear started off on nintendo consoles!

Loadedklip1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

@ pcz Konami didn't develop Twin Snakes, Nintendo used their money and one of their teams (silicon Knights) to make that game.

2nd point ... that was on the GAMECUBE. Brawl was in the Wii.

A little too late to market a game from a generation ago while PS2 got MGS2, MGS3 while GAmecube didn't.

@ Chevalier Snake has some history wtih Nintendo ... with games no one really cared about during the NES days. It was in it's move to 3D with MGS where the franchise became big. When you think Snake ... do you really think Nintendo at all?

Neonridr1467d ago

@pcz - actually Metal Gear started off on the MSX in Japan.

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Summons751467d ago

SmAsh u > smash D's confirmed

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