This is how the Destiny UI would look with some improvements

Destiny’s elegant UI and general aesthetics design are one of its most redeeming qualities. That said, it’s still missing some key functions and the community is here to the rescue.

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kaiserfranz1518d ago

I think that the UI is the least part of the game which could use improvements...

TheWackyMan1517d ago

I know right? I thought the UI was actually pretty good. Although I do have to say these are some pretty great ideas, that I hope bungie implement.

DallasTrout1517d ago

The ability to switch weapons on the fly would be nice. It's kind of a hassle having to walk away from a firefight so you can switch from a Shotgun to a Sniper Rifle.

OmegaShen1517d ago

Bountty one be a good idea, the rest is pointless.

Drithe1517d ago

Destiny AI is perfect. In fact is has been pissing me off lately. It seems they avoid me more. What I hate is how a level 1 character can take off 75% of your health with a headshot or something and you are level 27 or higher. Grrrrr!