Destiny Leak Reveals New Gear, New Mission Type and Level Cap Increase?

Through data-mining, a tonne of new information about the upcoming Destiny DLC The Dark Below has come to light.

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akurtz1518d ago

I hope so. Gives more incentive to play.

Steptoe1518d ago

Can't see myself playing this in 10 months nevermind 10 years. It's just the same thing over and over.

OmegaShen1518d ago

^ Just like this comment, same old comment.

Nekroo911518d ago

People have been playing COD for 10 years," It's the same thing over and over" at least Destiny is better

demonicale1518d ago

I love the game, but seeing how the DLC is already on the disc leaves a bitter taste.

Stapleface1518d ago

The areas in which the DLC will take place are on the disc. The actual content, which is the "C" in "DLC" is not on the disc. If it is show proof. I've never seen it. Let's see one picture or video of someone finding the new gear, and playing the new strikes.

CorndogBurglar1518d ago

The article clearly says this information was mined from Destiny servers....meaning its not on the disc. Otherwise this news would have released a long time ago....

The_KELRaTH1518d ago

They really need to expand on the crucible with much more use of existing areas with much larger maps, 5. -7 flag / salvage captures, larger player count etc.

Ares84HU1518d ago

They need to shot down the crucible and focus on other areas. People who play crucible mostly are the ones who cry the most and ask for more guns to be nerfed than anyone else and fucking up the PvE. Also, crucible is crap!

The_KELRaTH1518d ago

I like fps games and have enjoyed switching back n forth playing PvE too - more variety the better.

Not complained about weapons etc rather just enjoying as is (was), there's a culture of complaining but it's up to the devs to decide if there's anything valid.

CorndogBurglar1518d ago

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean tons of other people agree with you. In fact, Crucible is the one part of Destiny that most reviewers and haters praised as being fun or "exceptional".

I love Crucible as well as PvE. It gives a nice break from grinding against the computer.

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The story is too old to be commented.