The Sun Gizmo: "Metal Gear Solid 4 is solid gold"

It is one of gaming's most enduring and exciting adventure series. MGS began life as a PC title back in 2000, moved to the PS2 and now this next-generation instalment - called Guns of the Patriots - is its finale.

Set in beautiful and gritty locations across the world, the atmosphere that these environments generate is perfect for adding a huge amount of interest to the storyline.

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NO_PUDding3649d ago

Began life as a PC title in 2000?

These newspapers obviously don't even play the damn games. Or atleast they don't know a single thing about them.

pwnsause3649d ago

he should say began life as a PC title in 1987 (MSX2)

NO_PUDding3648d ago

The Metal Gear Solid series began life on the PlayStation in 1998.

The Metal gear Series started on PC's or arcades in 1987.

Silogon3649d ago

For every one bad review there are 10 disputing it.

Pornlord3649d ago

HEY!! Those bubbles we've been giving you are paying off!!! Congratz! Hahaha. Anyways, you are correct. The series beginning in 2000 is news to me, unless by 200 you mean 1987. It starts out lacking fact, so I can't really take the rest all that seriously.

newneto3649d ago

This review is a copy and paste mix that includes "google: MGS4"

clintos593649d ago

I posted 1 that was just The Sun review, and this one is The Sun Gizmo.

infamous-butcher3649d ago

"MGS began life as a PC title back in 2000"

try began life in 1987 and as a title for the msx but if he means metal gear solid still way off, ps in 1997/8.

Cerberus_Hunter3649d ago

MGS4 is not a must a must have.

NO_PUDding3648d ago

No it's a must-play.

If you ahve only a Wii or 260 you shoudl still play it. You shouldn't necessarily buy it, although it would be the best way to appreciate it's longevity.