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PlayTM: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review (8/10)

When it comes to videogame reviewing, critics should exercise a degree of professional subjectivity by not appraising games for the sake of peer conformity; nor should they review games while focusing only on appeasing the demands of hardcore franchise fanatics. However, by that token, reviewers should also resist the temptation to unfairly kneecap a high-profile release just for the sake of standing out from the critical crowd.

It's not an easy line to walk at the best of times.

In short, videogame reviewers should be reviewing for all gamers, providing unbiased evaluations based solely on what is put before them while striving to avoid the often weighted influence of popular opinion. Which leaves this particular reviewer somewhat aghast at the current flood of rampant praise that is being heaped at the feet of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Now, before disgruntled fanboys and/or critics look to vent spleen via their poison keyboards, understand this:

Guns of the Patriots is a beautiful game in an aesthetic sense, and it provides a fabulous showcase of the PlayStation 3's visual and aural attributes. Level environments are both varied and stunning to look at, character animation is unfailingly fluid and weighty, and atmospheric and elemental effects often pepper proceedings with added real-world authenticity. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 8/10

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HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
Under 9/10 is completely ridiculous.

Hate on. Hate on, Brother.

Just to sum up how ridiculous this is.....


Ninja Gaiden 2 got a 9.5


Dark Sector got a 8.5

End of Story.
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HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
@the phantom disargee`r
Disagree`s don`t make MGS4 any less AWESOME, or don`t make 9.5 (NGaiden2) or a 8.5 (Dsector) any more truthful.
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resistance100  +   2710d ago
They also knocked down Everybody's Golf for not being on Wii, Despite it being one of the best golf games out there.
HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
Hotshots is great....
I own it.
Blademask  +   2710d ago
Halo3 96%
HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
You see what I`m saying.....

It pretty funny/disgusting.

The Dark Sector one, literally made me shake my head.

8.5 for Dark Sector and 8 for MGS4.....OK?
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thewhoopimen  +   2710d ago
OLD article Posted yesterday
This is an old article from yesterday or the day before yesterday. The author gave the game score a 79/100 at the time.
Seraphemz  +   2710d ago
Yeah, if this site is saying that Dark Sector is a better game than Metal Gear, they obviously dont know what they are talking about. Or doing it just to get more hits on their site.
Andras84  +   2710d ago
8.5 for Dark Sector and 8.0 for MGS4.....yeah, must be right /sarcasm

Also: Dark Sector had a terrible story but that's ok because it's also on the 360!! MGS4 has an epic story, on of the best but who needs that right?? it's not on the 360.
Dark Sector has crap controlls but it's all good because it's on the 360....MGS4 has flawless controlls but who cares because it's not on the 360. Dark Sector does not have any character development but again, it's all good because it's also on the 360. MGS4 has great character developement but who cars because it's not on the 360.

The friggin fanboys just make me mad sometimes man! If I can admit that Halo 3, ME, BioShock are great games than why can't they admit that MGS4 is a great game is well. Insted of picking on it!!
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rucky  +   2710d ago
Don't forget Army of Two got an 88% by the same dumbass.

He's basically saying that gameplay, graphics, sound, variety and everything else it's one of the best but takes out 20% co'z of the long cutscenes(which you can skip). That is just awesome lol
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AceLuby  +   2710d ago
This is my favorite part in the little blurb:

"Guns of the Patriots is a beautiful game in an aesthetic sense, and it provides a fabulous showcase of the PlayStation 3's visual and aural attributes. Level environments are both varied and stunning to look at, character animation is unfailingly fluid and weighty, and atmospheric and elemental effects often pepper proceedings with added real-world authenticity. "

So it has great visual and audio, the levels are varied and intense, the animation is near perfect, and it looks real. Therefore the score is.... <pulls paper out of hat> 79/100... no wait it's 8/10.
Enigma_2099  +   2710d ago
I was just about to ask them to just explain the score objectively, at least...
... then you mention the Ninja Gaiden II score... yeah.
Capt CHAOS  +   2710d ago
Maybe the reviewer's expectations were too high and he was disappointed..
but still he should have scored it higher or the others lower.
The Wood  +   2710d ago
Millah  +   2710d ago
All we can do is sigh and move on with our lives. It really disgusts me how much the gaming industry and gaming journalism has changed with just this new generation of consoles. But oh well, for every arrogant reviewer who likes to make themselves stand apart, we have realistic reviewers who have been doing this for a very long time.

85 for Dark Sector is absolutely absurd, but 95 for NG2 and calling it "masterful" is pathetic.....its not even as good as the first game.
darkwing  +   2710d ago
Its another meme
highdro  +   2710d ago
every time mgs4 gets a low score its contrevisal because people who have the game and finished it like me knows the game is 10 or nothing less than a 9, i guess all this low scores just means the game is to good so in some reviews point of views he thinks the game is getting to many 10 and he is also thinkg no game is perfect even tho it deserves a 10, then he gives it a low score so the met total will not be to high...really funny, i wonder y is it a ps3 game that gets to be this good and yet somepeople just want to downgrade it for no true reason>>> alli can say is puplicty stunt to all the web site giving mgs4 any thing less than a 8 ,and yes that includes EDGE !!!
segasage  +   2710d ago
&quot;because people who have the game and finished it like me knows the game is 10 or nothing less than a 9&quot;
Too friken bad your not the only one in the world that have opinions that matter....

stop whining..go play the game fo the 3rd time or something.
NO_PUDding  +   2710d ago
5th time for me!! The Drebins poitns are rollign in.

I still want to unlock the solar gun, the sthealth camo, and the bandana, and I haven't got all the guns yet. Or Face-Camos. I agree, go play it.
rootEXT  +   2710d ago

I totally agree
HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
Its just the truth.
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ChampIDC  +   2710d ago
Yeah, I have NG2, and I love it, but I know it doesn't deserve a higher score than MGS4. This review is bogus.
highdro  +   2710d ago
lol...it seems u dont have the game and do not even try and pretned u have it because if u diod u will no what i am talking about that the game is a 10.
HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
The Motorbike Chase is "NEXT GEN" and solidifys 10s for this game.

IMO, anyway.
Skerj  +   2710d ago
Dude, that was the precise moment when it was solid for me too. The freaking SEAMLESS blending of cinematic camera angles with the gameplay, I couldn't believe I was actually playing through that and how well it worked.
mistertwoturbo  +   2710d ago
Yes the motorbike section was freakin amazing. Actually the graphics in that Act was just overall very impressive. The sheer detail on those helicopters blew my mind, and knowing it all ran in real-time. Plus with all those U.S. soldiers all running around at the same time.
Pornlord  +   2710d ago
Anybody notice that Playtm gave GTAIV 98/100 or 9.8 and they give MGS4 an 8??? Ok, thats credible. I won't even play the two games on the same system in fear that my PS3 is so used to MGS, that if I put such a sub-par game in it like GTAIV it might brick the damn thing. Crap review, NEXT!!!
Silogon  +   2710d ago
Yup, 100% agree that Gta was, is and will always be garbage. I don't care how many patches they put out for it.
arika  +   2710d ago
This is for this review, eurogamer, edge, and whoever else wants to down score MGS4...
Ownage to all these game sites hating on MGS4.. Feel the wrath of The other 100+ Reviews who say MGS4 is indeed AAA, Enjoy. :)

73 Perfect Scores As of Now And Updating.
1.Gamespot (US) Review: 10/10
2.IGN (US) Review: 10/10
3.Gameplayer Review: 10/10
4.Gamespot (UK) Review: 10/10
5.AceGamez Review: 10/10
6.X-Play Review: 5/5
7.ME Gamers Review: 10/10
8.Play Magazine Review: 10/10
9.JV.org Review: 5/5
10.Empire Review: 5/5
11.Famitsu Review: 40/40
12.Console Monster Review: 100/100
13.LEVEL (Sweden): Review: 10/10
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23.Dubious Review: 100/100
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1.Gamers Universe Review: 9.4/10
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fenderputty  +   2710d ago
I love MGS4
So far, I'm only just starting chapter 4, it's the best game I've played. I'm not surprised by these random 8's the game is getting though. MGS is just a series that some people love and some people don't. It's not a pick up and play game that I would recomend to just anyone.

Like I said ... I'm glad it's getting a lot of praise, I am just not surprised by some of the lower reviews.
kingme71  +   2710d ago
Whoa,did you compile that list or is this off a site somewhere?
InMyOpinion  +   2710d ago
Then why the h3ll are you guys so upset over 1 tiny bad review? Did I say bad review? IT GOT 8/10!!! lol!

Stop whining & go enjoy the great game already.
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AceLuby  +   2710d ago
It isn't the review that is so terrible. It's that he gives it so much praise during the review to knock it down 20% because of skippable cut scenes.

"Guns of the Patriots is a beautiful game in an aesthetic sense, and it provides a fabulous showcase of the PlayStation 3's visual and aural attributes. Level environments are both varied and stunning to look at, character animation is unfailingly fluid and weighty, and atmospheric and elemental effects often pepper proceedings with added real-world authenticity. " = 8/10? This person's review process is skewed.
highdro  +   2710d ago
i was ment to say anything less than 9 for my first comment !!!!! to late to edit !!!!!
Blademask  +   2710d ago
its pretty clear that they just want the traffic...
Too bad its at the cost of MGS4's score.

When so many people have said the game is perfect, its just silly to sit there and grade lowly because of silly reasons that didn't seem to bother them for other games.
monkey602  +   2710d ago
Just had to say that I think your avatar is among the best on here at the moment
juuken  +   2710d ago
They're full of it.
Lord2008  +   2710d ago
It's and 8 when did 8 become a bad review, 8, 9, and 10 are great scores. NO GAME will ever get 10's accross the board eveyones tastes are different.
2Negativecool  +   2710d ago

It became a bad review when 73 reviews rate it as PERFECT and over 140 reviews have rate it as above a 90!

79/100 is a BS attempt at hits.

It is wrong plane and simple.
juuken  +   2710d ago
8 is not a bad score. I never said it was. But this game should get at least a 90 imo. People who give low scores like that either didn't play the game fully or are trying to bring the game down. That's how I feel about it.
mistertwoturbo  +   2710d ago
Waits for the person who always comes into these MGS4 low scores comments to say

"Ohhh give it a rest. Keep crying sony fangirls. It's their opinion. What if they're right." blah blah blah blah blah blah
PS360WII  +   2710d ago
You know why they say that? Because it's true :) (the whole opinion part not the fangirl blah blah blah stuff)
#11.1 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
mistertwoturbo  +   2710d ago
Well that's they're opinion of an opinion. I just think it's funny that they're there just as much as the others lol
jollygoodchap8  +   2710d ago
Time for Metacritic to add this score as fast they can.
And ignore the 75+ perfect 10's!!! GO METACRITIC!!!

Seriously though, what the hell is going on over at Metacritic?

Why do they choose to use some sources for one game, yet on another game they don't use the same sources. Why would they pick and choose sources for each game like this?
mistertwoturbo  +   2710d ago
Actually they state that they look for websites that has a certain amount of reviews before they're considered. Plus the reputation of that website. If they just put any random website, then theoretically a person could make 100 different websites with different names to review the same game and give it a 10/10. Then the system would be very flawed.
callahan09  +   2710d ago
This review is the EXACT SAME TEXT as the one published yesterday that gave the game a 79/100.

This is not the first review that has been outsourced and pushed around from multiple "reviewers" for this game. Why do we give a damn about generic texts that are bandied about and sourced as a review by multiple sites? The only difference between these recycled reviews is the score attributed. What's the good in any of it? 100% bullcrap, that's what this is.
#13 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2710d ago
Thank you!!! DAMN!! It took THIS long into the list of comment for someone to find out it's the same review from that douchebag yesterday...word for word...


Nice try haters but duplicate story....reported.
SL1M DADDY  +   2710d ago
From the Review...
"When it comes to videogame reviewing, critics should exercise a degree of professional subjectivity by not appraising games for the sake of peer conformity; nor should they review games while focusing only on appeasing the demands of hardcore franchise fanatics."

Nor should they write a negative review in spite of the game getting great reviews from everybody else. Sorry, but this site is just as bad as those they are accusing of appeasing the developers and fans. I say that perhaps this game is as good as the many other reviewers have said it is and that to say it isn't for the sake of being different and then accusing others of appeasing is simply silly.

MGS4 is the best game this gen, thus far. Period.
testerg35  +   2710d ago
Man... Do you guys have to complain about every review less than a 9? Its just one persons opinion. Instead just look at the overall reviews. If the majority think its great then its great.

Act 1 graphics is eh.. Act 2-best jungle graphics I've ever seen. Act 3-ok graphics.
IQUITN4G  +   2710d ago
I know a lot of people wont be happy with this score but i also know a few people that have expressed their disconection also because of these cuscenes - the point is you don't want to skip the story.It seems they feel MGS4 justifies the choosing of a PS3 but that the game isn't the giant they thought and certainly not what they had hoped from the trailers(they were just cutscenes after all) - these are big MGS fans as well.

Not that they're too unhappy of course because of the love of this series but they are only 90% happy with how MGS has been delivered
Slayer OP  +   2710d ago
I have figured out why thy scored it an 8.
They were too retarded to understand the story.
timmyrulz  +   2710d ago
Good to see an honest review actually based on the game play and not just the 30 hour film that comes with it.
heyheyhey  +   2710d ago
fvck you... just fvck you

these fvcks who haven't played the game bug the sh!t out of me

30 hours? you've got to be fvcking kidding me
4cough  +   2710d ago
Well, well
At least there is some honorable reviewers out there, willing to tell the truth and not get scared off by all the sony fanboys hate.....There is no escape the fact that the Ps3 is the most overhyped and underachiving product of all time.

MGS single player is a good but not amazing and nothing new, But the online is appalling.

Im just waiting for the sony fanboy petition about these 8s.Plus all their stupid 10 reviews are getting on top, Done by a sony fanboy with a dog and a blog .
Ali_The_Brit  +   2710d ago
honourable? i guess IGN and gamespot arent credible eh? or the other 50, thats FIFTY or so reviews out there giving 10/10 are all wrong..

but the very few 8's are spot on.........LOGIC MY DUMB FRIEND LOGIC
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2710d ago
Maybe i should have played dark sector instead!
These buttcrunchers gave Dark Sector a 8.5!

I guess that game really defined the genre and made it better!
Dark sector Im going to buy you right now and put meatl gear to shame with your simplistic game! Thanks PlayTM! you really know how to review the cream of the crop!

Everytime someone tries to be different for the sake of just being different they always Fail!
PlayTM you are not cool or funny or different! You are just Nobody!
No one will remember you for being a DIK!
Have fun playing dark sector and let me know what you are doing on gta4 thats so incredible! Forget it never mind because I have move on to bigger and better games such as Metal gear online!
steck67  +   2710d ago
I swear I read this same exact review on a different website.
tordavis  +   2710d ago
Anyone that slams this review is a tool, regardless of whether you like the game or not. He was spot on with every claim he made and backed it up with factual information. The cut scenes DO take you out of the game. Skipping them means you miss out on valuable information. Imagine if you skipped the Drebin scene? That would have killed your gameplay options throughout the rest of the acts. You are basically forced to watch the cutscenes for important info. I just want my mission objectives so I can move on and start killing. The codec sucks and always will. I'm so glad I don't have to use it to save anymore. Fans of the game have to respect the opinions of reviewers who aren't fans of the series but ARE fans of games. I'm not taking away any of the 10's, but why should I slam the lower scores? If you think MGS4 deserves a higher score, then write a review and give it one. Don't bash others with intelligent opinions because it doesn't suit your agenda.
#22 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
I`m sorry....
But what I`m slamming is the FACT that.....

-Dark Sector got a 8.5
-Army Of Two got a 8.8
-Ninja Gaiden 2 got a 9.5

and lastly

-MGS4 gets a 8.0

Sorry but somthing is very very wrong w/ that regardless of anything your trying to convince yourself of.
The Wood  +   2710d ago
8 for this
9.5 for halo and 8.5 for ninja gaiden. Thats why some slam and guess what? we're allowed to do so. IF you feel the government make a mistake you would have something to say. Reviewers ,who serve us, can also make mistakes therefore we have the right to voice our feelings whether they're just or not. 8 is ridiculous when compared against some of their other scores. Im not even hating on Edge because that's how they are and one of the only blemishes on edges hard ass scores is halo 10/10, other than that im kool with them. This site + this score = WTF Does this make me a tool?
#22.2 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mindedone  +   2710d ago
I think that we should be beyond the point
of writing reviews for everyone.

These days gamers are as ubiquitous as moviegoers. The problem is that not everyone has the same tastes in movies or games.

A critic should say to himself, would a fan of this genre be happy with this movie/game? and judge accordingly. He should not give it high scores BECAUSE it's MGS; he should give it high scores based on what should be expected from a game in the series. Expecting a game such as this to appeal to everyone is impossible. We can use Citizen Kane as an example of such a movie.

EDIT: I agree there are those out there with an "agenda"; they are the ones that give games high scores based name alone and not content. But what I say above is a different subject entirely.
#22.3 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HighDefinition  +   2710d ago
The Wood just summed it up perfectly.

Cause that`s the truth, regardless of anything else.
fenderputty  +   2710d ago
Don't get me wrong guys. I think MGS is better then the games listed which scored better on this site.

I'm still capable of understanding that MGS is a series that not everyone is going to like. It's getting a lot of 10's. It's only natural that someone is going to dislike it.
tordavis  +   2710d ago
Halo, Ninja Gaiden 2 and MGS4 are all completely different games with completely different gameplay. Halo scored higher on this site because they like Halo. It's that simple. MGS4 scored lower because they like MGS4 less. Same with NG2. They liked it more. YOu can't compare oranges to apples. However, if Splinter Cell scored higher than it might be fishy. No matter what, you have to respect their opinion as a reviewer. Play TM has a good track record. All I'm seeing here is people berating them because they didn't like the game as much as others. From reading the review, I can see that they had the same issues I did with the game, although I would have scored it higher. I hold no ill-will against them because of the score they gave it. If everyone thought like I did, the world would be at peace. We all think differently and there's nothing we can do to change it.

To make it simpler, if you watched a movie and loved it to death and regarded it as the greatest movie ever, would you expect everyone else to feel the same? Would you disrespect someone for not liking said movie as much as you? Would you berate someone for giving the movie a low review score? What if it was a good friend of yours?
darkpower  +   2710d ago
So, wait, if they disagree with this review, you're a &quot;tool&quot;?
Wow, way to fail, sir. My God, however way you put it, you just told everyone that they are not allowed to disagree with this one review.

Here's the fact: If you want to give a game a low score, fine. The issue is that if you're going to give a game that has gotten a HIGH majority of 10s and 9s across the board, you might want to really inform the public about EVERYTHING you saw that led you to give it that score, and not mislead the people reading your review by saying that something is in the game that isn't in there and just leave out important info about the game that affects gameplay (not sure why it's so hard to understand that it's not the score that's the issue but what they say in the context of the review that gets them to arrive at that score. I just don't see why it's so hard to separate those two things).

For one, unless you count the credit sequence (that include the epilogue, the first credit roll, the additional CS in the middle, and the remainder of the credit roll), there is not one cutscene that is close to 45 minutes (maybe 20, but that's it). Yes, some of are long, but 45 minutes is too much of an exaggeration. The Solid Eye and the Mk. II were suspiciously not mentioned in the review (keep in mind this Play.TM review was the exact same one as that monsterandcritics.com one we were discussing earlier), and neither was the interactivity of some cutscenes (why weren't the possible activities in the mission briefings or the X button flashbacks never even mentioned?). If you're going to review a game, tell your readers about all that is added in the game and get your facts straight before making an opinion on it, since those things will definitely be things someone might like about the game and gives the player more options to use in-game. THAT'S the key issue here. If they had mentioned those things and STILL found good reason why they didn't like it as much as we all did, then that's alright. But for God sakes, do NOT mislead the public. Doing that makes THEM tools, sir, and I have to say that is kind of disgusting that you even THOUGHT of saying that about anyone who disagreed (I'm sorry, that's just how I feel. Having a right to an opinion works both ways, and everyone has a right to agree or disagree and express that. That's something I'm REALLY passionate about and would call out ANYONE who ever denies anyone that right about anything as long as the view was responsible).

By the way, to counter your other points, the Drebin shop isn't as complicated as it seems (descriptions are also in the guide and I believe the manual). That cutscene is also important storyline-wise (if you play more into the game, you will see why it's so important to the story). You don't necessarily need to watch that in order to know how the shop works (thus, you're never forced to watch that or any other cutscene). There aren't as many codec calls this time (MGS3 didn't have that many codec interruptions, either), but you can initiate one at any time, and some codec calls are in real time, as well (meaning you will be allowed to play on as Otacon tells you how to do a certain thing, something that took something away from previous MGS games). Plus, I enjoyed most if not all of the codec calls. They were good conversations and are neither boring or mindless gabble.

The latter point about the codecs were your opinion, however. To you, they weren't the best thing ever. There have been criticisms about that system for YEARS, and you cannot please everyone (even though I think they got it completely right this time). The former, however, is what I'm talking about with these reviews. That was a sort of misinformation (the stuff about the Drebin shop is attainable elsewhere if you just LOOK at your manual or picked up the guide like I did, and if you play a little more into the game, the more that becomes self explanatory). You don't have to watch that (or any other) scene to get that (unless you're VERY stupid and cannot grasp simple logic). Whether you meant it or not, you made a terrific example of what I am talking about that.

And by the way, there IS a stark difference between Halo3, NG2 and MGS4: Halo 3 and NG2 are both on the 360 (exclusives to that console, nonetheless). MGS4 is only on the PS3, and that is something that angers some people (and are the reason for this "kneecapping" this review talked about, even though they then went and kneecapped it anyway with its irresponsible fact checking and omittions). This was the reason for the Chris Buffa controversy, as well. Again, I'm not sure why no one is able to realize what is actually the issue with these reviews (it's NOT JUST THE FINAL SCORE ALONE!! PLEASE get that before complaining about us complaining).

EDIT: I had a feeling I was going to see people just slam down that disagree button just because I'm disagreeing with tordavis again without even reading my post. If you disagree with the points, fine, but again, don't disagree just because it's HIM that said the points I'm responding to (would you just blindly slam that disagree button on me if it was POG or Bladestar posting that?).
#22.7 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
tordavis  +   2710d ago
@Darkpower - I don't think you read his review. He said great things about the game but disliked the fact that the cut scenes took him out of the game. I feel the same way. Once I start killing and moving around and getting my groove on, a long cut scene takes me completely out of the game. If I skip a cutscene, I might miss something important. Yes, the Drebin shop is cake to figure out but I liked the information that I received from the Drebin dialogue. It was essential to the gameplay IMHO. It's information I could have got reading the manual but I liked how it was presented in the game. Had I skipped that cutscene, I would have missed something cool. I don't want to miss anything cool so I'm stuck with watching every cutscene at least once. Most of the cutscenes are boring so far and they are wasting my time. I don't want to chance missing anything though. So the excuse that I can just skip the scenes doesn't work for me. It's like a catch 22. If I skip them the game won't be as boring but then I might miss an important bit of information.

I don't think ANYONE in this thread is wrong for disagreeing with the reviewers opinion. I do however, think they are wrong for calling the reviewer names and saying that he has no credibility for the simple fact that he gave the game a lower score than average. That's wrong. If people were just disagreeing they'd say, "I don't agree with him but everyone has their own opinion." Instead I'm reading,

"Under 9/10 is completely ridiculous.

Hate on. Hate on, Brother. " - So now an 8 means you hate the game?

"Yeah, if this site is saying that Dark Sector is a better game than Metal Gear, they obviously dont know what they are talking about. Or doing it just to get more hits on their site." - DS and MGS4 are two completely different games and genres. It's not ok for him to like DS more than MGS4?

"Don't forget Army of Two got an 88% by the same dumbass. " - Ahhh yes, name calling because of a different opinion and he also mentioned a game which is completely different than MGS4.

"Yeah, I have NG2, and I love it, but I know it doesn't deserve a higher score than MGS4. This review is bogus. " - If the reviewer thinks MGS4 deserved an 8 than that's what it deserved. Everyone has different opinions. Nothing is concrete when it comes to review scores man.

"They're full of it. " - Let's see, a well written review with an open minded opinion and facts to back up his claims and he's full of it?

"It became a bad review when 73 reviews rate it as PERFECT and over 140 reviews have rate it as above a 90!

79/100 is a BS attempt at hits.

It is wrong plane and simple.
" - He's wrong for having an opinion that's different than yours or different than the average reviewer?

This is why I think these posters are tools. The reviewer did nothing wrong but gave us his opinion. You compare games that can't be compared. Just because YOU like MGS4 more than NG2 YOU think that the reviewer should too. That's wrong in so many ways.

To disagree with the reviewer is one thing, to say he's wrong and call him names is just childish behavior. I disagree with all the 10's it's been getting. Am I wrong for disagreeing? Am I full of it? Am I a hater? I still think the game deserves mid to high 9's at this point, but I'm not done with it yet.
The Wood  +   2710d ago
No tordavis
calling people who dont agree with him 'tools' is stupid. There is no fps score and driving game score or action adventure score just the score. Now your making excuses for something that you personally could never know. How'd you know he wasn't just a person like PoG or Nasim who got a job reviewing games. You act as if we need there needs to be something blatant before we're allowed to react like the hypothetical splinter cell score you were on about. I don't need to be burnt before I notice there's a fire and something about this score stinks. Where do you draw the line between letting an absolute fan review a game and letting somebody who doesn't like the genre, full stop, review the game see my point. Sites scores are comparable to its own scores and nothing on their site stipulates they have a different marking system for one genre and another for others so their halo score is in fact comparable even if the games are not.

Were not sending then death threats tordavis just voicing our disdain and last I heard we're allowed to do that so you calling some people tools sounds just as stupid as the point you're trying to make.
#22.9 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
darkpower  +   2710d ago
To get the obvious out of the way: You showed the lunatic fringe there. Unfortunately, that DOES exist, and that does NOT help the people that want a reasonable debate over what was said about the game in the review. Let's not make the mistake that that kind of behavior is a one way street, though. I've seen TOO many 360 fanboys act like idiots on this site, and for anyone, you, me, or anyone else, to think that it's only fanboys of a select system that acts that way is irresponsible. And like I said in my blog, no one should confuse an 8/10 with a 2/10. And we shouldn't confuse those that are in that lunatic fringe with those that are disagreeing with this certain POV (which, sadly, many people that are on the lunatic fringe of the 360 fanboys seem to do ALOT).

My main issue is what this reviewer was basing his score on, which was erronous information. Again, you didn't like the cutscenes (which I don't know HOW you could. Especially once you really get into the meat of the game, especially from act 3 on, maybe even earlier than that). That's a matter of opinion. I enjoy these kinds of stories that deal with conspiracy and that anyway (hell, I WRITE stories that deal with that kind of thing). However, when a review doesn't get correct the exact time of cutscenes (30 mins at best) and omits things that would change the way someone played the game, intentional or not, that does an inservice to who reads your review (and I read the review, as well, more on that in a second), because someone who doesn't know that you can do certain things with certain gadgets that may change how you approach a situation in the game might not think of the game as highly as someone who DOES know the Solid Eye or the Mk. II is included in the game. I forgot that the Mk. II could stun an enemy alot of times, but it's something that I wouldn't mind trying out and using on some unsuspecting chap. Even moreso, I just now realized that it also didn't say anything about being able to help the rebels (either that or I missed it) by giving them rations and that and that such behavior is beneficial to you (even though it's entirely optional). That's the main problem that many people that aren't in the lunatic fringe have with this particular review. I don't mind if you rate it lowly (even though I would respectfully disagree) as long as you base your opinion on factual information and not try to misinform readers. That's what burned Chris Buffa (who, by the way, STILL has not gotten the reason so many DID burn him).

About me reading the review, that's another issue entirely. I have read it, but from another source: This is the EXACT same review that monsterandcritics.com had that we BOTH commented on. Now, I'm SURE as HELL hoping that someone gave credit to whoever originated this review, if the writer didn't submit it to both places. If not, then we now have a case of plagiarism somewhere, which is a HUGE taboo in journalism. The way the story descriptor was, I could already tell that this review was word for word the exact same review that the other site had (someone else here, I think, already said this, so at this point, I'm just amplifying it). But again, that's a ENTIRELY different story that I think needs its own story.

In the case of this review and Buffa's, I do believe the label of "flamebait" is a possibility of being true, though I don't think this is the case of all reviews that gave this game a 8/10. I personally haven't played those other games, but I can safely say this is a better game than GTA4 (which I have played), and is the best game out of all the next-gen titles I've seen so far. You're opinion doesn't make you a hater (as long as you can back up what you say that made you form that opinion), but my opinion that I think MGS4 is the best game out there right now doesn't make me (or anyone else) a fanboy, either.
mindedone  +   2710d ago
This is the comment I posted on that website
Perhaps my first comment shouldn't be directed at the author of this review, but I don't see how this number score is keeping in accordance with the other review scores on the same site. Someone has already mentioned NG2's score.

My second comment is directed at the author. You state that reviews should be directed at all gamers, and I cannot disagree any more with such a statement. I believe that a review should be aimed at the intended audience of art, in this case, the fans of the MGS saga. Since this game has been compared to cinema, I will continue the comparison. A Spiderman movie is not good because it is good to everyone; it is good because it is pleasing to fans of Spiderman. It just so happens that Spiderman has a larger fanbase than MGS. We have seen good Spider movies and we have seen one very bad one. It is very well possible to make a bad MGS game in the eyes of its fans, but it is not the case this time.

MGS fans are satisfied. I have been told that the gameplay is better than any previous (as I have only played 4.) Fans were amazed by the cinematics.

Your last sentence deceives your first paragraph. It seems that you are the only one sad at the way we bid Solid Snake farewell. The only ones who could bid him farewell are those that knew him, not ALL the gamers you write to.
PS360WII  +   2710d ago
not really. The Spiderman movies were made for movie goers not Spiderman fans. Along with a site doesn't have to keep in regards to other reviews otherwise we'll never have any variation of games. MGS4 is a good game and a review of 8 still gives it much respect. You are foolish to think 8 is a bad score. End.
mindedone  +   2710d ago
I never said that I thought 8 was a bad score, but you would be foolish to think that any comicbook/videogame movie is not made because of the preexisting fanbase of the movie. There is no other reason. These movies are cash cows; they will make money regardless of whether they are good or not, simply because people that are fans of the original medium will go to see the movie. That's it.

I'll assume that the other comment about variety in reviews was not directed at me as I made no comment in that regard.

EDIT: The first fact or fiction reiterates what I am trying to say.

#23.2 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PS360WII  +   2710d ago
If reviewers are only suppose to review a game for the fans then why be mad at a high score for NG2 seeing that it's for the fans? Along with you can't review MGS4 for only fans seeing that they made it able to play if you are a noob. You can play the whole game guns abazing if you want.

Movies are made for movie goers if there happens to be people who want to see the movie (fans) even better but in the end they hope anyone comes and sees it.
mindedone  +   2710d ago
I critiqued the scores based on the metric given by the game reviewer, not my own metric.

I don't know how to show you that game/comic based movies and even most SEQUELS are made based on the preexisting fanbase. These types of movies are made because producers KNOW that there will be a group of people that will go and see this movie because they are fans. Of course they want casual movie goers to see it, but you have it backwards. Regular movie goers aren't a sure bet. They will see the movie based on whether it's good or not or based on hype. A fanbase is guaranteed money.

EDIT: might I add I appreciate you having actual discourse with me rather than randomly disagreeing with me without reason. + bubbles (though it seems you have plenty)
#23.4 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CallOfWar22  +   2710d ago
Alrite enough with this crap
Do critics give Movies bad reviews because they leave off where the first one ended. Are you supposed to start a movie completely from f**kin scratch and make it so anyone watching it will get it. That is why its called a sequal you num nuts. You dont get the story, go f ing read the story. Go play the first 3 games. You expect Kojima to give you a tour about the whole game. If Kojima didn't have all those videos you would be giving the games 8's for NOT A PROPER ENDING TO THE SAGA, OR OR GAME HAD TOO MUCH ACTION BUT REALLY NO STORY, MGS FANS ARE DISSAPOINTED. I respect Kojima for making a game for his hardcore fans. It takes a lot of balls to do that knowing it wont appeal to the whole world. U crap webcite, give ninja gaiden and dark sector higher scores than MGS4??? hahaha. Who is paying you to make MGS4 not the highest rated Exclusive of any generation possible??? U know if it wasn't for these 5 or 6 crap idiotic sites, This game would be at a 98% +. Highest rated game of all time!!! Guess what f*ggots, ur schemes aint working, Just bought a PS3 Metal Gear bundle at launch day of the game. U hear that Microsoft, I bought a PS3 just for this game!!!!!!
#24 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
wangdiddy82  +   2710d ago
lol really loud
at anyone who gave dark sector a 8.5 and Ninja gaiden 2 a 9.5.. what a joke.. Do some people not know what a good game is?
CallOfWar22  +   2710d ago
after seeing those scores for those average games
I guess Play likes there games with no story and mindless killing. They are disspointed that have to actually go listen to a story unlike NG2 where u have 4 sec cutscenes and just spin spin spin kill kill kill!!!!! Some people should be denied their rights to voice their idiotic opinions. Calling others sites kiss asses for praising highly anticipated games. What were u doing with GTA 4, Halo 3, and Gears of War?
Legend  +   2710d ago
&quot;Some people should be denied their rights to voice their idiotic opinions.&quot;
. . . which is what the bubble system on this site does. And, seeing as how you only have two left it appears, based upon your sentiment, that the system is working.
likeaboss302  +   2710d ago
Here is my problem with is review
Mostly that he scored other games higher that would be no better on a scale from 1 to 10. Outside of that I agree with his criticism of the game. I too felt like I was watching more then I was playing MGS4. As a fan of the series since Metal Gear on the NES as a kid I really wanted to be in more control of what was going on. The gameplay in the game was ok but could have been better. So much more of the story could have been told through gameplay and still have the awesome cutscenes. Remember at the end of the day this is a game not a movie.
#26 (Edited 2710d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sleewok  +   2710d ago
bold, yet completely empty and baseless statement: "There is no escape the fact that the Ps3 is the most overhyped and underachiving product of all time".

The Virtual Boy and Atari Jaguar must have done much better than the PS3, eh? lol
BOSSMK XXIII  +   2710d ago
I hate these reviewers...
Who start off their reviews with a lesson in journalism ethics to justify their f*cking opinions. Seriously, it's 3 vs 100 who give "rampant praise" to one of the best games of all time.

It's like me stating how much I f*cking hate Halo's retarded-ass plot and sloppy storytelling while criticizing how reviewers blindly throw out high scores simply because it's Halo.

I also had to lol at the fact that he begins his review in such a way that foreshadows a mediocre score but ends up going along with the other idiots and gives it an 8/10.

TheMART  +   2710d ago
Are the real reviews at last coming in? Of the total game, 50% of the time are cutscenes. That must be pretty boring.
okcomputer  +   2710d ago
Thats an outright lie.. 50% of the game is not cutscenes. And I find it pretty funny that after months and months of incessant fanboy prattle about the ps3 not having an exclusive game with a 90% or above gameranking store, mgs4 comes along with a higher score well over 90 thats better than any 360 exclusive and you point to one of the lone negative reviews and say thats the "real" review. Its such an idiotic fanboy thing to say, you're entering the realm of self parody with that post. Funny stuff.
The gaming GOD  +   2710d ago
First off, That's BS
50% of the game isn't cut scenes. Secondly, do YOU even own a ps3 or have you even PLAYED MGS4 to validate your claim Mart?

See, I HAVE the game. So I can tell you first hand that 50% of the game is cut scenes remark is BS
Pp p  +   2710d ago
Another great score
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