PS4 Update 2.0: Sony Shares a Lot of Info on Share Play, Livestreaming Updates and Much More

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia sent a press release giving more information on how the upcoming 2.0 “Masamune” firmware update for the PS4 will work, in addition to what was shared yesterday.

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OVOrizzy1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I'm really excited for 2.0, I really am but where the hell is the option to finally change our PSN names? Cmon Sony, it's not like we are asking for a lot.

THC CELL1518d ago

And how many times dose Sony have to tell u it's not possible

1nsomniac1518d ago

Of course it's possible, when has Sony ever claimed its not possible!

THC CELL1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

http://www.playstationlifes... all righty then

they should let people make a new profile and copy old to new then let you delete old profile

scottieleverne1518d ago

Microsoft could do it five years ago...

RG_Dubz1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

It is possible but not without you losing all your trophies, which I couldn't careless about.

Useless feature anyways, just edit your "real name" to whatever you want and send people real name requests, it's very simple.. I'd rather SONY work on better features then useless stuff like PSN ID changes, deleting trophies from your trophy list and YouTube.. Which can already be watch on the PS4 internet browser by going to and it looks just like the PS3 YouTube app.

Criti-Choco1517d ago

Would just like to point out that since the launch of the ps3 Japanese PSN users had the option to use a "Gamer NAme" that was different from their account name, basically any game would let you see their gamer name instead.

I know this because I used this for a while back in the day. It was a good way to have icons from japanese text into your name like stars ☆ ★

Sy_Wolf1517d ago

Of course it's possible. It may be technologically challenging but it's 100% achievable. And honestly it's not even that challenging if you know anything about technology.

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FogLight1518d ago

About time with party chat on streams! It is going to get annoying for the viewers to watch a co-op stream while the party chat wasn't supported and the game doesn't even have voice chat.. That small feature actually made the update for me along with YT, Shareplay, themes, Music USB, and more (Like Add To Library, that is going to be extremely useful)

Also more~... That's gonna be fun :3 (I would also love for PSN name change... My main account has my real name as my PSN and would love to change that. I can't abandon my trophies ;_;)

dodo1011518d ago

I also would like an option to delete games that you have zero trophies for.

OVOrizzy1518d ago

Yeah that too. Also the games you only got 1% trophy percentage for b/c you either hated the game or decided to never play again. I have a few of those.

TH3 GAM31518d ago

+1, hiding isn't deleting. Would like to delete any game I have on my trophy list even if I platinum the game.

Ron_Danger1518d ago

You can already hide specific games from your trophy list. That was in an update last year.

dodo1011518d ago

Hiding is not the same as deleting :D

ImAConspiracy301518d ago

I'd rather see them add something more beneficial. It's not that hard to delete games manually.... Just quit being lazy.

DeadMansHand1518d ago

You can't delete them from your trophy list.i believe that is what he is talking about.

dolphin221518d ago

These features are most welcome, but for me they still lack a lot of the applications that the PS3 utilises.

I want to be able to peruse my hard-core Eastern European websites all the while downloading choice clips of flibbertigibbets to my hard drive while listening to my Frank Sinatra collection and downloading the latest Hollywood movies in the background.

I realise these features will be made available in due course but it's becoming increasingly frustrating the time this is taking.

FogLight1518d ago

Oh I also wanna know this. Will the USB Music be supported for streaming? I understand that Twitch will just mute the VOD if that's the case but music can be heard in the stream when it is live :P

If it is possible, then it is an awesome update for live streamers :D

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