The freedom to hate: Why Hatred has a right to exist

MWEB GameZone writes: "Questions have been asked about whether it’s OK to have a game like this, its deeper moral implications and its potential negative impact on the industry as a whole. Now without meandering philosophically about the merits or lack of thereof, of a project like this let me just outright state my opinion on this game: I am perfectly ok with it."

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Abriael1519d ago

It definitely has the right to exist. Just like people have the right to think it's extremely inappropriate and disgusting.

But again, the world is full of extremely inappropriate and disgusting things.

nippletwister1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

If there didn't exist hate, then there would not exist a standard for love to exist. That Star Trek Next Generation episode "Justice" goes into this well enough with the capital punishment the utopian society on that planet uses because their sense of good and bad has been skewed and twisted through constant peace.

You can't have the good without the bad. Balance must always exist. Besides, hate is a tool, it's how you use it that matters. If you focus it on work whether physical or mental and control it that way, it can be the greatest weapons of an individual.
The same goes with fear, whatever soldier says they lack fear is either lying or is broken as a human. One thing is a fact though, and that is that someone who has conquered fear and learned to control it will always be wiser and stronger than people who never had fear in the first place.

To add onto all of this, it is kind of silly to think that emotions can in any way be regulated through law or that you can impose emotional laws. It's like trying to tell the Sun that it doesn't have the right to shine or a plant that it doesn't have the right to absorb photons.

ScottyHoss1519d ago

Well said, very well said indeed. Bravery is moving through fear, while moving without fear is recklessness. This game has a right to exist, as does any art which does not harm others, but I'm guessing it will have some kind of AO rating. You get a bubble for that point, man.