Hatred is a game where we kill many people for no reason but hatred

Recently, Polish developer Destructive Creations announced a game just like that, The game name is hatred. Just like the name of the game we will get the freedom to kill many innocent men without any reason but because of hatred. The playable character is full of hate. Destructive Creations CEO Jarosław Zieliński don’t care about it upsetting the players.

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Paprika1220d ago

Check out Valenkas blog too -

Interesting blog, worth a read :)

FITgamer1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

So it's inspired by Nazi Germany? ;)

crazychris41241219d ago

Just swap the civilians for politicians and this game will sell millions of copies overnight

born_naughty1217d ago

And swap "game" for "real life".

denawayne1219d ago

Not into it. I support their right to make it but meh. Some of the animations would be cool in a game where you play a vigilante. Killing innocents for sensationalism doesn't do it for me. I rarely kill for fun in GTA. Only if it looks funny like when you hit a guy from behind on a motorcycle.

Jyndal1219d ago

I like the idea. Having to chase down and kill civilians instead of having hordes of zombies/aliens/monsters/freaks /etc. trying to overwhelm you would certainly be a change of pace.

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The story is too old to be commented.