Destiny's final Vault of Glass boss gets nailed in 17 seconds

MWEB GameZone writes:"The inherent flaws in Destiny's raiding system is further highled by a 6-man team taking out Atheon, the final boss of The House of Glass in 17 seconds. Here's are suggestions on raid changes Bungie has to implement if they don't want an exodus from Destiny."

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plut0nash1439d ago

It just gets better and better...

thekhurg1439d ago

Yep. Stuff like this is awesome and completely standard for a MMO. When you have the best gear you're going to kill stuff quicker.

BiggCMan1439d ago

Holy s...... When I read the headline, I thought maybe they were using the solar grenade trick to make him fall off the ledge. But they actually did it legitimately in that time :OOOOOOOO That is incredible!!

Paprika1439d ago

Headline porn. Giggidy!

Maxor1439d ago

It will be impossible for a shooter to fail this hard ever again. Thanks for setting that benchmark Bungie.

Ultr1439d ago

How is this a fail? Stop trolling

dieger1439d ago

Well it sold a shit ton of copies but as a game it DEFINITELY did not hold up on its promises.

Ultr1439d ago

yeah for you. but you don't speak for everyone

metalmatters1439d ago

please enlighten us as to why is this a fail?

pompombrum1439d ago

Honestly videos like this make the game for me. Sure it needs patching and it will be but the sheer amount of videos for this game showcasing so many cool things really do a game job at highlighting the games gameplay depth.

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