PlayStation 4 shows no sign of slowing down

MWEB GameZone writes: "Sony’s PS4 shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The PS4 is continuously ahead of its fierce competitor, the Xbox One, in terms of both software and hardware sales.

Sony’s current-gen console is also the number one place for the biggest game of the year, Destiny. Furthermore, Sony has an exciting, unannounced PS4 Exclusive project in the works that will apparently cause outbursts of rage on the internet."

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plut0nash1523d ago

Where are the games though?

Paprika1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

doesn't matter. Its install base is huge and growing, pushing for 20m units by Q2/3 2015, that's now approaching N64's total sales alone... dev support can only grow from that, not mentioning china!

Then you have exclusives coming. Uncharted 4 and probably Tlou 2 or new IP again from naughty dog. Ratchet is coming back, quantic dreams IP, more Killzone, guerrilla's new IP. continued support for ffxiv, god of war likely returning, bloodborne and countless others. Come December we will know more.

But that's just exclusives. Multi plats perform better. The only negative tight now is its psn issues.

Sillicur1523d ago

You make a good point on the multi-platforms performing better as well. They will continue to do so until the end of this generation (with the exception of forced parity), further increasing the lead of the PS4.

hkgamer1523d ago

Dream is to push 20 mil by 2014q4 financial year.

I mean Wii did 20 mil in a year and a big chunk of the sales were month 10-12 I think.

N64 did poor sales and xhina is not guaranteed.

Still the numbers are fantastic and its not relying on selling a gimmick like the wii diid.

Software wise just give it time. Ps3 also took a while and eith the cobtinued support ps3 got inbthe last few years its not surprising we have to wait a year +

Army_of_Darkness1523d ago

Funny how the xbone fanboy's keep asking where are the games though?? Hahaha! like as if they have more games to brag about to begin with LOL!
just hush up and hope that the PS4 doesn't kill off the xbone too soon ;-)

ramiuk11523d ago

thing is what i have noticed and overheard is even grandmas and mums,dads talking about how the ps4 is better while in the entertainment aisles.

last gen xbox was everywhere and parents auto went o that console,but even total non gamers know how much sony is dominating this gen

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bouzebbal1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

wash your eyes be honest with yourself and you'll see the games.
and imagine with no games it's unstoppable, what will happen when games start to come out? did u consider this?

Retroman1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )


SONY-not-slowing-down-on-this -article--on-another-article-M S -caught-up-with-ps-four

so-to-keep-gamers-coming-and- to-stay-BLINDED-editors-need-( lies)-and-"flame bait"-articles-to-su rvive.
glad-my-job-not-lying-to-game rs--(HYPING)-them-up-for-disapp ointment.

Paprika1523d ago

+bubble-space-bar-broke-trend- needs-to-continue!

Why o why1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Thas some funny s##t

People say speed kills..... I more think its momentum that kills and sony has that in abundance right now. Every so called game changer/leveller hasn't managed much against the ps4 thus far. ....I swear MS need a kraken. ...I'm not sure master chief is enough

hkgamer1523d ago

Also glad you don't write articles. Would be a pain to read something with no space =P

Its basically the calm before the storm at this stage. Waiting for the upcoming ganes to come out. These guys have no news so write bullshit and release the same article every 2-3 months.

Retroman1523d ago

SORRY-GUYS-SPACEBAR-IS-BROKE-o n-my-revue-google-chrome-system .
hell-not-doing-this-deliberat ely.

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KwietStorm1523d ago

On store shelves and people's homes. This whole no games crap is really tired now. Wii U has the benefit of being around longer, but can we all be honest and stop acting like any of the consoles have some super superior library that trounces the competition? The funniest thing about it is the bots who claimed quality over quantity last generation when PS3 was getting a new exclusive every couple months, are now saying PS4 has no gaemz, simply because the Xbox launched with a couple more at retail. It's mental. And we have first hand witnessed half the industry get delayed out of this calendar year, so there are clearly a lot more than PlayStation games missing. And it would be one thing for a casual to not know this, but anyone expecting a megaton of games in the first year is already lost anyway.

hkgamer1523d ago

There's plenty of games. But if you talking about exclusives then not as many.

Its not like the exclusives are selling like crazy conpared to multiplats anyway.

Inception1523d ago

Did you live under the rock or...something?

I mean really, you don't know that games like inFamous 2nd Son, LBP 3, TloU remaster, Guilty Gear Xrd, Driveclub, Bloodborne, Persona 5, Disgaea 5, Wild, Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, Dragon Quest Heroes, No Man Sky, Yakuza 0, The Order, Alienation, etc are exist for PS4???

If your answer is yes than i felt sorry for you. This day, with the tech we've got on our palm, i thought all humans can easily get all the info they want with a click of a finger. But there's human like plut0nash who can't enjoy that luxury....

1523d ago
Inception1522d ago


"No games really means 'no games that I like'"

Mate, kalkano, please i'm not an idiot. "no games" with "no games that i like" are two different sentence with two different meaning.

So my guess are plut0nash really don't know where the games because he/she not in touch with the civilization for centuries? who knows, or...just a troll.

1522d ago
lelo2play1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

"Where are the games though?"

Sony is winning due to multiplatform games, not exclusives.

Silly gameAr1523d ago

You guys need to give that tired tune a rest.

MasterCornholio1523d ago

I have plenty of them on my PS4 so I dont know why you dont consider games to be games.

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miyamoto1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Uhhhh....gamers actually bought them?
Around 25+ million PS4 software units were sold as of now

Whoomp! There It Is. In the hands of gamers. Happy now?

M$ can throw away lots of games for free every month and buy exclusives all they want yet they won't even feel it their pockets lighten while PS4 earns it legitimate success with legitimate units moved and played by the players.

Trust is earned not bought.
Money can not fix a stained reputation.
M$ problems is a problem of public perception more than technical specifications.

1523d ago
callahan091523d ago

There is an entire page & a half more games on Metacritic for PS4 than there are for Xbox One. People are constantly dismissing PS4 games as if they don't count, or don't matter, but the fact is, the PS4 has more games than the Xbox One, and it has more highly rated games.

Titles Rated TOTAL
PS4: 131
XBO: 85

Titles Rated GREEN (Good)
PS4: 71 (54%)
XBO: 42 (49%)

Titles Rated YELLOW (Mediocre)
PS4: 50 (38%)
XBO: 38 (45%)

Titles Rated RED (Bad)
PS4: 10 (8%)
XBO: 5 (6%)

medman1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

All the games are at yo mama's house. I was there last night.

Jaqen_Hghar1522d ago

Well obviously the best versions of all the big third party games, more indies than you can shake a stick at (many exclusive), and of course Sony's first party offerings including Killzone, Infamous (and the fantastic First Light), TLoU Remastered, and FF14 along with LBP3 coming in November and Bloodborne and The Order 1886 in February. Don't forget Uncharted 4 next year and of course a man's personal favorite the Ratchet and Clank and Grim Fandango remakes!

Is that enough games for you?

Magicite1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

blind or stupid?
In fact PS4 got even more games than WiiU (both announced and released combined).

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1522d ago


The PS4 currently has more games available and in development than it's next generation competitor, but that's completely irrelevant to you isn't it?

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Sillicur1523d ago

Wow the PS4 just keeps moving in the right direction. I wonder what that new game could be.

BarneyS1523d ago

MS continues to give away free games, but don't even come close to the PS4. First Titanfall, then FIFA, madden, destiny for a week. Next are sunset overdrive and assassins creed bf and unity. I wonder how far they are willing to go because this costs them millions of dollars.

CaptainObvious8781522d ago

Yup, those investors aren't going to be happy with MS throwing millions of dollars into the xbone for it to only sell half as good as the PS4. (and less than half in a lot of regions).

People might think I'm trolling, but I seriously doubt MS will get a green light to make another console if things stay at their current trajectory.

plut0nash1523d ago

Honestly the Xbox One is doing fine. Lots of exclusives for the fans, but I do think that MS really should've beefed up the performance of the console.

Sillicur1523d ago

Yeh, they should have, performance is not something you can change mid generation. That is the biggest concern for me regarding the Xbox One.

Sure, a company can get some good PR, release great exclusives, but for multi-platform games PS4 will always be ahead of the Xbox One just due to the power difference.

Paprika1523d ago

Don't be surprised to see Microsoft focus on streaming games. If they conquer that, Sony might be forced to follow suit essentially rendering any hardware in the physical console that's superior in ps4, as useless!

PS now is a sign Sony are preempting this, while also trying to get gaming done via streaming first and best. Scary, not what I want... but all the signs say the powers that be do!

Clown_Syndr0me1523d ago

I agree in terms of hardware.
But multiplatform, primarily-online games I will have to consider my choices carefully. Xbox Live has a better track record, atleast for me. So games such as CoD and any other online games I will to think carefully about before purchasing.

Manic20141523d ago

The performance may be not a level lower than PS4 but, gotta admit the games all look terrific.

As for sales it seems to me the Xbox one will sell at the 360 level with those bigger boost's to come from big exclusives, as for PS4 it's back in the PS2 era. i predict end of gen Xbox One: 80-90 Million PS4:120-140 million.

stalepie1522d ago

Seems like Xbox One hardware might be a little more balanced. PS4 is very GPU-heavy with a weaker CPU side? (Plus all those stability updates...)

lelo2play1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Yep, X1's and WiiU's main problems are their performance compared to the PS4. Multiplatform games will always run better on the PS4, and that has been the deciding factor this gen. Have Nintendo and Microsoft learned their lesson?

Nintendo (WiiU) and Microsoft (X1) will never catch Sony (PS4) this gen. I bet they are already thinking about their next console to launch in 4 (or 5) years from now.

TheStrokes1523d ago

Its been said before, but its almost like the ps2 era all over again. It was a slow starter with game releases the first year, and then it just exploded! Roll in 2015!

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