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Paprika1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

2015 is already packed full of great games, officially now not giving a damn about this racer lol.

I'll wait for Gran turismo. Don't believe the hype kids, driveclub hype vs gran turismo's guaranteed awesomeness!! Project cars, meh hype train passenger getting off at next stop!!

plut0nash1516d ago

Not sure about guaranteed awesomeness tbh. Better sound design and restructuring of the game in its entirety is most important.

They can keep the physics and controls as is though :P

Paprika1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

But don't hate what I say, I can only stomach one racer per year as my mind requires more stimulation than just racing lol, so this delay may be good as we have just had two racers, its already crowded. Come 2015 that itch might return wanting more fresh racing.

1516d ago
Paprika1516d ago

No.... but now this crappy bubble system says I should :) have fun contributing interesting opinions though

lelo2play1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Wasn't this game largely financed by the PC crowed, if I'm not mistaken?
If so, shouldn't the developers prioritize the PC version?
It's likely the PC version is ready, waiting for the optimization of the PS4/X1 versions. They could release the PC version November 21, and consoles versions later on.

Insomnia_841516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I don't game on PC but I fully agree with you on this if that's the case.

BadlyPackedKeebab1516d ago

Assuming the other versions are in a similar state to the PC early access version for those that have it... it needed the delay.

Its just not ready trust me. I was hoping they were just not releasing up to date builds to us but looks like maybe what we get is representative of where it is.

TBH suits me there is too much to get through so I can live with the news. Rather a quality product than a rushed out mess.

GameDev11516d ago

you also have to consider the publishers like namco bandai for Project Cars, they are also part of the funding and will need to see much sales

deafdani1516d ago

Financed by the pc AND Wii U crowd, actually. Yet they choose to prioritize the other versions.

It's all kinds of bullshit, really. They lost my respect big time because of that.

ocelot071516d ago

Also Wii U owners. Hence why they where really annoyed when the Wii U version was delayed so they can get the PS4/XBone version out.

frostypants1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

"It's likely the PC version is ready, waiting for the optimization of the PS4/X1 versions"

LOL what? PC is harder to develop and optimize for due to lack of hardware standardization.

As to people who "financed" it, sorry should know by now that crowdfunding does not equate to investment or any say in business decisions. How many more times does this need to be illustrated?

ATi_Elite1516d ago

I game on the glorious PC and I'm here to inform you that yes the Pc crowd pretty much funded all 3 versions but the Pc version has been playable for over a year as each build improved and added features to the game.

It went from an OK racer with a dream to all dreams being realized and now a fantastic racer.

Pcars Pc as is is golden and after official release AMD and Nvidia will release optimization drivers for it thus greatly improving performance. So I should be able to get 60fps at 4k

These next 5 months will be about getting more out of the consoles.

Overall Pcars is the best ever. The real time damage real time physics and advanced Ai make it so much more realistic than any other racer.

If you want a true Next gen racer that's very realistic then Pcars is your game.

If you just want to drive around looking at squirrels in trees then there are other racing games out there.

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Lior1516d ago

im so pissed off right now

Bigpappy1516d ago

Forza Horizon has done such a fantastic job on all fronts, that the crew a this game are wise to delay and make sure that don't have partially finish game lacking in content. The reviewers would have no choice but to deduct some points. That is the definition of setting a bar. Differences aside Forza Horizon2 is a complete game with lots of content and very polished. So like it or not, the reviews will have to consider FH2 when scoring other racers.

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rajman1516d ago

Wow 1 month away and now delayed until March 2015? o_0 oh well November was kinda busy

Outthink_The_Room1516d ago

The Crew got moved as well to avoid November.

The problem with Project Cars to me, is the advertising budget. Driveclub, FH2 and The Crew all have/had big pushes pre-release.

I'm not sure the public is going to know much about Project Cars when it comes close to release. It's going to be pretty much relying on word of mouth, which is kind of a dangerous route to take.

tgunzz1516d ago

No rush, take your time to get it right...

DeadlyOreo1516d ago

^ exactly this.

Although it is becoming a trend now, it's almost becoming normal for a game to have at least one delay. If it means a better end product I'm happy.

WitWolfy1516d ago

I agree, if the game wasn't ready to begin then dont delay it weeks before release, pissing off your fanbase in the process. If it wasn't ready to begin with then they should've never given it a release date to begin with.

green1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Sucks for those that were really anticipating the November release of the game. But for me, i am kind of happy that it has been delayed if true, because i may not have bought it.

I have so many races left to complete in FH2 that i do not see myself done with that game until spring next year. Add to that Sunset Overdrive, Shadow of Mordur, Halo MCC and possibly Assassin's creed unity and Dragons Age Inquisition, just no way i would have time for Project Cars.

opoikl1516d ago

Forza Horizon and Driveclub are good and all, but I was really anticipating a true next gen sim racer to give my Thrustmaster T500 RS a workout. I really can't see GT6 keeping me busy until March..

ssean2271516d ago

Have you tried driveclub with your t500? I was debating between the t500 and the t300 but i'm not sure how well the t500 works with the ps4.

opoikl1516d ago

It is actually really, really good, certainly if you're used to playing GT. You can feel the car moving over different surfaces, the rumble feels deep and extremely responsive & you're always in complete control (which I dig the most). And this is supposed to be an arcade/sim hybrid, so that's why I was looking forward to Project Cars so much. If driveclub feels this visceral, I can only imagine how it must feel with a good sim racer.

I read most reviews on Driveclub and while I can understand many of the negative critiques, I seriously doubt any of the reviewers has played the game with this steering wheel, because Evolution Studios definitely nailed the handling!

Long story short; to me it's a lot more fun and engaging than the more sterile feel you get when playing GT6. I've said it before and I'll repeat it once more: you cannot truly judge racing games of this calibre without a decent wheel.

The only 'disadvantage' with the T500 on the PS4 is that you have to keep a Dualshock next to you to go to the PS home menu, or use the in-game keyboard.

ssean2271516d ago

I do have a fanatec gt2 wheel with the clubsport pedals that I use for gt6. Since that will not work with the ps4 I was debating between the t500 and the new t300. I like the pedals better with the t500 but I found a mod that will let me use my clubsports with the t300. Thank you for your input.

MGRogue20171516d ago

*sighs* for f**k's sake :/ awful news

ironfist921516d ago

This was originally supposed to release in 2012 if im not mistaken. How many delays are we gonna get?

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