More Destiny leaks, this time its legendary gear sets from The Dark Below expansion

Destiny’s upcoming expansion, The Dark Below, has already produced quite a lot of leaks of what could/ will be included in it. New legendary gear items have been discovered and they point to a full raid set.

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DallasTrout1517d ago

Those Warlock sets look straight out of Kingdom Hearts.

ShowGun9011517d ago

not looking... not looking...

wanna be suprised! LOL!

Father__Merrin1517d ago

do u think there is any chance of new areas and missions and gear that's not paid?

CorndogBurglar1517d ago

Yeah. I dont know about areas, but there's already beed the Queen's Wrath missions which gave new gear that was exclusive to those missions. Also, iron banner had its own gear as well.

GuruStarr781517d ago

Only need the boots to complete my raid gear now and get to 30... wonder how high this gear will take us, level-wise?

Oh well... better keep stocking up on those ascendant shards!