Hatred is the neo-Nazi hate-crime of video games

Ultraviolent games are nothing new, but new indie game Hatred has a specific target in mind. The development team behind the project are members of white supremacist neo-Nazi hate groups, so it's no surprise it's the non-Caucasians in Hatred who seem faced with the most explicit deaths.

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ArchangelMike1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

GTA V is one of my most favourite games. Heck the GTA series is by far my most played series. However, GTA games are not primarily and singularly about killing innocent civilians. In fact the game never suggests that you do, and you could play the whole game to completion without having to kill a single civilian.

This game 'hatred' on the other hand is obscene, in the fact that it is glorifying mass murder without any pre-text or context.

To be sure, even the best gaming protagonists are serial killers and mass murderers, from Nathan Drake to Ezio; Commander Shepherd to Solid Snake... all of them serial killers and mass murderers. But the difference is context.

Usually, the grunts in these games are not innocent civilians, and are usually armed and trying to kill the good guy. Where open world games allow the incidental killing of civilians, there is usually a negative consequence.

This neo-nazi propaganda 'Hatred' however should be seen for what it is. A cheap offensive attempt at propaganda in the name of gaming, that lacks creativity.

MaxwellBuddha1516d ago

This article is pure horseshit, and the author should be sued for defamation of character. No facts, just pure hate for anything or anyone she personally finds offensive. Hypocrite.

I'm buying this game solely BECAUSE it offends the soy-soaked, estrogen-laced, Sarkeesian-supporting pussy liberals who have their panties in a bunch. It also looks hellaciously fun with all the various executions.

Games are supposed to allow us to escape reality, to do the things we wish we could do but cannot. In this, Hatred is the EMBODIMENT of what gaming is and should be, and liberals can take their artsy-fartsy bullshit and SHOVE IT.

JoeTheChamp1515d ago

Thanks to gamers like you, You have just proved every soy-soaked,estrogen-laced, Sarkeesian-supporty pussy liberals, anti-gamer conservatives right : They portray us gamers as psycopaths killing machines and you're playing right into their games because you're too stupid to realize it. I hope you're happy.