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SFII HD Remix Beta Now Available To Download

If you're a fan of the classic Street Fighter II series, you'll be pleased to hear that Capcom have just released the long awaited Open Beta of Street Fighter II HD Remix on the Xbox 360. (Street Fighter, Xbox 360)

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kewlkat007  +   2570d ago
When does it come out for the PS3?
Is it getting this BETA?

I'll try it for the 360 buy won't buy it.

Oh well I'm at work I wish I could remote to my Xbox 360 box.
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LostChild  +   2570d ago
I am...
Still getting the can't retrieve information from xbox live message.
solidjun5  +   2570d ago
I like your avatar. Great Album!
The Wood  +   2570d ago
that should be your name.

luck 360 owners, i hope it comes to psn real qwik
BigKev45  +   2570d ago
This sucks. This should be a free beta. I'm not going to download Commando for that. BOO!
Silogon  +   2570d ago
Why did you 2 get disagrees? ha

Anyways, I'm Dling it as soon as I can. I just checked and it's a no go on my end.

For the record I bought Commando 3 and while not the best representation of Capcom, it certainly is better than Rocketmen. Still Commando and Mercs were infinitely better products.
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Alexander Roy  +   2570d ago
No HD Remix of SFIII:3rd Strike = no money from me
socomnick  +   2569d ago
sf 2 > sf 3rd strike.
chasuk08  +   2570d ago
When is this game coming out for the PS3 ??

why do i get disagrees i only want to know the dam realese date
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solidjun5  +   2570d ago
it's coming out the same time for both systems.
the reason why there is no beta for the PS3 is because of resources and I guess the certification process with regards to SONY. They only need approval from MS once while on the other hand, they would need approval for all the different regions (EU, AU, etc...) Quite frankly, I don't buy it from Sven, but whatever. He did say, it's only network code and whatever bugs they discovered will automatically be addressed in the PS3 version. We'll see.
edhe  +   2570d ago
The game will come out to both platforms at the same time but the Beta is xbla only - because it's the easier system to do it on.

Plus capcom seem to have their lovenuts firmly cuddled up to MS's
csta  +   2570d ago
this game is already out on the psn lol iv got it on my hdd damn the live market place is crap!
danarc  +   2570d ago
Its not Puzzle Fighter.
Gam71  +   2570d ago
Lol. He wouldn't download that as the word puzzle would scare him off.
Bladestar  +   2570d ago
Please tell us how dumb you feel now! lol! He actually though the beta was the Puzzle Fighter beta!...
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2570d ago
gheghe Puzzle Streetfighter kinda sucks :P This one is way better! And I`m waiting for Street Fighter IV !!
Marceles  +   2570d ago
lol @ 7

lol owned

Congrats to the 360 for getting first, but I use the D-pad on fighting games and I really don't want to play it on the 360...but hey, guess I have no choice, downloading it tonight
QQcrybaby  +   2569d ago
hate to break it to you
the PS3 controller d-pad isn't good for fighting games either. get yourself a nice arcade stick for proper play.
SmokingMonkey  +   2569d ago
@ crybaby
your "crappy" opinion
the ps1 d-pad is the best d-pad ever made especially for street fighter and 2-d fighters. just because the 360 d-pad is unusable don't rag on something that's been best for the past decade. on four playstations! <that's MY "crappy" opinion.
regardless enjoy HD remix beta u batstards :) <<jealous

but let's see

agree/disagree: the playstation D-pad is the best for 2-d fighters.
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player911  +   2569d ago
Good thing he didn't mention PS1... he said PS3. Where does the PS1 come in?
Isaac  +   2570d ago
Stop using Xbox Queens as a source for news
It is even worse than Sony Defense Force, because they even attempt to take themselves seriously.
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2570d ago
Yah we actually do. And it`s Xboxkings for you Isaac. Just post something normal like a really good comment. (great ideah right!)
Mikelarry  +   2570d ago
u need to get the full game
boodybandit  +   2569d ago
I ran downstairs to download it without reading the article. I couldn't find it on XBL so then I actually read the article. As much as I want to try out SF HD Remix I don't want the commando game. I would never play it. I guess I will just have to kick back and relax.

First impressions, if favorable, from others might make me pony up for it though.
predator  +   2570d ago
im still getting that dam error code when i try confirm download...anyone else getting this?
LostChild  +   2569d ago
Yep and you didn't get any disagrees like I did for posting the same thing. lol. Freaking internet Soliders, I tell ya.
princejb134  +   2569d ago
dam i never really liked sf2
mayb ill like this one
hopefully they do sf third strike in hd
DanteLinkX  +   2569d ago
The formula for...
Disagrees= b!tch about getting disagrees= instant disagrees
Agrees= B!tch about people b!tching about getting disagrees = instant agrees.

Now why doesn't someone b!tch about getting agrees? ok I will STOP AGREEING WITH ME NAO.

Now on topic, I wish I could dload this from PSN, 360 controller's DPAD is REALLY bad for this type of games.
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gambare  +   2569d ago
the 360 needs the open beta
the 360 D-pad is so sucky that it needs a beta to adjust the game to that ugly pad

/end fanboy mode

I hope those who got the beta post about how the game looks and play (I'm most interested on the music and the OCRemixes)
DarkSniper  +   2569d ago
Normally this would be considered good news for Xbox 360 owners. But the Xbox 360's d-pad being so putrid, it makes this game completely unplayable on Xbox 360.

Dark Sniper will pass, he'd rather play this title on true HD with a controller more suited for true gamers.

LuHawk  +   2569d ago
To bad the controller is stuck up your ass
NMC2007  +   2569d ago
If only.....
Commando was any good, I was looking forward to it until I played the demo, then I was a sad panda, it is soooooooooooo damn boring, so I cannot participate in the beta, which is fine with me seeing how I will buy the retail version anyways, it's just SF, a game I have played 1,000 times before.
djcosta  +   2569d ago
cant download the beta...
i still cant download the beta..."cant retrieve information" message...this is absolutely crap!!!
marcellizot  +   2569d ago
I can't download it yet either. I hope this gets fixed as I would never have bothered downloading that game if it weren't for the Beta. Fingers crossed.

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