First screenshots of The Sims on Nintendo's Wii

Today we reveived the first images of The Sims for Nintendo's Wii. This version will be a bit different from the ones we are used to, since the whole graphical style is cartoony, instead of the more realistic Sims we know from PC.

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Odiah4405d ago

It looks like harvest moon ffs. What happened to that graphical style I used to love?

EaziG4405d ago

Obviously Nintende saw The Sims game and how well it has done and decided that's the kind of game they wanted on their Nintendo.
Although Nintendo decided they needed to up the CRAP-ness factor.

I can imagine the Nintendo Bosses saying "It needs to be much more baby-ish and crappy looking to be on a Nintendo"
then occasionally adding "it needs to be more crap then that! more crap, more crappy!"
"Hey why not add a dopey Mario looking chef too! OOh YEAH! now THATS Nintendo!!"

wakkiwakko4405d ago

Are you serious, EaziG?

What's wrong with it looking different? If the game looks like it'll be fun to play, then what's wrong? Just because I does not look rough and gritty, the game is immediately crap?

So what that it looks childish. I’d rather play a childish game for years on end than get stuck playing a crappy violent game for a month or two until a ‘better’, more violent game comes out. Games are supposed to be played, not looked at. If you want to look at something, go rent a movie.

MicroGamer4404d ago

Nintendo is never going to be taken seriously by teens and 20-30 something gamers if they keep making cutesy games that are embarrassing to be caught playing.

atomheart4405d ago

Girlfriends/wives are going to be all over this. Mark my words, this will be another system seller for Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.