Downloadable NeoGeo classics on PS3 but not 360?

SNK classics get green light from Sony to serve up NeoGeo classics via PlayStation Store but there's no word from Microsoft on Live Arcade
According to CVG, Soichiro Hosoya, director of SNK game titles, said, "We've discussed an online delivery service for our classic NeoGeo titles through next-gen formats and Sony Computer Entertainment has agreed to our propositions."

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Bill Gates4378d ago

The NeoGeo was the s)-(it.

THAMMER14378d ago

I can not belive it. I was looking forward to S. show down on live arcade. I hope this news changes.

DeathNote14378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

sounds good to me
& from reading the article.. it seems like MS just needs to say "yes". snk made the offer.

shikwan4378d ago

Let's see....XBL has 4.5 million users. Playstation Network has 10,000 (out of the 200,000 units sold that's my guesstimate of actual owners not looking to resale).

Now if I was a businessman looking for the best opportunity to make the most money....yeah, I'd strictly go with Sony's network! : |


DeathNote14378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

you'd be a very bad business man.

you have to realize. they made an offer to sony and MS. sony accepted. MS hasn't responded. as a businessman.. you'd offer your product to both systems since you're not limited to pick just one.. to make even more money.

"Of course, we wish to launch our NeoGeo titles through Xbox Live Arcade but we cannot tell whether they'll accept our offer or not at present."

SPAWN4378d ago

I have all of these and more on my pc! Well over a thousand!

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The story is too old to be commented.