Download Gears of War soundtrack for free

Exclusively for the game, heavy-metal band Megadeth composed a soundtrack for Gears of War. The song hit the internet and is now downloadable, for free! So you might as well check it out. Lyrics (yes it has lyrics) also included.

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FadeToBlack3981d ago

I just wish Dave Mustain kept his mouth shut. His voice is so annoying to me.

DeathNote13981d ago

that's cool for people who like the songs/band.

i personally hate bands that compose for a movie or game, unless orchestral. i'd rather existing songs that are good be used.

crazyman3980d ago

actualy the song was written prior to the game, but when the lead singer saw gears he renamed the song after the game

niyooh3980d ago

Pretty cool that Megadeth composed the song, I'm already a huge fan :) (Metallica's great too) :P

JasonXE3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

not my cup of tea

Eternal E 8083980d ago

im not a metal rock fan :(

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