Xbox 360: The One Year Retrospective

One year after its rushed launch -- replete with scratched discs, broken systems, and a dearth of consoles in the heart of the holiday -- Microsoft has overcome technical and production issues and is hitting full stride. One year after Perfect Dark, Kameo, and Project Gotham Racing 3, we actually have Gears of War, Viva Pinata and 158 other games in our hands. One year after Microsoft debuted Xbox Live Arcade, Marketplace and its new Xbox Live subscription service for Xbox 360, we can see just how forward thinking its online service is. We're seeing Microsoft hit a 10 million worldwide subscriber base. We're watching Sony stumble through its own launch, backing into the holiday season with an expensive console and patchy ports. Three-hundred and sixty-five days after its own sketchy North American launch, how has Microsoft fared? We dare say the Xbox 360 is a success.

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PS360PCROCKS4402d ago

"Does it really matter to the average gamer if Microsoft beats Sony or Nintendo in marketshare? Not really. What matters is that you get great games on a regular basis that are exclusive to the console. What matters is that online gaming is expanded, genres are explored and pushed, and that the system provides superb new gaming experiences not available in previous generations. With Xbox 360, Microsoft is well on its to making it all happen."

Thank you IGN you have said it perfectly, thank god their is a news organization that can write a thoughtful and thought provoking article every now and again. This was a great read though, yes they took stabs at Microsoft, but they were all well deserved. The delays, the underwhelming lack of games for months was really dissapointing, but like stated in the article, it's going to get better, their are a slew of "AAA" games on the way that are console exclusives. It's great that things can only get better, thank you Microsoft for doing what you do, and thank you IGN for being the first to note the highs and lows as perfectly as you have. Things are only going to get better and it's great to be a gamer this time around.

HyperBear4402d ago

ILL DRINK TO THAT. That is exactly why everyone should buy a 360 as their first console. It was my first nextgen console, and it is great. I just got my PS3 this past week, and i still play 360 more than that. Why you say?. Point A. PS3 is really confusing and frustrating with all these functions and things you have to do and all this sh!t, its just confusing. B. GAMES = THERES ONLY 1 and ive beaten it already. C. the online play isnt as good as Xbox Live.

These points raise some good questions like, was sony really making a gaming system here, or just a next-gen DVD PC. Cause PS3 is soo confusing to organize and handle with like 10+ OS's you can have on there, but you have to have all the other sh!t first before you can install it, and it may slow down your PS3 and theres just soo much junk that you have to remember, its almost as bad as remembering acronyms for Best Buy. Xbox 360 is simply put, the gaming console of the year/years. You can plug anyting into it that has a usb port, and everything now-a-days does, directly in, and itll read it. and XBOX LIVE = Best Online gaming of all time. It is without a doubt the best communication, and online gameplay in thw world. Most importantly Xbox 360 is easy to configure and manage all your media and accessories, its just so fun.

I could be wrong, seeing is how I havent completely gone through my PS3 Manual book, but i think when they said they "put blu-ray in from a gaming development point of view" i think thats full of crap. Wheres all the good games?, wheres all the amazing physics and graphics(RFOM: has physics i know that)? and what happend to all your exclusivity for games?

I think the PS3 is a great computewr, and sure beats the hell out of my computer, but for them to say its a gaming platform, is just wrong. No good games, nothing new yet, weak online play, just doesnt make for a great gaming console.

But thats just my 2 cents, im pretty sure by this time next year, there will be incredible games for the PS3 and then ill say, im glad i got mine, but for now, MY 360 and Gears of War and COD3 are just as good as playing RFOM online and getting killed everytime i go into a game.

kewlkat0074402d ago

Well just to Quote:

"The year 2007 will be your year for exclusives and big-ass, next-generation, OMG games. The AAA list looks more like the AAA of your dreams:

Mass Effect, Forza Motorsport 2, Halo 3, Fable 2 (well OK, we know this will get pushed back to 2008), Alan Wake, BioShock, The Darkness, Shadowrun, Lost Planet, Lost Odyssey, Too Human, Blue Dragon, Assassin's Creed, Guitar Hero 2, GTA IV, Project Gotham Racing 4, and maybe even Resident Evil 5 will hit the system.

And if that wasn't enough, Microsoft and its partners have two dozen more titles they haven't even revealed yet baking in the oven."

Stay tuned..Things are looking up.

MicroGamer4402d ago

I went out and bought a 360 Premium today. :-) (Well, that and the $100 rebate from Micro Center :-D).

shotty4400d ago

what games u get; in canada u get 5 games with a premium console (GOW, GRAW, Ridge racer, The Outfit, and Arcade Unplugged Vol.1 )

MicroGamer4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

They don't pack games in here yet. You must have got a bundle deal assembled by your retailer. GoW is still new and hot and they wouldn't be giving it away for free.