DO NOT Download Movies or TV Shows on Your Xbox, At Least Not Yet

So I try again before I went to work, I restart the download. And you know how when you restart your download it shows you how much it has done? Well for it I had 2%, yes, only 2% done from all last night. So again, I restart it and go to work. Now I get back from work, turn my TV on and I figure it would be done minus any error and what do I see? No error messages!!! Oh I feel good now, I go over to active downloads, 8% done. What kind of crap is that? I'm about 16 hours into downloading now and I have a whole 8% is it. Right now I'm while I'm writing this story, I just reached 20 hours and I am at 19%.

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PS360PCROCKS4400d ago

sigh, how lame, oh well back to the Broncos game, damn Broncos they better frickin win!

beans4400d ago

I started downloading a tv show yesterday until I got to like 40 percent which took I would say 30 minutes!I had to disconnect my 360 three times during the download because we swap the connection to our pc from time to time since we don't have a router! On the 3rd disconnect my download went back down to zero percent finished which made me say forget it! Now today when I went to try it again as soon as I turned it on I was up to 54 percent and it downloaded in like 20 minutes the rest! i'm not sure what kind of problems you guys are having but it seems to be working fine to me!

Steve5194400d ago

I'm at 27% now and 24 hours into it. 6mb download speed at home. and I'm downloading V for Vendetta 6.04gb

m234400d ago

Wow, I wonder if everyone is experiencing this problem

fablex4400d ago

once this service comes to europe, all those problems are gone.

bohemian 234400d ago

I had no problems at all. It allowed me to watch the episode within 2 minutes of starting the download.

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The story is too old to be commented.