XBK Score Exclusive First Pics Of Pro Evo 09

The first screenshots of Pro Evolution 09 have leaked onto the interweb and XboxKings have managed to get their hands on them. Taken from a German gaming magazine (released sometime next week), this years pro evo promises new gameplay innovation, new game options and new online elements along with the usual graphical upgrades and updated animation. Hit jump for the screens.

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SUP3R3591d ago

Please let it play as good as it looks...please Konami!!!

sneekstream3591d ago

As a pro evo fan got to say these graphics look near fifa standards but with the current pro not so powerful engine and terrible lag online how is it going to cope with this and if there's new online modes like 2 vs 2 or something ... well lets just hope it runs smooth.

Fighter3591d ago

We should not post articles from every site claiming to cover video games, not all are reliable and honest.

vegnadragon3591d ago

hopefully it isn't pics from the intro for the game, and hopefully they remove the lag.

coxyefc3591d ago

XBK score exclusive? bullshit, they have been on various forums for hours from different sources.

"we need more hits"

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The story is too old to be commented.