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monstersandcritics.com MGS4 Review

When it comes to videogame reviewing, critics should exercise a degree of professional subjectivity by not appraising games for the sake of peer conformity; nor should they review games while focusing only on appeasing the demands of hardcore franchise fanatics. However, by that token, reviewers should also resist the temptation to unfairly kneecap a high-profile release just for the sake of standing out from the critical crowd.

It's not an easy line to walk at the best of times.

In short, videogame reviewers should be reviewing for all gamers, providing unbiased evaluations based solely on what is put before them while striving to avoid the often weighted influence of popular opinion. Which leaves this particular reviewer somewhat aghast at the current flood of rampant praise that is being heaped at the feet of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 79/100

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Jamie Foxx  +   2712d ago
i guess this site really really wants to get noticed ,desperate sites......you gotta laugh
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sonarus  +   2712d ago
LordXenu  +   2712d ago
but unfortunately this site is not listed at meta/gr
c64days  +   2712d ago
can't say it better
what ppl will do to get some "raging" for there site ;-)
thewhoopimen  +   2712d ago
Peer Conformity
"When it comes to videogame reviewing, critics should exercise a degree of professional subjectivity by not appraising games for the sake of peer conformity"

So... is that why you differentiate yourself by putting 79/100 vs 80/100? lol. Why not go down to 69/100 and let your balls really hang out?

Millah  +   2711d ago
You gotta love these ignorant reviewers that are trying to make themselves stand out and look more "professional." I mean you gotta be kidding me, praising a game that is great is just conformity?? Is that a joke? What if a game really is good and deserves praise? So if most people agree that a great game really is that great, that just means they are all conforming with each other? GTFOH, these no-name review sites (and a lot of reviewers in general) are becoming a complete joke.

Nobody has a problem when people praise hugely popular games like Halo 3 (which in that case seems more of a conformity issue than anything), but when a game that is truly different and tries to go against the sea of garbage trends in the industry, and really turn out to be groundbreaking and revolutionary, and these games get shat on by these so-called professionals trying to look more mature than the big name sites like GS and IGN.

Lol I mean come on, please spare me the laughter. I wonder if Ocarina of Time had so much controversy around its numerous perfect scores and praises of being the greatest game ever made. Probably not, because at that time the industry wasn't as big as it is today, and reviewing games back then was truly about gaming and not just about getting more traffic or attention.
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Ju  +   2711d ago
yeah, ooohhkeeeyyy....Army of Two (PS3) 80/100, Euro2008: 90/100, ProEvo08 (Wii) 88/100, PDC Darts (wii) 65/100 (well, at least that's worse :) . LMAO. A real balanced site. Convincing professionalism.
Elimin8  +   2711d ago
You mean Fortunately...... Right?
power of Green  +   2711d ago
I don't understand all the hype for this game I watched over an hour of footage on Comcast's game section and the gameplay itself looks kind of broken.

The charactor AI is ridiculous the oldschool charactor status *noises and symbols over the head of the charactors* make this seem overhyped(if anyother game had such last generation gameplay elements it would have failed as a AAA or high scoring title).

The game looks average visually the animations basically the way snake moves and the charactors seem half assed on par with PS2 games. The story telling style of the game is stellar in ways but then again the numerous cutscens and some of the dialog is corny.

I just don't get the hype.

Listening to charactors crying every time they are injured or hit with a bultet was painfull to experiance *uh uh uh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah* every fricken time. Man this .

The gameplay mechanics are so last generation looking all these reviews seem like appeasement.

I do like some of the ideas in the gameplay though like the Boss fight with the Octopus
thing" imagine if MGS4 had a more next-gen battle system or mechanics the ideas Hideo has are top-notch that battle would be very intense if MGS4 had a more mordern fighting system. Something about the animations and or the movement speed etc and the camera doesn't seem right.

The execution of the gamplay mechanics are simply not worthy of this type of praise.

If Hideo had not made deals(bribe the mainstream media setting the tone for others to follow)and the media itself not been afraid of the Sony movement this game would be shed in a different light.

WoW just WoW.

EDIT BELOW: try to stay on topic lol.
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Angelitos  +   2711d ago
power of Green

Plz, your just saying whatever u can 2 defend the 360.
The Wood  +   2711d ago
WoW just WoW
that was a whole heap of Haeythc Aey Tee Eee PoG. You typed all that to show us what? You dont like the game. Funny thing was ive not seen your presence in the other 612 10/10 review threads on n4g only this and a couple of the, you guessed it, low score articles. You wonder why people call you what they do. You are truly the greatest fanboy ever. You are allowed to not like things about mgs4 but watching people play then telling us what you feel is the most asnine thing ive heard today.
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Panthers  +   2711d ago
Why cant I touch POGs bubbles? He deserves to have them go away.
Millah  +   2711d ago
tsk tsk tsk
LOL @ Power of green!!! You truly deserve the title of most blind fanboy MS puppet. You really have no clue what good gameplay is based off your opinions. Then again, you said that you've only WATCHED footage and not actually PLAYED the game, so you have no clue what the execution of the gameplay is like.

Me being far from a fanboy, owning almost every game system ever made including all three current, fanboys are actually the one thing I despise most about this industry today. I don't see how you can call the gameplay "last gen." I don't even see how you actually complained because exclamation points appear over a soldiers head after being spotted, lol thats gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Now I'm not trying to hate on Halo, I actually played the game a lot when it was released, but I assume you're a fanboy of Halo 3, and I'm just curious what makes the gameplay of Halo 3 groundbreaking, let alone any different, from Halo 1 or 2. You wanna talk about MGS4 being last gen, yet the game features a total overhaul with countless improvements and some of the most refined gameplay I've ever played, but don't realize some of your precious 360 games are more guilty than anybody else. Think before you act like a tool pal.

How about you play the game first before having MS herd you like the mindless sheep that you are.
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thesummerofgeorge  +   2711d ago
You're judging among other things, graphics... from a second hand source video? Until you have the game on a high definition television, there's no way in hell you can judge the graphics, much less anything else. Not that that would make a difference to you anyway, you're a flaming fanboy. By the way, this game is more next gen than anything to date. This game would never have been remotely possible last gen and that's a fact. Wait let me guess, they could have, they just didn't want to.
BattleAxe  +   2711d ago
If they are giving the game a score like this, then you have to wonder if they even played it. Absolutely ridiculous.

@POG, yeah and HALO has a truly next gen battle system..........give me a break.
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Whoooop  +   2712d ago
You can expect Meta to add this quick...
Breakfast  +   2712d ago
We need that one yellow bar


How can i submit this to them?
LordXenu  +   2712d ago
you cant do that
cause this site is not listed at meta
darkpower  +   2712d ago
And even if it was...
...that's kind of a cheap shot, Breakfast. Submitting a lackluster review (that, by the way, got some things wrong...there's no 45 minute cutscene in the game unless you want to count the ending, and again, why the omitting of the Solid Eye or the Mk. 2) just so the game can get a color lower and satisfy your fanboy wants is nothing more than doing that "kneecapping" that this site said others were doing to get notice.

Again, I wonder why you want others to hate this game so bad that you must justify a cheap shot to do so (and if it was meant as a joke, it wasn't funny in the slightest).
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Millah  +   2711d ago
Amen Darkpower. Bubble for you.

Hey Breakfast, you are a clown, a pure example of what is wrong with gaming. You are not a gamer, and don't disgrace the real gamers on this site with you're pathetic responses.

Play video games for the enjoyment of gaming, quit worrying about what system the games are on. Just leave it be, if you dislike a game, leave it at that, don't be an immature douche and make your sole purpose in life bringing down a game you dislike or a game that you can't own because of your blind faith in a video game console.
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yanikins111  +   2711d ago

some of us knew it was a joke breakfast.
darkpower  +   2711d ago
@2.5: Knowing Breakfast's track record on this site...
...that WASN'T that clear cut that it was a joke (again, you're assuming it was to begin with. Knowing his record on this site, he could be VERY serious at doing something like that). You can't guarantee us that he WAS joking about kneecapping the game like that. How do you know that he IS?

And, like I said, if it WAS a joke, it wasn't funny.
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yanikins111  +   2711d ago
mistertwoturbo  +   2711d ago
Breakfast is one of those "Oh I love all games, and i'm no fanboy" Says things like "Get out of here troll" or always pretends to be non-biased. But deep down in his pathetic little soul, he's hurting bit by bit.
Silogon  +   2712d ago
"not appraising games for the sake of peer conformity;"

I guess they don't realise by going in the complete opposite direction they are conforming to a certain demograph themselves. See how that works?

Stupid jerk spurts! I hate when review sites toss out their opinions as fact but what I hate even more is when review sites are abstinent for the sake of being so. This review has so much venom towards other reviews it's almost as if the bias here is against the ones who gave mgs4 good reviews.

Strange days.
darkpower  +   2711d ago
How in the HELL did YOU get subtracted to only one bubble when you put up some good stuff like THAT.

I'm giving you a bubble for that one and am also encouraging others to do the same, because you just hit the nail on the f'n HEAD there.

With your permission, let me repost what you said just in case someone with filters decides to not care to show your comment:

***"not appraising games for the sake of peer conformity;"

I guess they don't realise by going in the complete opposite direction they are conforming to a certain demograph themselves. See how that works?

Stupid jerk spurts! I hate when review sites toss out their opinions as fact but what I hate even more is when review sites are abstinent for the sake of being so. This review has so much venom towards other reviews it's almost as if the bias here is against the ones who gave mgs4 good reviews.

Strange days.***

EDIT: Even if I disagree with some of your comments that you've made on other stories (I've looked through some of them), you seem to be fair. At least fairer than the likes of Buffa or this poor excuse for a review.
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meepmoopmeep  +   2711d ago
i gave him a bubble. i agree with his statement.
mistertwoturbo  +   2711d ago
I also gave him a bubble cause what he says is true.
mikeslemonade  +   2712d ago
BOYCOTT!!!!! Not that anyone visited this site anyway...
Condoleezza Rice  +   2712d ago
Hey everyone
I need your help.I am a desperate Website that has absolutely zero impact in the video game industry,in order to be able to pay my Internet bills and maintain my existence,I need to get Corporations and Marketing Firms interested in investing in me.But without people visiting me,I will never evolve into a blip on the Video Game Website Radar.

So I have to find a way to generate interest among gamers,I have to stand out somehow...I...I will have to give Metal Gear Solid 4,the greatest game since Ocarina of Time...I will have to give it a 79/100.

Whilst I will never have Credibility amongst gamers from here on out,I will have gained enough hits,so I will be able to pay my Internet Bills.
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littletad  +   2712d ago
I used to complain about these things
I mean blog reviews and unfamiliar game sites, really have no business here. But debunking them is so much fun, I guess maybe it is a good thing sometimes.
BRACHATTACK  +   2712d ago
i really couldn't give a sh!t about this crappy site, attention seekers! if MGS4 was getting 2's, these fools would give it a 10! it just annoys me that this will lower its score on metacritic, because the game deserves so much better.
wizerd  +   2712d ago
lol this douche was upset about the cutscenes as you can see from the end of the review he said "we deserve so much more and more gameplay" lol what he want just like a 1 min cutscene Otacon contacts snake "hey snake your dieing o and by the way kill your brother the end" lol idiots want lots of gameplay but not any cutscenes to explain this huge story
thewhoopimen  +   2712d ago
I agree. Even without cutscenes theres a good 10-12 hours of gameplay easily... which is slightly higher than the industry average this console generation. So what is he complaining about?
meepmoopmeep  +   2712d ago
"In short, videogame reviewers should be reviewing for all gamers, providing unbiased evaluations based solely on what is put before them while striving to avoid the often weighted influence of popular opinion. Which leaves this particular reviewer somewhat aghast at the current flood of rampant praise that is being heaped at the feet of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. "

lol, he waited all this time for MGS4 to say that? wonder what his view is on the reviewers throwing 10's to other games. No mention at all.

maybe they shouldn't do a review but write a blog and list all the 10 scoring games and use this logic to trash them all instead.
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PMantix  +   2712d ago
They gave this one percent less than the lowest score just so they can have shock factor.

How pathetic.
PirateThom  +   2712d ago
Who are these trolls?
LaChance  +   2712d ago
gamers who didnt like the game
like anybody else with a ps3 who didnt get this game and not planning to get it.

watch the disagrees roll in ...

@topshelfcase : Anyway I dont have a PS3 , but if I did I would get the game.Yeah , some people find it weird (story and stuff etc) , but it depends on personal tastes.
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Topshelfcheese  +   2712d ago
Umm...the majority if PS3 owners didn't buy the game, and a majority of them never will, so no one really cares that you didn't. I personally don't think I would of liked the game that much had I not understood the story and played all the previous games.

@disagree...Name me one game that's been sold to the majority of a consoles user base and I will erase my comment above.
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-Maverick-  +   2712d ago
Well...sadly you will be missing without a doubt one of the greatest games ever conceived and made... and a game ABSOLUTELY superior to anything on the XBox 360.

A shame. :''(

I feel sorry for these people.

But I feel happy for all the people that bought PS3's and MGS4 this month!!! And their were ALOT!!! The bundle is sold out at every retailer all over the world.


biggamerhk  +   2712d ago
wtf is up with this review?? wtf has anyone even heard of these guys? WTF
iAmPS3  +   2711d ago
And they gave Army of Two 80%... LOL, attention whores.
CViper  +   2712d ago
serious LOL.. in the face of the 50+ 100% reviews..

nice try though.
Topshelfcheese  +   2712d ago
"In short, videogame reviewers should be reviewing for all gamers, providing unbiased evaluations based solely on what is put before them while striving to avoid the often weighted influence of popular opinion."

Well if this was the case, than no hardcore game should ever get over a 7/10 due to the fact that the largest majority of gamers are casual. Oh and who wants to bet this guy would of gave halo 3 an 11/10.
Breakfast  +   2712d ago
He knew 11/10 was against the rules...so he chose not to review it, because he couldnt give the game, a score it deserved.

Nitrowolf2  +   2712d ago
never ever heard of this site
but with this review i thsi site has failed
Whoooop  +   2712d ago
A 75% would've been more creditable... a 79??? It's way too obvious.

name  +   2712d ago

PSX extreme wrote an article about these kind of people already.
Pp p  +   2711d ago
About time someones given a proper review
Telmarine  +   2711d ago
PP why can't you just play both systems instead of bashing one in favor of the other?
juuken  +   2711d ago
You should be banned from the internet.
Guys, don't pay attention to this idiot.
LordXenu  +   2711d ago
@PP MGS4 averages at 95% on meta . Too bad none of your x360 game would ever get that
mgs4 got 10/10 from IGn and Gamespot - world's biggest gaming websites

i dont think any of your x360 game would ever get that
Surfman  +   2711d ago
get out of N4G loser. It's getting annoying.
Mr Fancy Pants  +   2711d ago
yeah the first score below 8 and that's proper. this is the first and only bad score vs what? 60 straights 10/10's

IGN, Gameapot, Gamepro 10 out of ten or the 79% monstersandcritics.com gave it, who is more rigth? mmmmm
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PoSTedUP  +   2711d ago
is there something wrong here?
Is it just me or do they stand out like a white kid in HARLEM? hahahahaha fu*kin phony ass website.
InMyOpinion  +   2711d ago
The world would be a great place if everyone had the same opinion about everything.
PoSTedUP  +   2711d ago
honestly mgs4 isnt so much of an opinion, it gets all those 10's because it does everything better than any game out so far. so its like a fact that mgs4 is a better game than another in most aspects. take this one review for instance, the reviewer never played a mgs game in his life, isnt into the game type like stealth and dosnt really like 3 person shooters. but he gave the game a 9.7? how is that? could it be that good?
#18.2 (Edited 2711d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
The Lazy One  +   2711d ago
That's bull
It isn't a better shooter than most shooters. It isn't the best stealth game. It has a good story, but not the best story ever. It has decent art, but that's not even near the best art in a game this gen (bioshock and uncharted blew it out of the water tbh).
LastDance  +   2711d ago
The lazy one - those games dont even go NEAR MGS4. MGS4 is so far above all other games ive played its ridiculuos...

I like uncharted...but you can do 2 things in it....shoot or jump. and the shooting is ALWAYS the same...it looks gorgeous but its so plain compared to MGS4.
Jack Bauer  +   2711d ago
im not clicking the link...im not giving them any hits... 79 is just asking for attention...
Pp p  +   2711d ago
Now lets wait and see how many ps3 fan boys criticize this review because its not a perfect score
-Maverick-  +   2711d ago
wHO CARES DUMMY?? This is already been declared one of the freatest games ever made by all sites. DURRRRRRRRRRR

You think this lttle no name site is goign to change that?

Try harder little pp.
Filanime03  +   2711d ago
LMAO they give assasins creed 94 % and army of two are better than MSG4 which they got 80% rating this website is a joke haha.
Skerj  +   2711d ago
Lawls, who? Dude, the only reason people are getting balls and "morals" to go against the general "review populace" is because this is a PS3 exclusive. If it had been a multiplat or 360 game no one would be saying crap to "make a stand".

It's funny, but I've already gotten used to it. Like Chris Buffa slagging the game when he obviously didn't finish the first act before doing so. In the end, haters will still hate but that's their loss.
darkpower  +   2711d ago
It's also sad...
...that they are getting exposed with reviewing this game without detailing all the facts about the game or spewing falsehoods about the game that anyone that has actually PLAYED the game could tell you are only strawmen (saying that it wasn't your cup of tea is one thing, but omitting several key gameplay elements that might've influenced the score if you were to bring them up in the review and saying that something is in the game that isn't at all is another thing altogether. It's not the score, but what they say to try to justify that score).

And the sadder thing is: They seem to not give a CRAP if they ARE exposed as having an agenda on this one, by their own hand, nonetheless. Chris Buffa is exposing himself big time, and he seemly does not give one ounce of DAMN if he does it (he seems to be proud of declaring his bias, even).
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The Wood  +   2711d ago
bubbles for you both
i still dont trust most of these review sites. Its like their here to influence the weak or something and sway the masses. I've had to accept that the gaming media like many other things has corruption within its very structure. Reviews are becoming nothing more than fanboy fodder. Leave reviews scoreless and we may inject some back integrity into our hobby's media. 'Too much variety' remember that crap, please. They are trying to become more powerful than the people they are here to serve. We need to take our hobby back cause they are trying to ruin it and make us all like the same thing. Im not saying eradicate all reviewers or reviews its just that they should have to answer to us because some of them are corrupt and need to be exposed..........*exhale*..... mgs sure is a good though
Pp p  +   2711d ago
I have played the game and its not worthy of a 10/10 because half of the time your watching instead of playing also if there was no cut scenes in the game it would last 6 hrs of game play
Ali_The_Brit  +   2711d ago
it took me 23 hours 48 minutes and 12 seconds (according to the screen after id completed) to finish the whole game, not no more than 2 and a half hours of that could have been cutscenes, so we got roughly

20-21 hours of gameplay
1-2 hours of amazing cutscenes

Why must you constantly make a fool of yourself?
Surfman  +   2711d ago
you have'nt play
LordXenu  +   2711d ago
you dont own a PS3 and yu never played the game
biggamerhk  +   2711d ago
That, my sir, is what you call an opinion :)
snakeater3  +   2711d ago
let me clarify some things...Ppp never played mgs4 coz his mummy only bought him the core 360...thats all you re getting buddy. stop bashing games coz u cant play them (i only own a ps3 and i cant play bioshock but i acknowledge its a great game). you re a disgrace to the majority of 360 owners.
@ ali the brit....i finished the game in 24 hrs but 8 of those are cutscenes.
Britjadg  +   2711d ago
before you knock PP and the guy is a douche... he does actually make a good point, as indeed does the article.

there are a total of 8 hours of cutscenes and ten-fifteen hours gameplay for the first time user. as soon as you're done though experience takes you through the next run and the next and the next.

i'm on my fifth run at the moment: am trying to get ahold of oll the various unlockables, and one of the requirements is completing MGS4 in 5 1/2 hours. tricky and i'm not sure i'll manage it this time round(you do have to skip all cutscenes as they count towards time, GHEY!!!) but it is doable.

on article: the reviewers big issue is the length and number of cutscenes, he actually enjoys the game, the visuals etc but thinks rather ironically that kojima has messed up with the CGI. now i disagree with him, but then i'm a long term MGS fan. god knows what some1 knew to the game thinks.
#23.6 (Edited 2711d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Atomic  +   2711d ago
....and this is why reviewing games is not a real job.
juuken  +   2711d ago
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa t?!
They have GOT to be kidding me.
...*shrugs and continues playing game*
DigitalEnemy  +   2711d ago
Just for publicity....
Never heard of this website and after that "review" never will hit the site. Its obvious they are doing it for publicity. We all know that MSG4 is going down in history as a truly epic and cinematic masterpiece, that is in the same bracket of iconic games like Ocarina Of Time and Halflife2.
Sangria  +   2711d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns Of The Patriots is that kind of games where the quality is undeniable. Okami or Zelda : Ocarina of Time are also that kind of games.

Reviewers does not give MGS4 a 10/10 because they are afraid of being bitten by a fanboy in the street but because once you played it, you know you have a masterpiece.

>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>
There's no other game that can make you laugh so much manipulating Metal Gear Rex, make you cry when Otacon explains Sunny that Snake is dead, make you dubious about Naomi Hunter's real intentions, that can remind you so much memories in Shadow Moses, with such combat choreography like Raiden vs Vamp, etc....
<<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<<

MGS4 is more than a video game, it's an incredible and unique experience. Yes, we can not loving it, but its quality is clearly undeniable. There is no need to be a fanatic to admit it.
#27 (Edited 2711d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PoSTedUP  +   2711d ago
very well said. this is every thing a game should be. no game has touched me like mgs4 has. *turns on ps3* . 'bubbles' and god bless. : )
Mutley416  +   2711d ago
79% That`s a C+!!!! Good enough to be the Next President!!! LMAO!!!

Let me Guess Nascar 08 is a 89%? I`d love to see some of there other reviews but I would`nt waste my time on that brain dead website-
Atomic  +   2711d ago
i think N4G should ban reviews alltogether and stick with previews ,because:
previews : objective
reviews : subjective
#29 (Edited 2711d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheExecutive  +   2711d ago
lol this review is funny this guy acts like he is somehow unbiased. Sorry buddy but your opinion is just that, an opinion. A 79% is absolutely 100% bullsh*t. This crappy review doesnt change the fact that this may be the best game in the last decade.
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