The Citizen Review's Metal Gear Solid 4

By David Wilcox

"Gorgeously next-generation graphics and a score of epic scale - highlighted by Snake's poignant stringed theme - polish off the overall package of "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots." "Metal Gear Online" extends the game's endurance with its robust shooting play. As arguably the first major exclusive title for the PlayStation 3, "Patriots" provides the mightiest of anchors and should weigh heavily on the minds of any prospective system buyers. Kojima's brilliant design and direction ensures that Solid Snake doesn't merely sneak into video game history, he passes on with all the glory befitting his iconic place in that history. His exit is the one change in "Patriots" players may not be quick to embrace."

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Euphrate3595d ago

You do not have a Soul.

I understand, everyone's rights to love or hate a game.

But, this game deserves even higher then a 10.

But, you must have played all of it, to understand what I mean. :(

Mc Fadge3595d ago

I love the game, but nothing deserves a 10. I'll comment on the categories were it doesn't deserve a 10, and state why. Disagrees are probably unavoidable, but please think first :/

Bare in mind, 10 = perfect

Graphics: Some blurry textures and it could have used AA

Sound: Repeated enemy and boss noises

Gameplay: Sometimes the controls felt clunky (triangle actions and notably the fighting system at the end)

Story: Very good, can't really state any flaws except maybe confusing for new players to the franchise

So yes, amazing, but not perfect :3

meepmoopmeep3595d ago


i agree, i use to think any game shouldn't get 10/10, but we have to change our mindsets and follow suit with the current review system. 10 doesn't mean a "perfect" game anymore. I don't know how this whole 10/10 epidemic came about but it's a sad reality and we have to learn to understand it doesn't mean "perfect"

Torch3595d ago

You couldn't be more right by insinuating that there's no such thing as "perfect", but I think meepmoopmeep summed it best.

If we're to compare apples-to-apples - in an industry where a great-but-glitchy-as-Hell game like GTA4 can receive an onslaught of perfect scores...not to mention a handful of other questionable titles I'd rather remain nameless - then Metal Gear Solid, with it's unprecedented quality - equally deserves tens by any stretch of the imagination.

Again, I'm strictly talking apples-to-apples. In the real world, NOTHING deserves a perfect score, as anything which may be perceived as a quality characteristic can easily be perceived as a flaw simply by means of one's perspective.

But game reviews are obviously not the real world. And until the industry remedies this flawed and questionable review system, Metal Gear Solid shall rightfully be deemed a perfect ten by the masses.

highdro3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

i did not play mgs3 but i played the mgs1 and mgs2, .... this game is an epic ending, while playing this game i had flash back of my child hood because i can rember me beign like 8-12 years old playing mgs1 on ps1 in my neighboors house, i know that is a young age to play a mgs game but his big brother had the game and when we went into his room and saw that cd we did not know what it was until we put it in, and i will never regret that moment =D if only i still had my ps1 so i can play the game again just to see the low pixels on snakes

Silogon3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

No game is perfect. No movie is perfect and only Dave Genn w/ Matthew good make perfection in music.

Truth is, Shadow of the colossus was/is probably my favorite game ever but it isn't perfect. I'd give it a 9.5. I say this because you really want more after it was all said and done and then you see the cut Colossi and you think, man that would've been better than the Buffalo one. You know? So even SOTC isn't perfect.

MGS4 is far from perfect, the graphics are good, but not great. I like a great deal of the way it looks but flat textures and lack of bump mapping does hurt it when comparing it to Uncharted or Gears of War.

Add to this it was very short Gameplay wise. MGS4 might be the perfect metal gear but game it is not.

Shadow of the colossus
Legend of Zelda
Super Mario bros
Suikoden 2
R&C going commando

are all more fun to me than MGS4 and all score higher than MGS4 to me.

LTC3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Graphics are good but not great?
You must be playing in standard def. I have a 1080p tv and the graphics are the best Ive seen so far. Also comparing it To Geow is an insult it cant touch MGS4. I dont think u have played this game and I dont think you have a PS3.

Surfman3595d ago

Cmon dude, go somewhere else to say your craps, we dont want them here. If MGS4 is crap, what is Halo? MGS4 is a master piece and you know you want to play but you can't afford a PS3. Loser.

PoSTedUP3595d ago

yo ken the man SOn!

Mr Fancy Pants3594d ago

MGS4 it's crap but you're proud of Forza 3? lol pathetic.

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wizerd3595d ago

@ pp

so i see you now realized you should of bought a ps3 by your comment because obviously you mean one word crap i should have bought a ps3 for this epic game.

meepmoopmeep3595d ago

he pp'd in his pants when he realized it.

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