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TheStar Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Written by Darren Zenko

"Two works of art in one: a great action game and a bizarre masterpiece of a movie, separate works taking turns in creating a unique hybrid experience. It works because neither is subordinate to the other: the movie isn't a half-assed attempt to tack a narrative onto the game, and the game isn't a half-assed stab at making the movie "interactive." It's not "like playing a movie"... it's like playing Metal Gear Solid, and there's nothing else like it." (Industry, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 4/4

Credit url: thestar.com
techie  +   2225d ago
Wow. 4. That must be MGS4's lowest score...

Elvfam511  +   2224d ago
yeah probably lol Man this game deserves a good review game is really and truly amazing love every moment now to play on big boss extreme
Slayer OP  +   2224d ago
Move the average score up to 9.7
The END  +   2224d ago
Sounds like...
I am missing one great movie and approx 10 hours of gameplay....

I hear this alot, "gameplay took me 30 something hours to finish" but they have a trophy for playing it in less than 5 hours?? Maybe that game isn't that big or people play VERY slowly??

Just curious, hear this way too much lately??
Condoleezza Rice  +   2224d ago
Why is the score still at 95???It has to be at the 97 mark by now.

*Remembers Metacritic is a part of CNET Networks*..........hM...
Whoooop  +   2224d ago
Ahhh Sh*t
Another perfect score...
snakeater3  +   2224d ago
you can speed through the game in less than 5 hours ....just as you could have a quickie with the girlfriend....but wheres the fun in that ? mgs is a game you need to take your time with and savour each detail, each nuance and every bit of love that went into making this epic experience (calling mgs a 'game' on par with other games is a disservice and an insult) nuff said
The END  +   2224d ago
i really don't want to have sex with the game.... seems a little strange as is your obsession with this GAME...

nuff said here too
BRACHATTACK  +   2224d ago
why rate a game out of 4? seriously.

This game kicks ass though in every department, such a shame a couple of the big reviewers were'nt as impressed, or it would be the highest scoring game on metacritic
Shortstop  +   2224d ago
Well for one, it's a newspaper... and newspapers rarely review games; they review movies and give scores out of 4 stars. It doesn't really matter though, because 100% is 100%.
ViRaL-  +   2224d ago
The Sun and The Star
The Sun and The Star have reviewed it....
Now its time for the rest of the solar system.

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