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Symbiote Studios Review: Metal Gear Solid 4

Symbiote Studios - "I'm not going to hail MGS4 as the greatest game in history because it isn't, Metal Gear Solid 4 is best enjoyed with a in depth knowledge of the series, but you already knew that. Still that shouldn't put you off one of the most truly cinematic and great story driven games ever to grace this generation let alone videogames all together." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) -

yanikins111  +   2629d ago
"I'm not going to hail MGS4 as the greatest game in history because it isn't"

Errr..... Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Except you.


BTW, i realise how sad it is that im totally sloshed and on N4G posting in every thread, but everyone has gone home, and im pished off my nut. Its a good thing.
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Silogon  +   2629d ago
Man somebody I only hope our youth grows up to be as cool as you. You need no smoke to make you look boss, cause you are the boss!
Agent VX  +   2629d ago
Opppps, here we go again.... The "Dude" don't think MGS 4 is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the goofy fanboys start to crawl out of their parents basement and have a tantrum.

Get over it, MGS 4 isn't the best game ever, nor will ever be the best game ever. Gameplay to pretty tight, but short. The online is pretty good, depending on your tastes.

It really seems to me that only die hard fanboy MGS fans are praising this title, for the more mainstream, the gameplay is decent but short, and the story quite boring and annoying.
LJWooly  +   2629d ago
I'm drunk about half the time, but I can still type okay, which makes me awesome.

No, I'm not drunk right now, it's the middle of the day over here.

And Agent, what the hell are you talking about? You're making yourself sound like such an idiot, one (drunk) person just said "everyone's entitled to an opinion... except you". Is that really enough reason to cause a stupid little willy-waving fight? I think not.
If you hate the game so much as to keep causing fights for little reason on everything MGS4-related, please keep it to yourself, N4G would be a better place if fanboys ike you learnt to keep their damn mouths shut.
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juuken  +   2629d ago
Agent, I'm a semi-new fan to the series and even I think this game is quite possibly the best game ever made. I'm going to assume right now that you haven't played the game because if you did, you would speak with more common sense than that.
mistertwoturbo  +   2629d ago
Agent VX, it's not like you can play the game anyway. And if you have half a brain to understand the story, it wouldn't be "boring." Stick to your mindless drone run and gun games then like Halo 3.
meepmoopmeep  +   2629d ago
Agent, he was only joking.
Agent VX  +   2629d ago
mistertwoturbo - "Agent VX, it's not like you can play the game anyway. And if you have half a brain to understand the story, it wouldn't be "boring." Stick to your mindless drone run and gun games then like Halo 3."

No thanks, I rather play GTA 4, NHL 08 or COD 4 on the consoles. All multiplats thank you very much!

And I do prefer games such as Rome or Medieval II Total war, Civ 4 or Company of Hero's, hardly mindless drone run and gun games like Halo 3 or slow paced linear games like MGS 4. These are my favorite types of games, and games played best on the PC.

Sorry to burst your bubble, MGS 4 is a very good game for an linear stealth action game, but these games are very slow and fairly boring. The cutsceens in MGS 4 take away from the action, they just are way to long and incompass too much of the game. By far, the people who enjoy is game the greatest are the die hard fans. This isn't, nor will ever be a major mainstream title. (Not that I think that is bad.)

Not being a huge MGS fan, this title doesn't nothing to get me into the series that the other title didn't do already. As I mentioned before, I'm on act 4, and I am having a hard time getting back into it, I have already started a new campaign on Medieval II.
LJWooly  +   2629d ago
I'm getting the feeling people don't even know what the hell MGS4 is. First, we get tons of people crying "it's not stealth, it's a shooting game" in an effort to downplay the game, and then we get people calling it a "linear stealth action game". Make your minds up.
I ask you, apart from the Thief series, what stealth game is there less linear than Metal Gear Solid? Splinter Cell, the third best stealth action series out there, was far more linear than the MGS series.

Oh, and I also feel the need to point out a severely ironic point in your comment. You complained about MGS4's linearity, yet you love COD4, the outright most heavily-scripted game in the history of mankind. In the level "the Bog", you can stand next to your tank forever killing enemies, and the tank won't be destroyed, but the second you move away and run around the enemy in a fashion the game didn't want you to, the tank gets destroyed. If you play the game exactly how the developer wanted you to, you'll be fine, but I hate that. I want freedom, freedom to make my own choices and decisions in games, not follow a preset route in what is one of the most repetitive games I've played in a while. In my opinion, that is far worse than sitting through cutscenes or story narrations.
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boodybandit  +   2629d ago
@Agent VX with your comment:
**This isn't, nor will ever be a major mainstream title.**

Could you please define what you consider to be a mainstream then since I am totally baffled that you feel MGS isn't. The MGS series has sold millions of copies and systems over the years. Now a game that sells millions and is a proven system seller AKA a AAA title is considered not to be a mainstream title?

Here I always thought the definition of mainstream was a game like MGS. By what I am assuming your definition of mainstream I guess only solitaire would qualify?

I purchased MGS4 and I despise slow action stealth games. The reason I picked it up is because of how HK changed the gameplay to appeal to players like me. If anything he made the game more mainstream in design if I am understanding your definition of mainstream even a little bit.

I have never played a game as well put together as MGS4. It has a feel to it unlike anything I have ever played before. IMHO not only does it define mainstream but it also defines a complete Epic experience. IMO this is the best title I have played this generation and I have played most of what gamers and reviewers consider to be the top titles of this generation.

Up until MGS4 my favorite "exclusive" games this gen were Uncharted and Bioshock (exclusive at the time I played it).
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Obama  +   2628d ago
Don't worry about agent. He is just pissed that the game scored higher than halo3 and that it won't be comming to his firebox.
-Maverick-  +   2628d ago
Sorry but IGN and everyone else in the industry has already declared MGS4...one of the greatest games ever. One useless opinion really doesn't matter.
yanikins111  +   2628d ago
Aww some one tell me what blade said. His posts always crack me up. Mods should leave him alone.

Agent..... LIGHTEN UP!
yanikins111  +   2628d ago
"I'm on act 4, and I am having a hard time getting back into it"

Aww look at the little baby. Wheres your marmy? (name the tv show)

Dude you dont have to get sh***y because you cant figure out how to beat vamp. Just ask for help.
LJWooly  +   2628d ago
Blade was telling you to go die (jokingly, of course). You can have a bubble yankins, you drunken fool :D
Fruit Loops  +   2628d ago
@ Agent VX...
You know you can skip the cutscenes, if you don't like the story.
OR if the story is too hard to understand for you :]
meepmoopmeep  +   2629d ago
"Still that shouldn't put you off one of the most truly cinematic and great story driven games ever to grace this generation let alone videogames all together."

looks like my nanomachines weren't working 100%... but that will do, no need to inject the author with FoxDie.

at least my propaganda machine is working 99% of the time :D
LJWooly  +   2629d ago
You do indeed have a reliable propaganda machine, to say the least.
meepmoopmeep  +   2629d ago
that's because it's powered by The Cell ;P
LJWooly  +   2629d ago
Haha, bubble :D
Pp p  +   2629d ago
One word CRAP
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2629d ago
Three words(again)...
YES YOU ARE!!! ;-D (Again)
sleepyk  +   2628d ago
5 words
Ppp is full of s##t
Rapture333  +   2629d ago
If MGS4 isnt the greatest game in history then what is? If this same guy gave probably Halo 3 a 10/10
thewhoopimen  +   2629d ago
I think its interesting
I think its interesting how so many "unknown" or "outside" publications are coming out to give this game a rating. MGS4 really is capturing the public's imagination and gamer lust.

And yes this game to me beat's the S*** out of any game i've played this console gen.
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nycredude  +   2628d ago
Seriously, If MGS4 doesn't interest you and it's not your type of game then what are you doing in a MGS4 thread bashing it and the people who are defending it? Sounds like you are the same hater and fanboy you are bashing.

Why don't you go to a GTA4 thread and post over there? Oh, I know because that game is boring as sh*t and no one is playing it anymore!

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