Pokemon ORAS supposed huge insider leak reveals tons of information

According to a significant insider leak by Reddit user and supposed Nintendo employee, Throwaway7315517, a swath of new information regarding upcoming game, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (ORAS), has been revealed.

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Abash1525d ago

The Pokemon leaks almost never turn out to be true

DesertFoxJr1525d ago

That may be true, but this one at least has some semblance of credibility.

tigertron1525d ago

I hope we get character customisation like in X/Y. I don't like Brandon's hat.

Summons751525d ago

The only leak I would be excited for is an update to the Pokemon Bank allowing mega stones to be the only item allowed in... Can't wait for all these new megas that I won't be able to send to x&y without another ststem

LookAtYou1525d ago

Its not hard to predict/ leak a pokemon game as they rarely have any noteworthy changes. Release an open world console version and get level 5 the creators of ni no kuni to do the game. It boggles my mind why Nintendo doesn't cash in big time and also give pokemon fans what they've been waiting for.

jackanderson19851525d ago

Because it sells the handholds consistently year on year. Why change a winning method? Handhold sales are generally better than consoles and handheld are cheaper to make so it means more profit per hardware sold