Shadow of Mordor Captain and Warchief Tips & Tricks

These Shadow of Mordor Tips and Tricks talk about Captain and Warchief Weaknesses and how to exploit them. Become an unstoppable Ranger.

While the combat is incredibly smooth and easy to pull off, it still also feels challenging. Halfway through the skill tree, with abilities from both Tier 2 and 3, you will be a complete badass. With every single ability in the tree, you will became unstoppable, literally.

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George Sears1620d ago

I've collected so many epic runes. Funny that today I was trying to eliminate all the crappy low level captains and I killed a lvl 5 with a one shot bow (as was his weakness) and I got with him probably my best Epic bow rune of all. 50% Focus cost reduction. It feels like it takes forever for it to drain now.

Gotta catch em' all!

Germ_the_Nobody1620d ago

lol That is a really good rune. Can't believe you got it from a level 5 dude but that's the luck of the draw. =)

Eldyraen1620d ago

I got that one early too--have used it ever since ;)

MultiConsoleGamer1620d ago

Very helpful. I am loving this game!

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Audiggity1620d ago

Sweet. Yeah, love this game... I didn't think I was going to put Forza down... but Mordor keeps drawing me back in!

The craziest part is how much time flies by when you are playing it... I'll sit down at 11 pm and before I know it, it's 2 am and I wish I had another 3 hours to spend with it!

Can't wait for more.