10.0 Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

"MGS4 serves as one of the first genuine examples of the superior horsepower Sony's machine has over Microsoft's rival Xbox 360."

Visually there's little else out there right now to rival MGS4, although there are some ridiculously indulgent feature-length cut scenes. This aside, it's an unforgettable experience that no self-respecting PS3 owner should be without.

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niall773466d ago

that part wont go down well

clintos593466d ago

But to me he didnt have to bring that up in his review, because all that really matters is that this game is just freakin awesome and more. Check out these 3 images, MGS4 looks beautiful and stunning.

Spoiler images for those who havent played the game yet, warning, *3 Spoiler Images"

sonarus3466d ago


He was there to comment about how MGS4 apparently wasn't as great because of eurogamer review. Brilliantly side stepping all the 10's littered all over the floor. He was there screaming bland color schemes and how the graphics aren't that great.

Sigh...i need to gloat:D

Veryangryxbot3466d ago

He is allowed to say that because its not a lie.

PS3 hardware really is > 360 hardware.
Thats reality. People just gotta live with it because no amount of denial will ever change reality. PS3 games are only going to look better, better, vastly better and more superior.

Better to accept reality now than get a frikkin culture shock 2 years from now. Saves you from a lot of troubles and headaches.

Mr_Showtime13466d ago

Enough with the MGS4 reviews already, we get the point the game is f*cking awesome, but we dont need reviews from blogs and newspapers and websites that have no real knowledge on games!

crck3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Its good to get a review once in a while from a fresh perspective. Someone who isn't "in" the industry following the development of the game and watching every trailer that was released for the last few years. They are professional writers so they can at the very least clearly express their opinions. I agree with you about blogs though because most of them are poorly written.

digger183466d ago

These sort of reviews are sometimes the best ones. Gaming websites and Magazine reviews can be a bit too biased sometimes to give a true picture.

clintos593466d ago

Well guess ill add them tomorrow. And for anyone who wants to know how many perfect scores MGS4 has so far. 67 perfect scores. And out of 121 reviews so far I have read, 111 of the reviews are AAA or AAAA reviews and the other 10 are between 8.0 to 8.9 scores. This is how u know this game lived up to its hype and those reviews who gave it an 8 obviously had to be people who werent really fans of the game or were biased against the game since it was a ps3 exclusive. My proof, is check all those sites that gave MGS4 an 8 and then go check those same sites with there halo 3 review. Anyways im off to bed but enjoy the mgs4 reviews because this is the best next gen game I have played thus far. :)

highdro3466d ago

y would it not go down well >>> every one knows that it is the truth, y do u think multiplat dev have problems making ps3 games but when one of sony first party studio brings out an exlusive game u see graphics that re cutting edge... i tought i could not see any thing that looked better than uncharnted till mgs4 came out and now i can only imagine how GOD OF WAR 3 will look like.

Slayer OP3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

its been that way for 2 days even though there have been 7 or 8 100% scores.

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The story is too old to be commented.