Cliff Bleszinski: GOW2 Kicks Sh*t Out Of PC Gears.

Many are arguing over Gears Of War 2's graphical prowess. Just how good are those visuals? Will the sequel be able to stack up against the might of Killzone 2 and Resistance 2? Well, I don't know the answer to those specific questions, but in a recent Q&A session with EGM, game producer Cliff Blezinski gave a few hints of what's in store. Cliffy B pulled no punches about the sequel's graphical calibre and boasts that there are things in Gears Of War 2 that will make the levels in the PC version of Gears 1 look like a day at the beach! Quotes after the break.

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Says you3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

You can actually maximize the graphics in anyway you want

Cliff Bleszinski=Fail when it comes to PC

I can get a 9800 GT X Ultra that would out do Gears of War 2

Montrealien3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

So you mean to tell me Gears of war 2 on a console that has tech nearing 3 years old can be out performed by one of the best graphic cards available today? Frankly I am shocked!
*rolls eyes*

Let the man do his PR, when this game comes out it will look great and be fun. We'll worry about Gears of war 2 running on a top end PC in 09. This is old also btw, I read this in my EGM a month ago...

Condoleezza Rice3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

But we all know,once GeOW 2 on PC arrives,it will be the superior version;more Dev time+Power=Improved Graphics,eliminated bugs,tweaks,etc

TheMART3556d ago

Depends depends

UT3 on the PC sold somewhere between 40 and 50k world wide. Epic isn't pleased about that at all. Even worse, they already announced the next Unreal Engine 4 will only be made for consoles, no PC support anymore.

You might see that Gears 2 will only appear on the 360, with Epic just forcing customers that want to play it (and foremost those PC gamers that had Gears 1 on their PC) to get a XBOX 360.

Just think about it: it would be perfect marketing. First get those PC owners to love an IP like Gears. Then get the sequel out but not on the PC, just on the 360. Imagine that, more hardware sold and for sure a hit selling copies on the 360.

Thus: I wouldn't wait too much (and especially not a full year before you can play a game. I played Gears at Holidays 2006, you at Holidays 2007 pretty lame).

morganfell3556d ago

It doesn't depend depend worth a damn. PC Gears 2 will look far better than 360 Gears. That is what is being said. That doesn't depend on anything. Does that make the PC version better? I don't think so. I have a great PC with a 9800 1GB GX2 and I prefer my consoles and I have all of them. But I don't come onto a forum to make a ridiculous counterpoint just because it casts the console I worship in a bad light.

If the game were going to be 360 exclusive with no PC version you would have heard about it already. All of us in the Unreal Developer Network were playing selected Gears levels on the PC 6 months before it was even announced. Epic was still saying there were no plans for the PC version and we were already running 95% complete levels.

rbanke3556d ago

I dont disagree with your points, however why would Epic care if people are buying 360's to play GOW2 instead of just buying it on the pc?

It's good for MS, but it doesnt really change much for Epic.

littletad3556d ago

Give me a break. No matter how many times you use the "also on pc" slap, it will still sell better on a console, better graphics or not.

TheMART3556d ago

@ rbanke

Epic cares about it because:

On PC most people are downloading illegally, compared to the number of copies of the same game is sold multiple times of the PC counterpart.

Check UT3, sold 40 to 50k on the PC, I bet the PS3 sold many times that number, although having a much lower installed based compared to the number of PC owners.

Thus: I bet Epic likes the idea much better of Gears 2 selling like hot cakes on the 360, then being copied like hell on the PC. That changes a lot for Epic. It means they earn more money instead of crying over the number of illegal PC downloads

@ Morganfell

Well that isn't strange if Gears 2 would come to PC. Simply because PC hardware keeps upgrading monthly and the console hardware is already almost 3 years old for the 360.

Plus: Gears 1 got a year extra devtime over the 360 version. So that's a no brainer.

Don't know if we should have heard about 360 having Gears 2 exclusive. E3 is still to come you know... A perfect time to announce something like that

Condoleezza Rice3556d ago

Yet I didn't mention anything to do with sales and I'm still going to be getting the 360 version on day 1.

And the PC version will,more than likely,run and look better due to more dev time.

fermcr3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

@TheMART at Xboxkings "UT3 on the PC sold somewhere between 40 and 50k world wide"

In the first 3 days UT3 sold 30k to 40k in America (not counting the rest of the world) and Crysis sold 90k... i remember that news. So you say that from November till now UT3 only sold 10k in the PC's. What about world sales?

How do you know that UT3 sold 50k ? You just made that up.

A few months back, EPIC announced that UT3 sales had readched a million, not specifying console sales or pc sales.

If you go to

The PS3 version sold 500k, so do your math. I guess PC sales are not that bad.

littletad3556d ago

There's no mention of a pc Gears 2 yet.

LaChance3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

no matter how good the PC version (lol , if it ever comes out) you guys will paly it (people on N4G).

So hypocrite.

You guys say PC this , PC that but the PC threads on N4G are as empty as empty can be.

Even Mass effect PC threads were sadly empty.

Speaks for itself.

morganfell3556d ago

When you are wrong, let's all use the Mart defense and just make some crap up. E3 would be a perfect time to announce that Sony has bought EA. See how that sounds? let's just predicate a belief on something we would like to happen. Facts my man, facts.

No one is talking about sales, we are talking about quality. This quality isn't just graphical either. Didn't you and I both play Gears on the 360 and miss combat with a certain enemy? Didn't we miss a level or two?

InMyOpinion3556d ago

Is that Condoleezza Rice trying to downplay yet another 360 title? Naaah! Can't be! lol!

JsonHenry3555d ago

Does anyone else want to beat the sh*t out of this guy every time he pokes his gremlin-like head out to make a dumbass anouncement? I loved Gears of War as much as the next guy (waiting for the PC version of GoW2 though) but for some reason this guy makes me see red.

THAMMER13555d ago

I hope so because if you did not you just another slobbering bottom feeding PS3 troll that we are all getting so used too. (SHAKES HEAD @ OBVIOUS fanboy BS)

Bolts3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I always buy 360 games on the PC, even if I own them already. For one, they look A LOT better, perform better, and even more importantly, play better.

But the number one reason why they're better on the PC is the price. You can buy Gears of War for $15 on ebay, thats not much more than a Live DLC.

Overall if you haven't played Gears of War in true 1080p with 4X AA at 60 FPS then you haven't played Gears of War period. Its as if the console version is missing half of the textures. I'm serious, the 360's version looks totally crippled compared to this.

MADGameR3555d ago

Cliffy B is just trying to hype it up for the 360 version so that it can try to surpass the sales of GsOW1. Then when GsOW2 comes out for PC, it will definately have better graphics, more maps, etc.

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name3556d ago

Epic has a habit of insulting their previously released games for the sake of promoting their new one. Remember when they said PS3 unreal tournament destroys gears of war? And then how the 360 version destroys that? And so on.

DJ3556d ago

Or the screenshots. Epic's just spouting a bunch of BS, as usual.

TheMART3556d ago

Mmhhh I still remember DJ the BJ saying about Gears 1 that it would be a huge dissapointment, no AAA over 90% scoring game.

And Gears 1 becames 2006 GOTY, one of the best games up to date, defeating every PS3 game that came out.

You're a funny guy. You're trying it again? Dude, Epice gave you one of the best PS3 game up to date, UT3 and you're still crying?

Stop it girl. Gears 2 will chainsaw your beloved Resistance 2 in two parts.

LaChance3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Geez , give it a rest.
The Geow 2 trailer clearly looked better than Geow 1 on PC.

poopface13556d ago

you and all the morons who agree with you stupid statement most defiantly dont even have an XBOX360. I watched the gameplay trailer I got from live and it looks alot better than gears 1. gears 1 looks better than most games that come out today.... it doesnt take a moron to put two and two together. But the MAIN thing that I noticed from the trailer was its SMOOTHER than gears one.

Bnet3433556d ago

The game still has 4 months left to go, I am pretty sure that alot of time to improve the graphics.

TheMART3555d ago

@ DJ

Go read back your own comments early 2006 downplaying on Gears of War upcoming for Holidays 2006. Funny you forgot that. I won't be searching up the stupid stuff you made up.

Also remembering that so called 'dev info' you ripped of a forum where several nerds were posting all kind of nonsense you copied to N4G. Funny guy.

crank3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

It'd be great if you committed suicide, you'd save me all the typing mart!


The acting and script in your precious Gears are so trivial, unconvincing, and just plain bad that it makes FF 10 look oscar worthy so shut the **** up about game of the year. Politely, I might add, to avoid banning. We are just talking, I swear.

Seriously, deep down, BAN ME.

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name3556d ago

I actually think gears 2 took a leap from the PC gears 1. It looks good imo.