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COG writes - Inspired by a cheeky ad released by Sony only days before the release of DriveClub to store shelves we can’t help but poke fun a little bit with the header. While it doesn’t quite achieve the Forza killer goal it still has some redeeming qualities making it worthy of playing.

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OculusRift1444d ago

Bait of click article. Skip it

Webbyy1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Skip it folks. nothing to see here. but sucks these guys actually said forza killer though

vongruetz1444d ago

VG24/7 said Forza killer. Sony's just using the quote because it's complimentary.

Majin-vegeta1444d ago

OMFG no they didn;t how the hell can there be so many illiterate people on this site?

Tell does this say Sony or VG24/7?

Nitrowolf21444d ago


They aren't entirely wrong though. Yes the quote is from VG, but you gotta remember that they didn't make the ad, someone at the marketing division did. The quote was hand selected and placed in an Ad that Sony themselves published. Sure, it's not from their mouth, but they were okay with giving the impression of that.

Haven't played the game, waiting on the Plus edition, but from what I hear from other people (and not just the troll looking comments), the game sounds Solid to me. I've be burn on to many reviews in the past where they rate an awesome game a shit score, and a bad game an excellent score. Only when you've played it yourself is when it should matter

darthv721444d ago

so where is VG24/7's review? Are they a news site like N4G or a site that does reviews?

AngelicIceDiamond1444d ago

Can't help but to think this is a troll review. Or definitely a click baity headline.

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KiwiViper851444d ago

VG24/7 said it. But Sony used it in the trailer, along with the Playstation Blue car smashing the Xbox Green car.

UltimateMaster1443d ago

So because it was said that it's a "Forza killer" that gives the right for fanboys to downgrade it's review because they're scared of a little competition?
Had it been Forza saying it's a Gran Turismo killer, does that give the right for a GT fan to give it a 2/10?

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testerg351444d ago

Majin, but Sony used the quote.

izumo_lee1444d ago

Sure Sony used the quote but if someone is complimenting you wouldn't you be proud of that comment.

VG24/7 created the controversy, but being compared to a great game like Forza, why wouldn't Sony use it in their add. I say this 'Forza Killer' stuff is blown out of proportion.

Gunstar751444d ago

How can anyone disagree!?? evolution studios, a Sony first party studio used the quote as another crass jibe at xbox and it has spectacularly backfired.

VoiceMale1444d ago

exactly!!!! they even went as far as to show a car metaphorically (ps4) ramming a green car (XB1) out the way and propelling it off the road....just to amplify the killing quotations they were so badly portraying to the viewers.....hypocrisy at its best to Cry wolf when it slapped them in the face

ger23961444d ago

Why wouldn't they, it was from a site that was really impressed with it. Have you never seen a movie trailer? Alot of them do the same thing.

pompous1444d ago

Not a cross jab at MS, delusional fanboys. All ads have positive things said shown on their ad. For example Destiny- had all those 90+ scores shown on the ad but they were from never heard of sites. Watch the ads shown on tv from various games and they ALL include positive reinforcement from review scores to phrases used by reviewers.

pompous1444d ago

Sorry delusion fanboys this wasn't a cross jab at MS. All game ads have postive things shown in the ad. For example Destiny- had all those 90+ scores shown from never heard of site on their ad. Titanfall had e3 praise which trade show praises are a big lol as nobody played the game from consumer point. Watch the game ads on tv and you'll see everybody uses positive feedback from scores to phrases devs said.

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Silly gameAr1444d ago

You can read the headline and pretty much see what kind of review it's going to be.

CuddlyREDRUM1444d ago

Sony was advertising it as a "Forza killer", maybe just skip the game?

WitWolfy1444d ago

Well it isnt a Forza killer and I think rating it a 65 is acceptable. What a overrated game

Xsilver1444d ago

lemme guess you didn't play it.

ThatOneGuyThere1444d ago

scratching my ass is a forza killer.

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Automatic791444d ago

@ Oculus

The reality is they did mention forza killer and that's why we are getting a lot of click bait articles.

Both games good in there own right I am more in favor of supporting both so that we have more games in the future.

BattleTorn1444d ago

why is it always the Canadian sites that are garbage.. :(

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1444d ago ShowReplies(3)
SuperBlunt1444d ago

How professional.... lol ... just no

Neixus1444d ago


Also, why do people think that Sony said it was a Forza killer? It was that said it actually.

So this site actually just mocks another site's opinion about DriveClub. What a lame site


Sony Promoted and Supported that Statement... that's why.

insomnium21444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


Games used to have slogans and hype like that on the cover all the time a few years back atleast. This is the very first time I have ever heard that someone somehow blames the publisher for what was said in a slogan they put in the cover or in this case ad.

Didn't MS use the infamous "only on xbox" last gen on multiple multiplatform games? Was that ok?

People seem very desperate to get back at Sony for whatever reason. Sony beat MS fair and square, deal with it. It's not like last gen when all kinds of propaganda and lies were used to try and destroy the better console (PS3).

VoiceMale1444d ago

and intentional ram a green car off the road in the trailer...or it was vg247 that made the trailer as well????

let it go, the only thing dead is the hype and the lies and brainwashing these companies are running....time to wake up and formulate your own opinions and stop letting these media sites and fraudulent practices dictate our entertainment worth

Mechanism1444d ago

When a 'journalist' uses "LOL" in his header, you know the job title is a complete sham these days. Something out of the film 'Idiocracy'.

Stupid of Sony to say those words, but to use it in your header is childish and is clear click bait.

I think a games journalist is the most watered down profession going within journalism.. What a joke.

Aceman181444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Sony didn't say it the gaming website VG247 said it. Sony just used it in their marketing video which imo they shouldn't have done.

But be that has it may I played a bit last night before going to sleep and I have to say the game is absolutely beautiful and the few cars I used handled pretty Damn sweet.

For me the cars feel looser than GT, but definitely tighter then NFS.

For me I get the PGR feel, and I loved PGR which was for me the best racers on both Xbox systems. I can't wait to get home today from work to play some more. Stuff the reviewers, stuff the haters I'm loving what I've played so far.


Listen I ain't losing any sleep of this as I'm loving what I've played of it so far why does this quote being used bother so many ppl lol?

Death1444d ago

If Sony used the quote in their advertising they endorsed the statement. Why people are trying to spin this as Sony not saying it is typical. The same people that are trying to dismiss this as a technicality are the same ones that read a hell of a lot more than what Ubi said in regards to Unity.

uth111444d ago

because the quote gets under the skin of Xbox owners so they are out in force trashing DC?

Death1444d ago

I'm pretty sure Xbox fans are enjoying Forza Motorsports 5 since launch and Forzs Horizon 2 which are both excellent games.

The Sony fans that excuse and endorse every thing Sony does and flip flopping their stand on everything almost daily is what gets under the skin of Xbox fans.

In this past week sales became the standard in which quality is determined and 70 became the new 90 as Sony fans moved the grading scale to numerical averages instead of the traditional grade point system where 50 is failing and 70 is average. When Sony has more features it ads value, when Microsoft has more features they don't care about games. Sony paying for exclusive content is looking out for gamers, Microsoft doing it is ruining the industry. It goes on and on...

gangsta_red1444d ago


"Sony paying for exclusive content is looking out for gamers, Microsoft doing it is ruining the industry. It goes on and on..."

This exactly! Every bad Driveclub review is met with "bait and click" or "paid by MS" or something else equally ridiculous. It's just so hard for the Sony camp to believe that the game might not be that good.

But then again when that camp worries more about 1080p than actual gameplay then of course the devs are just going to focus on how beautiful the game looks and nothing else.

Beautiful mediocrity is what I like to call it.

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polow got sol1444d ago

Sony really made the situation worse with that forza killer quote. Hopefully this will end all of the halo killer quotes as well.

Aceman181444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Again the gaming website VG247 said it Sony marketing used used it in the marketing video. How about people go back and watch the video you'll see the websites name right under the quote before excusing Sony of actually saying this.

Listen even if it scored perfect scores I personally feel the MARKETING team shouldn't have used the quote.

Death1444d ago

Sony endorsed the quote. So not only can they not hide behind the statement and say it was taken out of context, they seen the quote and agreed with it and used it in their advertisments.

Had Driveclub received better reviews than Forza it would be a completely different story today. The game has reviewed much lower than expectations and the ad campaign blew up in Sony's face.

snookiegamer1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

They've been looking for payback against Sony/PS4 ever since MS consistently messed up with Xbox One....

But why? ...oooh! just because life's unfair if only one console has the Worlds Worst PR Dept!

Dat Parity ;o/

mhunterjr1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Sony also used the quote out of context.vg247 was referring to how Sony hopes to use drive club in its confusion against Microsoft. They weren't suggesting that drive club is actually better than forza.

Sony took the quote, and used suggestive imagery to make it seem like vg247 believes that drive club 'kills' forza. That's pretty dishonest marketing

HiddenMission1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


Is all you do is troll anything Sony related to hate??? It seems like every article that is about Sony or one of it's exclusives or if a game runs better on it your in the comment section hating.

Yep your a anti-Sony hating cat! I looked at your comment history and you are in every article hating on Sony that's why you had a comment marked as I guess that says what you're all about.

On topic this reviews title does show it's biased agenda. Forza has had 7 games since the IP was created DriveClub is a brand new IP if you compare Forza 1 to DriveClub well in my honest opinion DriveClub is vastly superior. Even today the graphics and handling of the cars is better in DriveClub.

From what I see from reviewers and I've seen a lot is business as usual...piss poor skills in writing, reviewing, logic and gaming. Oh and every review from every site mentions Forza but ignores that they are different types of racing games and yet they review the game on what they want it to be and not what it was intended to be.

One of biggest issues is that they say that it's not an open world racer...uhm okay so it was never mentioned that it was going to be one...does it have to be? No. By that logic do you score Forza or the Crew lower because there not focused on tracks but open world. Here's the deal if you want an open world racer with arcade controls get Forza Horizon 2 or the Crew. If you want a track based racer with arcade controls get DriveClub. If you want real world sim racer get the latest GT...

You can't do the one shoe fits all kind of review because then you aren't reviewing a title for how well it did on executing it's development promise but reviewing it on what you wanted it to be/did it check all the check boxes.

So rant/wall of text over...

Joe9131444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

@Death and the rest of the people who have a problem with Sony using the quote. This is business every business on this planet do this when a movie come out do the studios usually put the critic quotes in the movie commercial yes they do. Make a game and if you are about to market for it and you are getting review quotes and someone says it is the best game ever made you will use that quote they would have been dumb not to use the quote. When sunset overdrive come out if a mag say it is the best open world game in the world do you not think MS would use that in promoting the game yes they would people need to stop hating because the system or a game on a system that you are against (which is the dumbest concept in the first place) has something good or bad said about it I do not get why some people take a negative comment or a positive comment to the heart some of you act like you work at one of these companies or own stock lol. Sony using a positive quote about their game to me is not a bad thing if you think MS or any other company wouldn't have done the same thing you are crazy cause these people only care about your dollars nothing else so you are wasting your time fighting about this stuff. It sucks that Sony pushed back the PS+ DC that would shut a lot of people up the only reason not to have it or at least try it would be because you don't have PS+ and or PS4.

4Sh0w1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Sony rolled with it, advertised it= they said it.

You call Death a troll and yes you may be annoyed by his outspoken approach towards sony and his criticism of the double standards commonly spewed by a large group of their fanbase but nothing you said really contradicts his position, in fact you just diverted to excuses for DriveClub and I've read quite a few DriveClub reviews there is no common trend that the negativity is mostly focused on DriveClub not being open world, things like almost all Euro cars, cheap AI, handling(too much grip on tires) lack of content, lack of customization seem to be far bigger complaints and more often mentioned in reviews than lacking open world, so again excuses, and now it seems we are back to the days of crying about the media when they don't praise a sony game. Seriously how can so many of the same people who have been touting the great reviews for TLOU and Uncharted games for years, plus reference their awards over and over again now suddenly hop off the bandwagon and claim game journalism is not to be believed.

That said the headline is very childish.

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