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Submitted by Rowland 2788d ago | review

Techtree: MGS 4 PS3 Review - 'sheer delight'

Techtree writes: "MGS 4 is a true AAA PS3 title. It is the one reason that PS3 owners should feel proud. The game surpasses every other game in the market today, across genre and platform. It took 4 years to develop this game and that truly shows in the end product.

This is one of the most polished products in the history of gaming. The production values will put Hollywood to shame with photo-realistic graphics and really good sound. The game runs smooth on the PS3 and despite the detailed textures and explosions, the frame rate doesn't drop and offers very smooth gameplay. The Octocamo suit and its changing textures really show off the efforts put by the team in making a graphically superior game.

The amount of detail in each character's facial expressions during the cut-scenes is remarkable. The cut-scenes have amazing sequences, and must be watched. The presentation is just better than any other game ever. This is a game that has set a really high benchmark in terms of production values and I don't see any other game even coming close for years.

This is a spoiler-free review, which means I won't get into the details of the plot, which ties up all the loose ends left behind by MGS 2. Gamers worldwide had complaints about MGS 2 as it left the plot hanging in the air. But MGS 4 well and truly clears all those doubts." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 5/5

Euphrate  +   2788d ago
I love Metal Gear
Veryangryxbot  +   2788d ago
Another PERFECT 10.

MGS4 rapes all!
juuken  +   2788d ago
I knoooow! I still on Act One (blame classes people, don't look at me funny!), but this game is amazing. I love how the gunshots and the characters are so realistic. Kojima and his team did such an excellent job.
ice_prophecy  +   2788d ago
The game gets SOOO MUCH better after act one juuken :D Ur going to have Gaming orgasms!
MicroDeath SoftStar  +   2787d ago
this really sucks ,
after playing this game everything on every other console seems watered down . MGS4 has ruined gaming for me , its just soooo damn good
omni_atlas  +   2788d ago
Edge and Eurogamer can suck it. The multitude of tens have proven that they are either bias or were paid off by MS.
Blademask  +   2788d ago
I didn't want to say it but... agreed.
They tried to put this fire out early with their pathetic 80's for no good reason at all. I don't mind low scores, but just give good reasons.

Broken bottles aren't good reasons.
P4KY B  +   2788d ago
Why would MS pay for an 8?
When MSN gave it 10/10. MS could have made that an 8 for free, but they didn't.
Veryangryxbot  +   2788d ago
oh bots oh bots, where are you.
Kojima: "MGS4 is made for the movie theater. PS3 is the movie theater."
Bots: "but, but, but movies come out on DVD eventually. Just like movies, MGS4 will come to the 360. We know it will!"

Who is laughing now bots! HAHA!

Kojima: "MGS4 is PS3 exclusive. Ok, just live with it."
Bots: "MGS4 sucks! We have splinter cell and gears of war blows MGS4 out of the water! And anyway, MGS4 will come to the 360 anyway. Mark our words! MGS4 will flop and then it will come!"


Kojima: "we pushed the PS3 and CELL to its known limits"
Bots: "HAHA! PS3 SUCKS! Graphics dont show! proof that PS3 is not better than 360! HAHA!"

Who is laughing now bots!

Kojima: "I would rate MGS4 a 1 out of 10"
Bots: "HAHA! KOJIMA ADMITS FAILURE OF PS3! Kojima admits that MGS4 is crap! HAHA!"

Who is laughing now, bots! OWNED!

Kojima: "When we first started developing the game, we expected that the next gen could do much more. We wanted much more. But in the end, we could not."
Bots: "HAHA! Kojima not satisfied with PS3! KOJIMA ADMITS PS3 is FAILURE! Haha, PS3 SUCKS!"

Who is laughing now, xbots? OWNED AND C0CKSLAPPED!

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2788d ago
@Veryangryxbot ;)
Good one!!!;-D
juuken  +   2788d ago
DarK-SilV  +   2788d ago
What I like about you is, you always go for the head or (the sensitive part of xbabies), you are a Veryangryxbot
cr33ping_death  +   2787d ago
damn dude very nice........should of topped it off with " LAUGH WITH ME!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!" :) or even "Come on XBOTS show me your RAGE!!!!
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Pp p  +   2788d ago
some reviewers talk too much out of there ass .He doesn't see any game even come close for years i say resident evil 5 may even Alan wake and definitely gears of war 2 in graphics
LTC  +   2788d ago
Those games u mentioned dont even come close my friend. The reason?
Because there coming out on the xbox360 inferior hardware nothing else.
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Veryangryxbot  +   2788d ago
360 has a dead library and the only game remotely interesting is GOW2 which isnt an exclusive.
And yes, GOW2 looks like shiat compared to MGS4.
You have no idea how frikkin epic and superior MGS4. Just the very fact that you think that those 3 average games even remotely comes close to MGS4, proves how utterly stupid and in denial you bots are.

No words can describe the utter patheticness and failure of you bots. No words at all.
You people are destined failures in life. Period.
fishd  +   2788d ago
Look Pp p,I am a PS3 fan so you can get it as you want but ACT 5 in MGS4 is ultimate PWANAGE for every console game out there,it's just INSANE!do yourself a favor and give it a try on someone else PS3.
thanks for your precious time!
juuken  +   2788d ago
PP_p, MGS4 seriously pwns the hell out of any 360 lineup right now (even Ninja Gaiden 2, as much as I want to play it). I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.
mistertwoturbo  +   2788d ago
I cant imagine what this game would have gotten if it was a 360 exclusive. 100/10 and a metacritic of 1000/100
SPECTER  +   2788d ago
the sad fact is, that is true
PirateThom  +   2788d ago
Given the abuse the PS3 has taken over the past year and a bit for a lack of games, it's funny that its first big hitter is probably the best game this gen.

The only people who disagree, are the people who haven't played it, because if they had played it, they would know.

Once again, Microsoft can have their Halo and everything else, but at the end of the day, they've been put down by Metal Gear Solid, the same as last gen.
beavis4play  +   2788d ago
again, i hate to sound like a broken record but
this is like the 10th "10" i've seen in last few days: why does metacritic score NOT RISE? but throw out just 1 "8" and it'll drop to 9.2? how does metacritic do math? they must have been in the "special" class at school.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   2788d ago
They use a weighting system.

In other words creditable sites or well known sites such as IGN, or Eurogamer, their reviews are worth more then like a foxnews review.

is if a bunch of unknown sites give a game 10s and then two or three known sites give it a 5 chances are it will be closer to 5 then 10.
ta1snake  +   2788d ago
The best game i've ever played in my entire life. I'm so proud to be a gamer.
GameHero  +   2788d ago
Metal Gear Solid4 is
Game of the Year-The pefect game!!!
xtreampro  +   2787d ago
i swear Act 4 and 5 and the entire ending of the game could never be done on the xbox360, seriuosly, thers just so much going on, its INSANE!!, its the best game game i have ever played in about 4yrs..its just OFF THE HOOK!! cant wait for MGS5!

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