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Grant Easton writes : I can honestly say that the last time I have played, and genuinely enjoyed a racing game was Midnight Club 3, back on the PS2. Over time though, I found games in the racing genre were over complicating things for the people who don’t know so much about cars. Detailed tuning, car class, rear or front wheel drive. All those things fly right over my head in a conversation. Luckily in Forza Horizon 2 I didn’t need to know those things, but it’s there for those seasoned racers. This is what kept me playing this game, I felt like a natural from the start, which is important if you want to keep beginners to the genre playing.

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alb18991531d ago

All my friends have it now so this weekend will be all about FH2!
Keep doing what you're doing MS!

tgunzz1531d ago

Mines too. We are going to join a car club, and get it going... I can say without a doubt that I have never been so in awe of a racer (I have played them all, and enjoyed quite a few). FH2 is a benchmark that will be very difficult to beat indeed, let alone run against.

jagermaster6191531d ago

By far the best racing game ever! Super happy with this purchase way to go playground.