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Is watching TV shows and movies on your Xbox 360 worth the effort? (Xbox 360)

Monty187  +   3292d ago
when is the rest of the world getting this, it looks fantastic!!
ThaTeflonDon  +   3292d ago
after they add more servers to keep the system from bogging down.

Going on 2 1/2 days downloading Poseidon HD 4.5GB and only 54% complete on a 6MBps connection.
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ThaTeflonDon  +   3292d ago
1.1 (cont)
And I meant 1 1/2 days .....but to keep you on tabs ..I'm at 59% ..I'mma have to pop the cork on the champaign when this sh!t finishes
FadeToBlack  +   3292d ago
Dont feel bad
On day 2 trying to download V for Vendetta HD its at 44%
BIadestarX  +   3292d ago
Yeah, bandwidth is a problem. It will take 5 times more servers than what's needed for game servers. I'm sure microsoft has a plan for this; kudos for microsoft for jumping into this. It will be a while before this will be smooth. But this is a start and it's better than nothing (which is what every other console is offering).
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philkid  +   3292d ago
look on the bright side
2 1/2 days for 50%.when you ask your girlfiend round to watch a hd dvd you have 5 days on the beer with the boys, get in. LOL am sure it will sorted out
BIadestarX  +   3292d ago
XBox 360 with all these features $399, PS3 with none of these features $599, microsoft expanding the network the way they did with xbox live $Millions, look in your face when this service become the next xbox live for entertainment [priceless].
philkid  +   3292d ago
dont tell my girlfriend
LOL. Ye am looking forward to this service am in the UK when does it come over here? any idea
beans  +   3292d ago
As soon as MS figures out away to speed up downloads than live will be something to truly look out for!
Daewoodrow  +   3292d ago
you can get this in the UK. Just make a second US account. You HAVE to buy the 2100 point card as it is the only point card that works in all regions, and you can't use a UK credit card on a US account. Once you've done that, you'll be able to download movies off your fake US account.
MicroGamer  +   3292d ago
It takes that long???
To download a rental?? If I'm going to spend that kind of time downloading a movie, I better be able to keep it and watch it whenever I damn well like, even if they charge me more for it. It's hella easier just to leg it down the video store or get a pay per view on cable if you're into renting films, which I'm not.
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matt1991  +   3292d ago
i don't no wen i downloaded 2 south park episodes it took about an hour to download but wen i tried to download/rent a movie it took forever
sleeptab  +   3292d ago
I downloaded southpark epis...

Over two hours for one episode. 256 megs
Solidus  +   3292d ago
This is by far the worst service I have ever used.
I tried to download southpark to but it took 5 hours! F that Microsoft should stick to games and let sony come up with the media stuff.
TheSadTruth  +   3292d ago
or maybe you should stop being a dumbass and wait for them to get more servers hosted or fix the problems? use your tiny brain kid
TheMART  +   3292d ago
That came from a Sony's fan mouth, I am surprised, the only one with logical thinking at this moment in time it seems

The service is new guys. It's overloaded with people that trying to pull things in. MS will fix this soon. As they do with all problems that arise.

Don't forget. This has never been shown before. And it will work, soon. Early adaptors will see these problems. But I bet they won't take long to solve
Islandkiwi  +   3292d ago
I don't think MS anticipated this amount of traffic. I expect it will improve greatly in a short period of time.

I like the idea of renting hi-def movies, but I want them quicker. At most it should be an overnight deal.
DeathNote1  +   3292d ago
even demos took forever to download.
the knew it would happen
they just want money
DeathNote1  +   3292d ago
lol@ ms not letting core users use their service


5+ hours worth of downloading.
Daewoodrow  +   3292d ago
what the hell are you talking about? Core users can use the service. But where do you think they'll be storing Gigabytes of movie files without a hard drive? If a core user wants to download a movie, they need to buy a hard drive. Simple as that.
DeathNote1  +   3292d ago
that's exactly what the hell i'm talking about. you got it dead on.

they left core users out of the picture, unless they BUY a harddrive. an addon.

m$=addons addons addons
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Daewoodrow  +   3292d ago
If you bought the core system, you chose to do so. The premium console has a hard drive included, and costs £145 less than the PS3. So I really don't see your point.

The core system is just the console. It prevents you from having to spend extra on it if all you want to do is play games. Or if you want to upgrade it later when you have more cash. If you buy the core and then wonder why you can't store a 3gb movie on it, you are a retard.
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THAMMER1  +   3292d ago
I think it is fine.
All we need is the patch to fix the slow down loads and ESPN. XBL rocks.
calderra  +   3292d ago
As said elsewhere:
Millions of users, gigabytes of downloads PER PERSON, and the service is only SLOW!?


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