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Is watching TV shows and movies on your Xbox 360 worth the effort?

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Monty1873980d ago

when is the rest of the world getting this, it looks fantastic!!

ThaTeflonDon3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

after they add more servers to keep the system from bogging down.

Going on 2 1/2 days downloading Poseidon HD 4.5GB and only 54% complete on a 6MBps connection.

ThaTeflonDon3980d ago

And I meant 1 1/2 days .....but to keep you on tabs ..I'm at 59% ..I'mma have to pop the cork on the champaign when this sh!t finishes

FadeToBlack3980d ago

On day 2 trying to download V for Vendetta HD its at 44%

BIadestarX3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

Yeah, bandwidth is a problem. It will take 5 times more servers than what's needed for game servers. I'm sure microsoft has a plan for this; kudos for microsoft for jumping into this. It will be a while before this will be smooth. But this is a start and it's better than nothing (which is what every other console is offering).

philkid3980d ago

2 1/2 days for 50%.when you ask your girlfiend round to watch a hd dvd you have 5 days on the beer with the boys, get in. LOL am sure it will sorted out

BIadestarX3980d ago

XBox 360 with all these features $399, PS3 with none of these features $599, microsoft expanding the network the way they did with xbox live $Millions, look in your face when this service become the next xbox live for entertainment [priceless].

philkid3980d ago

LOL. Ye am looking forward to this service am in the UK when does it come over here? any idea

beans3980d ago

As soon as MS figures out away to speed up downloads than live will be something to truly look out for!

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The story is too old to be commented.