Giantbomb Driveclub Review

Driveclub looks nice and has a couple of good ideas about handling leaderboard challenges, but the core of it--actually driving a car--drags the entire thing down.

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KingPin1323d ago

i guess GT will always be the ultimate driving game for the playstation.

nX1322d ago

Not even the die hard Driveclub fans would argue with that :)
But still I think that it does sound, AI and (soon) weather better than Gran Turismo so it's not like Drivcelub has to hide from GT.

UltraNova1322d ago

Sound and weather yes but AI I'd say its very much the same. With that said both are in dire need for better AI that doesn't stick to the racing line for dear life and rears you with no reason as DC's AI does causing you to lose control or get slow down by the game's engine.

Of course we should wait for GT7 to make final judgments since they could improve on these aspects due to the increased resources the ps4 can provide them.

nX1322d ago

^Of course I meant in comparison to GT6, not GT7. Also I don't understand what everybody has against the AI in Driveclub, it's agressive, yes, but it's not as agressive as people are online. Which racing game has a better AI then?

UltraNova1322d ago

Yes its aggressive but not smart aggressive its basically cheating.

To answer your question an a smarter AI in a next gen racing game I would say FH2 has smarter AI but not at the level I would expect from a next gen title(I've played it for quite some time on a friends xb1).

BattleAxe1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

This generation is really not so hot as it would seem. At least not yet...

DanzoSAMA1323d ago

Actually X1 & Wii U do a great job.

NewMonday1322d ago

not one X1 exclusive rated above 8 , FH2 is multi-platform

and PS4 has a higher attache rate selling more games per-console than X1, so gamers voted PS4

gootimes1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Actually PS4 and Wii U have exclusive games rated above 9 on meta... X1 not so much.

Good for you that DC turned out like you were hoping though, I am sure that makes you very happy.

poppinslops1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

@NewMonday: The Xbox has a higher attach-rate.

ShinnokDrako1322d ago


Maybe in your fantasy world (but you're right about the WiiU).

Rebel_Scum1322d ago

I up'd ya for the Wii U mention. But it did take the Wii U a few years to really start hitting its stride.

CernaML1322d ago


Hahahah Good joke.

SlapHappyJesus1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )


We need to stop with this "console exclusive" crap. You know what console exclusive means? It means the vast majority of console gamers aren't going to get to play if that don't own that console.
Let's stop with this fanboy fighting, looking for any excuse to downplay whatever the other person is doing.
If you honestly want to downplay the fact that Xbox One has great games, simply because MS sometimes plays nice with PC, bringing a title to it maybe a year later, then go ahead.
It still leaves the Xbox One (and Wii U) in a great spot as a gaming machine at the moment.

kingdom181322d ago

@Jesus, but Console Exclusives are one of the prime reasons, to have a Console...

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solidjun51322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I see you're still trolling, Danzo. smh


"On the flip side sony has not delivered on the promise of games. "

First, you just created that account. Second, there has been games. It may not be to your liking, but there are plenty of games. Despite what you or Giant Bomb think, there are plenty of sites that actually think DriveClub is pretty good.

"own forza 5,Horizon 2,Ryse,Dead Rising 3,Titanfall,Killer Instinct season 1"

Good for you. On the flip side, i'm sure there are plenty of gamers who bought plenty of games for the PS4. Also, you cited Ryse. Well, that really didn't set the world on fire, did it?

Patrick_pk441322d ago

You're a comedian. You should choose that as your career path. Jokes aside, Xbox One is terrible in terms of video games.

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oof461322d ago

The start of any generation is always like this. Happened with the Super Nintendo, N64, PS1, PS2, etc.

Things really start heating up in year two and on.

d0x3601322d ago

Dead rising 3, ryse, forza 5, forza horizon 2, max curse of brotherhood, Titanfall, killer instinct, zoo tycoon, project spark, and plenty more coming.

It doesn't matter if YOU for god knows what possible reason don't like these games. Plenty of people do because they are great fun. That's all that matters.

BattleAxe1322d ago

I play more older games these days than I do of the newer ones. The problem is that everything that you've listed, with the exception of Project Spark, we've seen it all before, there's nothing really all that new here.

Not to mention that most games released in the last few years are seriously DLC heavy, and so what you get are games that are light on content up front compared to what they used to be, and you need to buy the DLC to get the full experience.

Don't criticize me for giving an opinion, because after all, that's what forums like these are all about.

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