Is Driveclub Failing To Meet Expectations?

Given the relatively low review scores we've seen thus far - the game averages about a 7 - is this another anticipated title that falls short?

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bintarok1412d ago

Yes and no, it really depends on your personal preferences.

theXtReMe11412d ago

I agree with this statement. If you go in not expecting the second coming of Christ, then you will have fun with its Arcade like gameplay. If you are expecting Gran Turismo or Forza( Proper, not Horizon), you will be disappointed. The visuals are gorgeous and the game fun. Looks and plays like a next gen Ridge Racer with Project Gotham Racing 1s point and upgrade system. With some USA muscle cars and city tracks, it would be awesome.

As is though, after playing the beta for The Crew for many hours... I think Driveclub is the better game. Though, I would love to see some of The Crews modes brought over to Driveclub. Namely, the pursuit and takedown missions. I hope the developer takes fan feedback into account and brings these kinds of things into the game. It seems they already are with weather, replays and the such being implemented post launch. I just hope it continues and the one new country with 11 new tracks, turns into 5 new countries with over 50 tracks. Along with a plethora of new cars from the USA and rest of the world.

The game has true potential, its up to the dev to bring it all to fruition by making the game what fans of it want it to be and just not saving it for a sequel. Which, in my mind, would be a death blow for any momentum the game might have moving forward. As fans may think they pulled the sequel content from the original game, specifically to double dip on profits. Especially if that sequel hits next year around the same time.

Im pleased with it... I just hope others will see and enjoy the game for what it is and not disregard it for what they thought it would be. If you ever played Daytona or Ridge Racer in the arcade, then you will love this game. Especially online, with friends. When your club takes on another and wins... Sort of brings back that 50s car club nostalgia seen in movies like American Grafitti and Grease. Now, only if we had those cars, in game, with the ability to tune them... Even in the slightest and add personalized paint jobs. I think that is when this game could be fully realized and change from a next gen Ridge Racer into something really special.

I can see the potential, again... Its up to the developer to fully realize it and what it could be with the right touches.

Opticstrike1412d ago

I been watching the Norwegian tracks, the Mountains, the Roads, houses.. nature.. everything is looking pretty spot on.. atleast as spot on as you can get.. It's impressive. They are trying to cover all the landscapes possible in each track. the free DLC which are soon coming seem to add a lot of new stuff as well. i am sure there will be more cars, more tracks soon. Hopefully as great as the Norwegian tracks.. ( I can only vouche for them since i live here, and been passing those landscapes in real life )

guitarded771412d ago

I think expectations were higher than normal because of the year delay. I wonder what scores would be like if it had launched as-was with the PS4?

I'm just waiting to try the PS+ version. I'm afraid they're relying on DLC too much with this game. I shrug off most reviews, but watching the Giant Bomb review was kinda rough... I typically agree/respect Giant Bomb (at least pre GameSpot Giant Bomb), so seeing a low score from them kinda makes me think that there isn't a great game here. But I'm a racing nut, so I may love it.

Darkwatchman1412d ago

Depends on your personal preference??? HPLY S***
I never would have guessed. You are an all seeing genius. No one ever would have thought it was all about preferences because everyone definitely doesn't have different opinions???

SoapShoes1412d ago

Well when you average it out it is low because some sites giving it a 3/10 which is ridiculous. That really is for games that are unplayably bad. There are 19 reviews at or above 8/10 and only 4 at or below 6/10. Sooooo the good by far out weigh the bad.

donthate1412d ago

The game sits at a 72% on metacritic with a total of 46 reviews, which means half (23) the reviews are in the 7 region.

Sites like GiantBomb whom often is considered honest gave it a 40! Ouch!

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lifeisgamesok1412d ago

Yes but anyone that were being real with themselves knew this game was all style and no substance

PeaSFor1412d ago

Motorstorm had average reviews too, yet its still one of my favorite racing game EVER, dem random dude opinions......oh i said opinion? i mean "reviews"...

TripC501412d ago

Motorstorm is better than drive club in my opinion.

Torque_CS_Lewith1412d ago

We have very different definitions of average reviews
Oh how we run to fictitious pasts to avoid the disappointing present.

PeaSFor1412d ago

lol with your 9 metabullshit reviews,

NegativeCreep4271412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@lifeisgamesok...Says the person that most likely doesn't even own a Playstation 4, let alone have even played Driveclub. It isn't no successor to Gran Turismo, but it is a fun interesting new IP so why all the hate???

Oh I get it; Xbots just hate what they can't have.

Legion211412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I would said the reason for the "hate" is FH2 and Driveclub were simply pitted against each other because they were exclusive racers coming out at around the same time. FH 2 has been critically more acclaimed, while Driveclub has seen good reviews just not as good. Just fanboys throwing out numbers really. Just because a game has a lower score doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable or worthwhile. While I can't personally say Driveclub is since I haven't played it. Nonetheless my point stands.

uth111412d ago

@Legion21 - true but with this game it seems more than just competition with FH2. They seem to fear it doing well, so they talk it down at every opportunity. I don't see people doing that to FH2, even PS4 owners will admit it's a good game.

Legion211412d ago

@uth11 I think it is a vocal minority that does these things. I usually don't comment and just read the article/comments. Leading up to DC launch I saw both camps taking shots at the other. It's nothing new, and I don't think anyone group of "fanboys" are responsible.

WeAreLegion1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Not here. I freaking love it!

USMC_POLICE1412d ago

$50 well spent. I have no issues with a basic sim-arcade racer that has no pimp my ride features. Back to basics is what gaming needs. People today expect or demand so much from a game its crazy. I am glad I got this and forza horizon 2.

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