WWE 2K15 season pass has exclusive character and extra savings

GameStop has the first info on WWE 2K15 season pass, including details on an exclusive character plus savings on three 2K Showcase Add-On Packs.

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Rainbowcookie1257d ago

For me this game can go either way so to invest in a season pass might be fairly stupid , on the other hand you might save a few bucks, but you might get something you don't like either. I like buying game of the year or something equal in the future getting everything for cheaper, but I don't think WWE2k15 will get game of the year so ...

Enmson1257d ago

The Last time a WWE game got a complete edition was WWE 12 i think, so i don't think you will find a complete edition, but it will get cheaper if you wait.

BillytheBarbarian1257d ago

Why not just go all the way with it and sell the game with 3 wrestlers with a portal. Then you buy the Toy versions of the characters to put into the 9.99 a pop. It's good for business.

It's coming...if 2k ever loses the license to activision or ea you'll see a skylanders type wrestling game.

TheJacksonRGN1257d ago

Why not just do one like that anyway and use the Slam City designs. Aim it at kids.

Bigkurz851257d ago

I'll use my profits from selling NY extra hulkamania edition to pay for the season pass.

NarooN1257d ago

I hate when retailers do this "exclusive DLC" crap. I really like Paige, she's one of the best women's division wrestlers on the main roster today. For them to make her an exclusive character is just stupid, even if she's awesome. They already made Sting a pre-order exclusive, what next? :|