Indie Stash Cast: Building a New Mythology with Moon Hunters and the Square Enix Collective

Blane Humphries from TwoDashStash writes:

Blane and Cris talk to Tanya Short from Kitfox Games about their successfully Kickstarted game, Moon Hunters, and Tanya shares her experiences being a part of Square Enix’s Collective initiative. We found out how the mythology system works, some of the challenges players will face, and some of the design decisions that have gone into making Moon Hunters the game it aspires to be.

Moon Hunters is a game about creating your own mythology by the actions you take as you complete your quests. As you play the game, the actions you take are remembered by the inhabitants of the world and are recorded into the legend that is passed down to your future characters. Gameplay can be best described as a combination of Castle Crashers meets Legend of Zelda, but with a bit more emphasis on co-op.

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