Evolution Studios Addresses DriveClub's "Fault With Your Internet Connection" Error

Some players are reporting issues in getting online with DriveClub and developer Evolution Studios is working on a fix.

Evolution Studios posted the following statement on its Facebook page acknowledging the problem, encouraging affected players not to delete and re-install the game.

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LackTrue4K1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

"How do I play DriveClub for free with my PS+ membership? I tried finding it on the PS Store and it only offers me a discount to $49.99 for the game instead of $59.99."

"i want to try out my free a Plus member....i should get what was offered to me over a year ago!!!

I'm salty, but glad the game is getting average reviews...and that the online is having its issues.
lol ...

GHOSTxx4201231d ago

It's been delayed till they fix the problem for people who actually bought the game. I couldn't see it being delayed for long tho.

amiga-man1231d ago

Not out here till Friday, hopefully the teething problems will be fixed by then, if not I will hone my skills on single player.

Whatever I'm going to enjoy this game.

GHOSTxx4201231d ago

Lol disagrees for the truth.n4g you are something else.

jhoward5851231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Agreed, Sony had an entire year to sort this out. I'm salty as well. I checked to see if the + edition of DC was on PSN and it wasn't there.

PSN sucks. It seems as though Sony don't maintenance or upgrade their server often as they should to meet the demands of players. Sony is cheap as hell. You would think with 10 million units success rate sony would gives us better network service.

Jonny5isalive1231d ago

thats what Im worried about. Ill be getting a ps4 first and maybe only this gen, and I have a feeling that sony will not upgrade their servers fast enough.

PS4 will dominate this holiday and I bet PSN has problems on Xmas with all the new users. IN 2007 xbox live wouldnt let me sign on on xmas until late at night because so many people were online.

with ps4 dominating I can see psn getting choked with so many new users this holiday.

XB1_PS41231d ago


What a spin. PS4 is doing so extravagantly that they're servers are too full.

No, it's because Sony has never had reliable network services. Even now that PS+ is paid, they still suck. Nobody can dispute that.

I don't think I've gone a month without being kicked off at some point since PSN existed.

USMC_POLICE1231d ago

I paid $60 for it so if your free version needs to be delayed so my paid version is fixed then get over it. I paid you didn't.

FullmetalRoyale1231d ago

I am not without compassion for those that want to try it out but, yeah, pretty much this.

I would like to try what I paid for too.

Death1231d ago

Neither version should be having the issues they are having. Without the "free" version even being available, what exactly is the problem with the paid version that Sony couldn't anticipate and still hasn't been fixed? I get what you are saying, but everyone has been waiting close to a year now, not just you. Many people bought a PS4 at launch expecting Driveclub to be ready.

USMC_POLICE1231d ago

@death agreed I had this preordered since before I got my ps4.

KwietStorm1231d ago

So let me try to understand. Even without the free version available, your almighty paid version doesn't work, but you feel that delaying the free version will fix yours, and that somehow gives you a superiority complex. I <3 the gaming community.

swishersweets200311231d ago

i paid for the demo with my plus subscription. so take that usmc police :P

Master-H1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Umm we paid for PS Plus , Drive Club PS+ edition is a part of that service, therefore it's not free, and since it's the first big AAA title being offered on plus for ps4, i wouldn't be surprised if some people joined plus this month just to get this version of the game. Despite what you've been hearing, it was not a gift from the heavens, it was from our own wallets!

Also what does us downloading the game from store have to do with the game's damn online servers being down??

You want to be mad at or a jerk to somebody, go find Sony/Evolution Studios.

Caffo011230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

exactly, well said.

holding the free version won't fix the paid version but releasing it is likely to have millions of ppl trying to connect to a server that doesn't work properly already so...most definately it would delay the fix of the servers for the ppl who paid the full game.
Try to use some logic before writing, it doesn't hurt.

USMC_POLICE1230d ago

So what you paid for ps plus and want the game you were promised I agree with that, but I also pay for plus and paid for the full game as did many others so then I paid $100 for drive club. Then you paid $50 for drive club so I expect my $100 game to work more so that the $50 game, both should work I get that and agree I don't have a complex just want what I paid for if it's free then don't complain you will get it when it's ready or you could get nothing.

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uth111231d ago

I was having this issue last night. Haven't tried today.

uth111231d ago

I actually got past this error today when I tried, and was able to join a club.

HammockGames1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I've been stuck with this issue, too.

The single player portion has been enjoyable so far. Looks great and tight gameplay.

But until they fix this the "club" functionality is on the backburner... Still couldn't get on today.

ironmonkey1231d ago

offline mode is still fun to play while i wait.

PeaSFor1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

got a good 10hrs out of it since the preload unlocked(maybe 65% done), but im still sad that i cant beat others people times on my friend list yet.

u4one1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Yup. It's still telling me to check my internet connection, yet the ps4 is fine with everything else. Offline is fine, but it keeps giving error messages about not some data not being saved if I play.

Fkhalf161231d ago

Got the same thing on mine. I dont mind the wait, I like the game so far.

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