Tales of Hearts R Announces Pre-order and Day One Edition

After a successful launch for its latest “Tales Of” game in Europe; BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe has decided to cover its fans with tons of surprises for the upcoming Tales of HeartsTM R on PlayStation®Vita!

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HentaiMasterRace1234d ago

Hopefully this game sells well. I'd really like having Tales of Innocence R make it here as well. Hopefully the translations are done well(very well!!!).

Inception1234d ago

"Hopefully the translations are done well(very well!!!)"

You confusing SAO with Tales. Tales always had good translation.

3-4-51234d ago

* Vita needs more games like Tales of hearts R & Disgaea 4.

MegaRay1234d ago

I am going to buy it day one.
Wonder if there a digital preorder?

HentaiMasterRace1234d ago

I already have it payed off and I can't wait!

Chaos_Raiden1234d ago

Day one buy. I hope it will be released in Asia as well, and I hope Bandai Namco will consider releasing both Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Vesperia (PS3) in English as well.

Inception1234d ago

Yes it is release in asia with eng subs

There's hope for Innocence R but not for Vesperia. You should import Vesperia and play it with walkthrough (there's tons of it). It doesn't change much compare to 360 ver.

Date_Um_Sage1234d ago

I highly doubt Vesperia PS3 will ever come to the West due to the Microsoft payout.

Lucreto1234d ago

We thought the same about Symphonia which was brought to the west by Nintendo.

theshonen88991234d ago

There was no Microsoft payout, that was a rumor.

Inception1234d ago

At this rate i think you should forget it or just import the game from playasia and play it with walkthrough.

Lucreto1234d ago

It like they are taunting us about Vesperia with the costumes.

I hope we get the game sometime soon.

TM3331234d ago

Vesperia for Vita would be sweeeet:)

LAWSON721234d ago

PS3 would be much more sweeter.

Harkins17211234d ago

Nothing on anything for NA yet? :(

Chevalier1234d ago

EB games/ Gamestop exclusive like Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii.

Comes out November 5th!!!

This game needs support if we want to see future games to release so spread the word. This game will skyrocket in price later.

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