High-Res Second Wave amiibo Pictures Will Make You Surrender Your Wallet Come December

Following today's release date announcement and trailer, Nintendo has just released high resolution wave 2 amiibo packshots and screenshots that show just how beautiful these little guys really are.

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ValKilmer1379d ago

Pit is especially nice.

Neonridr1379d ago

damn.. I have 4 from Wave 1 on preorder, but might have to pick up a couple of these ones too.

WPX1379d ago

Oh yeah!! Captain Falcon's on da house!
Show me your moves!!!

ZeekQuattro1379d ago

My wallet is already dead.

uth111379d ago

Thank God I don't have a Wii U, my kids would get into this and I can't afford another series now that Infinity and Skylanders are annualized!

ValKilmer1379d ago

If only you didn't have kids...

wonderfulmonkeyman1379d ago

*Hands you a shovel while whistling innocently*

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