Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System creates the first true “next-gen” experience

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor has quickly become the big sleeper hit of this holiday game release season amid upcoming releases from established franchises like the Assassin’s Creed franchise and Halo.

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pat_11_51384d ago

I'm still surprised how much fun I've had with this game.

mkis0071384d ago

Big time surprise. So much fun. Only came on my radar in august.

tastas211384d ago

This game looks bad. Rip-off AC much? HA

DVS-Zev1384d ago

it is pretty bad honestly.Completely ridiculous storyline that makes little to no sense at all and doesn't even get fully explained.

Literally a copy and paste of Batmans combat and perhaps one of, if not the worst, ending i have ever seen for a video game.

The nemesis system is great, yeah.Just a shame they put all their effort into that instead of the entire game.

How any site gave this anything more then a 7.5 is just silly.

PixelGateUk1384d ago you find Shadow of Mordor story silly and nonsensical yet Assassins Creed is a-okay?

One could argue Batman is a copy and paste of Metroid if you really want to play that silly billy game

cell9891384d ago

the nemesis system alone is unlike anything before, true innovation in gaming. Villains actually matter, its so engaging to know the one that kill you is still out there, you build this hate towards that character if he kills you yet again. You have know their unique weaknesses to have a good chance. Its so engrossing, you even remember their super weird names. Any enemy successfully can become a mini boss and thats awesome. Combat is fluid and smooth, there are not static animations, everything is in real time.

I cab bet a large amount of money that the nemesis feature will become the norm in future games.

Yukicore1384d ago

@cell989 But it's so sad for me, because I mastered the game way too fast, and I only died once after like a 20min fight in their base, because I wanted to know if they ever stop re-spawning, when base is on alert. The answer - NO.

DVS-Zev1384d ago

@pixel i didn't mention anything about AC story.What are you even going on about?

And this is way more of a direct rip off of batman then batman is to metroid.

Bdub20001384d ago

No, tell us how you really feel. LOL.

I love this game, and the nemesis system adds a depth to the enemies more than any other game I've played this Gen. It was awesome that a generic Orc happened to get a killing blow on me, aand he got a title and promoted to captain and became a part of the story. Sure, it has flaws, what game doesn't? But to me, this is the first significant advance in the next Gen gaming experience, where as everyone else is using the same games from last Gen, just adding better graphics.

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filipakos1384d ago

You will understand it has nothing to do with assassins creed once you play it...

starchild1384d ago

Well, I wouldn't say it has nothing to do with Assassin's Creed because it certainly took inspiration from certain aspects of those games (and others), but it is definitely its own game. The nemesis system is a brilliant innovation in gaming. I'm loving the game.

pat_11_51384d ago

Yea, the story might not be super in-depth, but it's simple and I really like that.

As for AC's story.... well yea. It definitely doesn't make much sense.

Geekman1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Yes, shame on Mordor for taking good elements from a popular franchise and using it in their game. This will surely diminish the value of the game.

Oh wait!

Farmer_Mike1384d ago

So COD is a rip off of Battlefield because it's a FPS? Innovation is great but gamers need familiarity to be attracted to a new title. 3rd person animations and takedowns were the obvious choice for Shadow of Mordor.

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spoonard1384d ago

I'm getting my copy this coming weekend! Hopefully it's as amazing as i have read! I think it will be!

BrianSharon1384d ago

I think that the nemesis system alone warrants a look. It's one of the most progressive twists to gameplay that we've seen in some time.

Debaitable1384d ago

I bought it after finding a deal for $31 for the PC version. If you like Arkhan combat, you'll definitely enjoy it. Quite satisfying battling 12 orcs plus a captain without getting a scratch.

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