BGR:Driveclub review.

For such a young console generation, Driveclub has a surprisingly checked past. After several delays and some unfortunate disruption at Evolution Studios, Driveclub is finally coming to the PlayStation 4, 11 months after its original release date.

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Spotie1409d ago

Wait, so why aren't people rushing into this article like the do the others? bgr has given the game what passes for an "average" score these days; why isn't anyone in here commenting on that?

As someone who's actually played it, I think it's a solid racer. I haven't put enough time into it yet to give a final score, but it's definitely above the 6 and below scores some publications are handing out. The handling- so far- is tighter than I'd have expected out of an arcade racer, but not as exact as in a sim... which sounds exactly like what it's supposed to be. It's beautiful, though perhaps not as stunning as I'd thought. Frankly, I can see myself sinking a hundred hours or more into this game, and that's without getting online.

I really wish people would stop slamming a game they haven't played and have no interest in- half the people in every Driveclub article- and stop complaining about it lacking things it was never meant to have in the first place/comparing it to other games without evaluating it as a standalone title.

Wanna compare it to Forza? Fine. But keep in mind that it's NOT Forza; don't go bitching about it not being Forza when it... isn't Forza.